Saturday, April 11, 2009

What A Good, Good Friday!

This Good Friday was extra special for me. It was also my birthday. The only reason I even mention this is because of Kate. Kate is 14 years old and tries so very hard, at this stage in her life, to detach herself from mommy and daddy. I understand this and know that it is normal at this stage of her teen years. I also know that she truly does love us but there are times when we just don't feel it if you know what I mean.
So I was very surprised when I woke up yesterday morning to a beautiful hand made card, and a piece of leftover confirmation cake that had "Happy Birthday Mom" written on it . When I read the card,which was really all I needed to make me cry, it instructed me to go on the computer and where to go. The video below is what she made for me for my birthday. What a great gift! Needless to say the rest of the day after that just kept getting better. Birthday greetings from my family, and taking communion for the first time with Kate was very special. So it was truly a Good, Good Friday. Happy Easter to all.


Eileen said...


I'm so glad you had a nice day!
And such a beautiful way to start your day! Cute video!
All good wishes for a wonderful year!

And have a very Happy and Blessed Easter!
All the best,

Blessings each day said...

I tried to leave a comment yesterday, but blogger was being naughty and wouldn't let me.

Anyway, it is wonderful that you had such a nice birthdy and a special video by your daughter, even the music had a good beat (I love to dance), but her thoughtfulness was the most important thing.

Happy belated birthday!

blessings always,