Friday, April 17, 2009

What Is This Tagged?

Wanda has confused me. I think she wants to play tag. What is this tag thing? Is it something that is supposed to make me feel old? I have heard only a little about it. I will try. Please forgive my computer illiteracy.

* 8 Things I Am Looking Forward To *
  1. Always,my husband coming home.
  2. Katie's 8th grade graduation in may.
  3. My daughter,Ginny, coming home for Katie's 8th grade graduation in May.
  4. Meeting Ginny's love of her life for the first time.
  5. My yard being ready for summer.
  6. Seeing my grandson,Jack,take his first steps.
  7. Knowing that my son has quit smoking for good so that I can have more incentive to quit again.
  8. Going to yard sales with my daughter-in-law,Amy.
* 8 Things I Did Yesterday*
  1. I worked out.
  2. I went to church for our Fellowship meeting.
  3. I did laundry, wow!
  4. I took a really nice nap.
  5. I went to the library and bought some cool books at the book sale.
  6. I watched Tyler Perrys "Meet The Browns".
  7. I cleaned my fridge.
  8. I tried to get Katie to tell me why she was such a crab.
* 8 Things I Wish I could Do *
  1. I wish that my hands would still allow me to crochet like I used to.
  2. I wish that I could lose 20 lbs. by May 1st.
  3. I wish that I could be more spiritual than I am.
  4. I wish that I could be the best mom in the world.
  5. I wish that I could go to Raleigh, North Carolina.
  6. I wish that I could win the lottery and pay all of my families bills .
  7. I wish that I could be the best person that I can be.
  8. I wish that I could rescue all of the homeless animals in the world.
* 8 Shows that I Watch On T.V. *
  1. All My Children
  2. Dancing With The Stars
  3. Ugly Betty
  4. Greys Anatomy
  5. Private Practice
  6. Jon And Kate Plus Eight
  7. Dateline Mysteries
  8. 20/20
So there you have it. Aren't I so exciting? So now I guess I am supposed to tag someone else. I don't know the rules so you know who you are. Marcy, Ginny, Katie, Eileen, and Amy. It's pitiful I know. I don't have many followers. So have mercy on me please and pass my blog on to someone else.


Eileen said...

Oh, this was cute!
And now we know some things about you that we didn't know before!

And now I have to start thinking!
I'm too tired now, I'll have to post over the weekend!

Wanda said...

So happy you played tag Diana...enjoyed reading your list...I'd never done this before either...but it was fun!