Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"Guess What ? I'm a Winner !! "

I am so excited ! 
I won a Give-Away.
You may remember my mention of my Blogger friend Rae over at
She was having a Give-Away and all you had to do was comment on her blog post and mention the Give-Away on your own blog.

Now I ask you how simple is that ?
You didn't have to visit ten days in a row, mention her Blog everyday for twenty days, send a link to her Blog to forty other Bloggers,
Eat non-fat cheese for two weeks or clean her house for free for two months!

None of that, just a comment and a HOLLA !

Truthfully I don't enter many Give-Away's simply because there are too many hoops to jump through!

O.K. enough of my babbling, here's a look at my goodies!

First off I opened the card. Yes, I do open the cards first!
It was a very pretty card that a scrap-booking friend of Rae's made.
The beautiful photo on the front is one that her friend took.
I just thought it gorgeous!
The second package that I opened was the Rooster Kitchen towel and pot holder set which I knew went along with the adorable Chicken measuring spoon holder.

Now I will tell you something about me that you may not know.
I want a chicken. Yes a real live chicken. I have always wanted one for a pet since I used to have a neighbor who had chickens that used to wander into my back yard. I would be doing my dishes staring out the window and all of a sudden I would see a chicken or two or three,
walking and pecking in my yard.
Well being a city girl for many years, I found them fascinating to watch. I have wanted a chicken of my own ever since. 
This was my main reason for entering Rae's Give-Away.
The adorable chicken measuring spoon holder!
Then as if that wasn't enough, she also threw in a delicious Creme Brule scented candle !

I lit it straight away and it smells fabulous!
So Thank You Rae. I really didn't expect to win, so it made it even more special.

Just so you know, Rae and I don't live very far from each other and she has a great sense of humor. It's what keeps me coming back for more!

Check out her Blog , I think you'll like it !


Barb said...

You hit the jackpot, Di! (And you don't even have to clean up after this chicken...)

Barb said...

PS I've always known you're a winner.

Diana said...

Oh Barb you are sweet!
Someday though, don't be surprised if I purchase myself a little chicken!!
Love Di ♥

Arlee Bird said...

Rae is a wonderful writer.
Congratulations on your win.

Tossing It Out

Maria said...

Congratulations, Diana! What a wonderful collection of goodies! All really adorable and useful too!
*Enjoy Enjoy!

Bernie said...

Comgratulations Di, you sound like my sister, she has always wanted chickens.....lovely gifts, enjoy.

Rae said...

I'm so glad you like the giveaway things. My hubby grew up on a farm raising chickens. I always thought it would be neat to have some around the yard too, but he says no way, so I just collect the kind you don't have to feed and clean up after. This spoon holder is one of my favorites. Enjoy!

Rebecca said...

I liked your list of "hoops you didn't have to jump through"--especially the eating cheese for 2 weeks! SO funny.

What a great giveaway to win, Di. Maybe it will hold you over until you get a LIVE one :)

Jackie said...

Your sense of humor is only one of the reasons I love coming to your blog, Di!! You bring the biggest smiles to my heart....you always do!!
Congratulations on the gifts. What a wonderful surprise for you. And...I love it that you open the cards first. That sounds like you...a sweet and sentimental lady...one that I am so glad that I met.
P.S. The chicken is in the mail!

jules said...

Aren't give-aways fun? I love them and would like to do them but I just never know what to give away.

I hope you get your chicken someday....

Wanda..... said...

I saw you over there at Rae's...Glad you won Di! I once raised chickens until the fox discovered we had them, so we gave all of them to a real farmer on a real farm! I do have lot's of chickens here and there around the house though.

Anvilcloud said...

Congratulations! I have just won my second cookbook. The universe is trying to tell me something. :)

Gail said...


"YAY".. great win, love all your goodies.

Love Gail

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Congratulations my friend...it couldn't happen to a nicer gal!!! :o)

I remember enterin' that giveaway and how adorable those measuring spoons are. Have fun with all your wonderful goodies girl!

God bless and enjoy your day!!!

anupama said...

Dear Di,
Good Morning!
Hearty Cograts for being the winner!
We had hens and chickens in our house when we were small.I was also telling my Amma for having real chikens at home.:)
Sharing your happiness,dear,
Wishing you a beautiful day ahead,

Lynilu said...

That's fun! I won a similar give-away when I had just begun blogging. One of the gifts was a crocheted pot holder and I use it often. Very sweet! Enjoy your prize!

Tablescapes By Diane said...

Hi lovely lady. Im so happy for you being a winner sweet lady. I love your Blog with all the story's you tell sweet. I also was a winner on [Beautiful Dees} she is a sweet heart !!! Im your newest follower on your lovely Blog.I hope you come over and join my Tablescapes, and you have a Great Valentine's Day xxxoo