Thursday, April 30, 2009

The look on Jack's face when he saw me yesterday!

It didn't take too long this time for him to warm up to me.

I loved this photo because you can see the new tooth so well!

Nap time.

And finally I couldn't leave without a photo of baby feet! I can see my husband shaking his head at me now. I don't care, I love baby feet!


Eileen said...

I love baby feet too! I even have a little song I sang to the grandkids when they were smaller about baby feet and how Grandma loves baby feet!

Beautiful pictures!!

Blessings each day said...

For some reason, this post of yours didn't show for me until just now.

Baby feet are adorable and my daughter-in-law goes crazy with little feet pictures all the time!

He looks so delighted to see you!


Jerelene said...

I have to join in and say I LOVE baby feet too. All the pictures of my children when they were small were with their bare feet showing. I think we look at those little feet and think to ourselves, "I wonder where all those little feet will travel in their lifetime?" It's the beginning of a wonderful journey :)