Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Who Is This Woman?

I don't know what happened. It was a morning like any other. Drank some coffee. Ate a small but substantial breakfast. Then I took off in my trusty station wagon to go and work out. I lost two inches, hurray for me! I needed a few things from the grocery store so I pulled in the parking lot. I made it through the store only spending $15.00, hurray for me!
I had a good workout this morning so I am feeling pretty good on the way home. Home,where my Kate is sick with the flu.Poor baby. Mom will make chicken soup. No I am not Jewish. I had some leftover chicken stock in the freezer and had baked a chicken the night before so it would be a quick and easy soup. As all of the ingredients were simmering nicely in the pot I started to feel strange. I found myself gravitating towards the pantry. What is happening? Everything is already in the soup! I couldn't control my hands as they swiftly pulled at the pantry doors. What is this strange place? There on the right is a rectangular plastic container with a soft , powdery,white substance in it. And another next to it, with some kind of white granular substance in it. My hands, can't stop, can't stop, moving upward, make it stop! Before you could say "Where's the vanilla?", I had all of these strange containers and utensils on my kitchen counter. It must have been the scent of the over ripened bananas. All I can remember after that was two loafs of pineapple banana bread on my counter! I don't really know how they got there. It's all to confusing. I'm not feeling to well, I think I will have to have a piece of this mystery bread. After all I did lose two inches!

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Eileen said...

You are too funny! I enjoyed this.