Tuesday, June 19, 2012

" A Morning Glory Story " Happy Halloween, Kate !

A few of you have expressed some interest in my Morning Glories. As it turns out I actually have a little story about them. It involves Katie Rose.

Katie was always a very serious child. There was a while there that we thought something was wrong with her. She would never smile or laugh. And then one day, her big sister got her to laugh. That was a huge relief but she remains a serious young woman to this day.

My youngest daughter, Katie, has wanted me to do a post about her. Since she will be having surgery on Monday, I thought this would be a good time.

Before I tell this Morning Glory story I have to explain why I am posting Halloween photos of Kate. I went to find a few photos of her when she was younger and closer to the age in which the incident took place.

Katies' first Halloween. She was a Bumble Bee. She is still very serious.

I ended up finding a stack of Halloween photos of her. At first I thought posting Halloween photos would seem silly in June but on second thought, does it really matter? I don't think so.

The Morning Glory incident took place several years ago. It was before I got into gardening. 
Something that Katie never took an interest in and still doesn't. I'm thinking she was about five years old. So that would be about twelve years ago.

Katie as " Dorothy " from " The Wizard of Oz ". I do believe this was the first  dress that her big sister Ginny, made for her in her High school sewing class. Notice that Katie has learned to smile now!!

One day I decided to plant some Morning Glory seeds that I had bought. I thought they were beautiful so I would give it a go.

It took me several years to get gardening down. 
Lots of experimenting!!

You may or may not know that when you plant the Morning Glory seeds, it is suggested that you nick them with a knife or soak them in water overnight. It speeds germination. I chose the latter.

Kate as a Flapper girl, third from the left. Katie was an EXTREMELY shy child. She didn't want to interact  with other children at all. If it wasn't for this Pre-school that we found for her, I don't know what I would have done. The teachers were very good and understanding. She eventually warmed up to other children and made several friends there.
I went out in the yard to plant my soaked seeds. As  I  planted the seeds, the water that they were soaking in turned muddy from my fingers.

I don't like to wear gloves while planting. I need to feel the seeds or roots of the plant in the dirt.

Of coarse my sweet yet serious little Kate was in the yard with me at the time. She was standing just a few feet away from me. Piddling. Yes I said an old word. Most of you know what it means. If not, Google it.

Katie and her big sister, Ginny, who still if she could would  go trick or treating !
This was about the age Katie was when the Morning Glory incident happened.
I had left my little bowl filled with muddy seeds a few feet from where I was weeding and making holes for the seeds.

The bowl was close to Katie.

I turned towards Katie and asked, " Honey, would you hand Mommy that bowl sitting right there?" as I pointed at the bowl.

Katie in her Witches costume. I am very proud of this costume. I leaned to sew on my own with the help of a "Dummies" guide book. This was one of the nicest dresses I made. My Katie is very handy too. She also is blessed with common sense. Except for maybe in this story. But she was just little after all!!
I turned back to what I was doing, waiting for Katie to bring me the seed bowl.

" Here Mommy." Katie said.

Perhaps you can imagine my surprise when Katie handed me an empty bowl. I was puzzled.

I asked, " Katie, what happened to the seeds in the bowl?".

To which Katie replied innocently, " The bowl was full of mud Mommy. I threw it in the dirt." !!!

Throw it in the dirt she did. Of coarse there was no chance of me finding the seeds at this point. It was so cute that I couldn't be angry with her.

But I'll tell you what. Those seeds took. And they grew. They took over the entire fence that year.

The actual Morning Glory plants that Katie " Planted". They still continue to come up  every year.
Those Morning Glories still continue to come up there every year. Some years better than others. It's pretty shady in that area.

Since that year Katie has grown into a wonderful, smart, clever, artistic, funny, moody yet loving young woman. And I suppose she was the one that really got her Mommy loving those Morning Glories. They were particularly beautiful that year.

I guess I would say that my Katie grows as beautiful and wild as the 
Morning Glories.


Tamara said...

Oh Di! What a wonderful description of your Kate: she grows as beautiful and wild as the morning glories! Hugs to you and to Katie!

Dee said...

This is a great post...I will think of your katie when I see a morning glory.I think it is cool they are still coming up, All her costumes are so cute...she was and still is a beautiful girl.:)

Jackie said...

Great story, Di. I anticipated what was going to happen with the soaked seeds. Love the way that children think. Sweetly innocent, they are.
As Katie's surgery approaches on Monday, I want her and you to know that I will be saying prayers for her. I will pray that all goes absolutely beautifully. I pray for a speedy recovery for sweet Katie (I love her middle name. My Mama's name is Rose and my Granddaughter's middle name is Rose, too!)
Hugs and much love to you, Di. I miss you and look forward to chatting with you soon.

Christine said...

Such a sweet story! Will be keeping her in my prayers!

Rob-bear said...

What a delightful story about your wonderful Katie. Hope the surgery goes well.

Blessings and Bear hugs all round.

Barb said...

That story has me smiling, Di - hopefully Katie is smiling about it, too! I'll be thinking of her Monday. Be sure to let us know how she's feeling.

Teresa said...

Hi Di,
I loved this story, and how you connected the dots. You know your daughter well and really know how to keep things interesting. I am praying for Katie and her up coming surgery. Oh, I do love your Morning Glories! God Bless you all!
((((HUGS))) TT

Anonymous said...

I'm shy so understand your Katie...love morning glories and your story. my first remembrance (as a child) of morning glories was how beautiful they were growing up the corn stalks...they grew wild and it was so neat to see that they closed in the evening and opened in the morning! and so many different colors!

Gail said...

HI DI - thisis the BEST blog post of the day, the week, the moth!! I loved it! Gret story and great pictures. Wow
Love to you and Katie and all the morning glories in her honor.

Cindy said...

Hi Di I am back and able to comment, yeah. I have missed you. That is a cute story about Katie, somehow I thought maybe she had piddled in the bowl. lol. hope your summer is going great, hugs.

Ginnie said...

Well, you usually hear "out of the mouths of babes" but in this instance it was a bit different !!
All's well that ends well.

Anvilcloud said...

Very nice anecdote.

Unknown said...

very sweet story Diana. After all is said and done and you your Katie has moved on, which...will be sooner that you think...it will be the morning glory that will make you miss her all the more! I also have morning glory, it just grows and grows and takes over everything! sometimes I wish I didn't have it....hard to get rid of once it decides to make its home somewhere! unlike our children.....

Joy said...

Diana, that was a beautiful story and you told it so well. Praise God for your wonderful Katie. Have a lovely day, Diana, and thank you for commenting often on my blog.

Rebecca said...

I think I'll plant me some morning glories! This is just a beautiful story about a beautiful young woman!

I thought the photos of Ginny and her together and the one in which she wore the dress that Ginny made her were The Best! (No offense that I didn't pick the one you made. Really!)

Will be thinking of Katie (and you) on Monday.

Talin's Corner said...

Your morning glories are beautiful. And, by the way, I think Katie was very smart to empty the bowl before giving it to you. After all, you did not ask for the muddy water. Cute story.

The Silver Bunny said...

A great post and what a good idea to have put those Halloween photos in between ! You told that story beautifully, it is full of motherly love and very moving, thank you !

Jackie said...

Di...I know that Katie's surgery is tomorrow, and I wanted to let you know that I'm praying for her and for you. Feel the hugs from me to you.
Love you,