Wednesday, February 16, 2011

" Collections " Part Two

Hi Folks!

Today I am going to post probably one of my most extensive and expensive collections. It has been a hobby of mine for over twenty years now and is very near and dear to my heart.
It is my crochet collection.

I was taught by my husbands late aunt how to do a single crochet stitch when we first moved to Southern Illinois. His aunt didn't know how to read patterns and I quickly grew bored with just knowing how to do the one stitch. Unless you've crocheted yourself, you couldn't imagine how much time I spent making my first full sized afghan with a single crochet stitch!!
So one day I went out and bought a crochet magazine that showed how to make a simple granny square. I learned all of the abbreviations from this magazine and from there I bought more books about crochet and literally taught myself these skills.
Today I can make anything from a pattern and have even designed my own doilies. Unfortunately however, arthritis and carpal tunnel have slowed down my favorite hobby to the point of near nonexistence.

 Still I manage to work through the pain because that feeling I get of giving something hand crocheted to someone brings me great pleasure.
The first thing that one needs to crochet is a needle or two!!

Personally I don't think that you can have enough needles. And you should have at least one in every size!

 Next you will need to figure out what you want to make. You can get so many ideas from books and magazines. You can also spend hundreds of dollars on these books and magazines. If you do, I hope that you have a husband like mine who never said a word about it!

I have hundreds of magazines. I have long since stopped my subscriptions as I thought "How many patterns can one have?".

The books were all at least twenty dollars each. But they were acquired over years. 
Finally, if you want to crochet you will need some yarn.....

And some more yarn....

And maybe a bit more for good measure!

My absolute favorite thing to crochet is doilies.
For that you will need some crochet thread....

I can never have enough colors!

Someday my dream would be to be able to have the surgery for the carpal tunnel and then have cortisone shots in my hands.

I have had the shots in my hands before and they hurt a lot.
But I will say that the pain was worth all of the time I was able to crochet pain free!

I hope that I never have to give this hobby up completely.
But if I had to, I would have to make sure that someone that loved crocheting as much as I do, would get my collection.

Oh Dear, I just remembered a crochet project that I have promised to my daughter Ginny. I am almost finished with it so I better get on that! She designed my blog header for me, it's the least that I can do!

Thanks for visiting my collection! 


jules said...

My mom taught me to crochet when I was in third grade. She started me with a granny square and I just kept going around and around until it was the size of my bed. I would beg her and my grandma for scraps of yarn. It is all different colors made from their scraps. I love what that old thing means to me.

Last year I started making prayer shawls for our church to give away. I've made a dozen or so and now I am kind of in a rut in what to make next.

My mom makes doilies for me and I will treasure them forever. I think I need to learn to make them....

Rebecca said...

I never stopped to think about all the supplies one needs to pursue this hobby! You do such very, very beautiful work, Di. I'm glad it brings you pleasure and so much to others, too. I hope with you that you can have successful C.T. surgery (if that is indeed what will alleviate the pain you experience when crocheting). Love the pictures of your "collection" and how you store it all!

Anvilcloud said...

Brings back memories of my mother crocheting squares for quilts/afghans to send to missionaries -- whether they wanted them or not. She didn't make the quilts, just some squares.

Margaret Pangert said...

I can never get over how organized you are, Diana. Everything perfect and in its place. I would like to see some finished projects! I bet they're wonderful. And kudos to Ginny for the classy header! Love, Me ♥

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Girl, it looks like your 'collection' will keep you in beautiful doilies and crochet item for years to come!!! What a collection indeed!!!

God bless ya and have a marvelous day sweetie!!!

Lois Evensen said...

I learned to crochet from a book, too, and have loved it from the first chain. I already knew how to knit so was comfortable holding the yarn and working with it. As far as your collection (read stash???) is concerned, I have to admit I have lots and lots, too. When I see a sale I just can't pass it up. I end up using every single scrap and having lots of fun along the way.

Love your post!


Rae said...

You have a wonderful collection of items. I always wanted to crochet, but I am one of those people that get tense doing work like that, but I love crocheted stuff. You will have to post pictures of some of your finished work. I bet it is beautiful.

Barb said...

You could start your own little shop with all these crochet items, Di. Those hooks look like lethal weapons. I have some really old doilies that were in my Mother's family. I cherish them.

Maria said...

Hi Diana!
Yes, those cortisone shots do help!
Your crochet collection and yarn supply is amazing. I learned how to make "santa's boot" with granny squares this season... I have to "buckle down" and make one though... Your collection is so orderly ~ I'm not sure where all my needles are... They're here & there near my sewing things.

Your chest of yarn has inspired me to get it organized...
Enjoy each new day*

Bernie said...

What a lovely collection you have, anyone with a passion for crocheting as you do must be very happy and content with all the tools to make beautiful gifts for those you mum could knit or crochet anything, she also could sew beautifully, (I think I took after my dad's side of the family). Big Hugs.....:-)

Tranquility Speaks said...

Loads of love Diana! I love your collection! I was taught how to crochet in school but soon forgot when studies took over! I wish the pain in the wrists goes away allowing you to crochet some more :)

Gail said...


I used to crochet a lot. :-) ANd since I am left handed and so is my Mom - I showed herhow to crochet left handed. All of her little crochet afghans were always so crooked - unique though. :-)

Love Gail

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Di... What a great artistic hobby you have !!!!. Your passion for crocheting is highly adorable. I had seen a glimpse of it earlier when you gifted a sparkling doily to Evelyn sometime back.
I'm so sorry for your carpal tunnel syndrome - a common problem with handicrafts personnels.
This art really needs to be preserved for the times to come and your idea of passing it on to somebody ,is commendable.
dr 'y'

The Bookworm said...

Nice collection, you are very organized! I have a collection of books also, a few I bought on ebay over the years. My aunt taught me to crochet too, when I was around 11.