Sunday, April 26, 2009

" Ruby's Story" - Part Two

Kate and I would often see our old neighbor. We'll call him Harry, because that really is his name, Harry. He lived right next door to the library, where Kate and I would visit about once a week. Usually on our way out or on our way in we would stop for a little visit with Harry and his pug Blossom. It was always an experience because Harry also had hens and roosters as well as rabbits roaming the yard. I missed watching the chickens wander my yard as I washed the dishes. I didn't miss them eating my seeds! Blossom was always happy to see us and we all, including my husband, started to grow fond of this breed of dog.

On one particular visit we were introduced to Willie, Harry's new pug. I know, I told you life is funny sometimes. Al
so coincidental. Remember, my old dogs' name was Willie too. Willie was a black pug and Blossom a fawn. And you probably have already concluded that they had a huge wedding and lived happily ever after! Well sort of. There was no wedding. There was however, sometime later, several beautiful, tiny pug puppies. There were black ones and fawn ones. There were girl ones and boy ones. And Katie wanted anyone!

After the puppies were born, it became more and more difficult for Kate. I think there were a few days that I avoided going to the library because those beautiful puppies were becoming too hard for Kate to resist. Harry's regular prodding for us to get another dog wasn't helping. I kept telling Kate that a new puppy is just like having a baby. There is a lot of responsibility that comes along with having one. As I tried so hard to discourage her I realized that I was also trying to discourage myself as well. By now I have gotten to know the personality of this breed. Very sweet, very happy, eager to please and those eyes. Those eyes that I once thought were U-G-L-Y, were now, in my eyes, full of every emotion
that a dog could be possible of showing. Most of all love.

As you know by my blogger header, I broke down. Seeing the puppies every week, well lets just say that I still have a little girl inside of me. This is why I have five cats and two dogs. I would probably have more if I could, but a girl has to know her limitations. I have since reached mine. Ruby was born on June 25,2006. Six weeks later, we brought her home.

Kate and I were well prepared. We bought a little doggy bed, collar, leash, water bowl,and food, all in anticipation of bringing our new puppy home. On one of our now once daily visits, Harry told us that we could go ahead and take her home. Kate was so excited, I was, well for lack of a better phrase, freaked out! I felt like I was being sent home from the ho
spital with my first child. She was so tiny. Did we have the house puppy proofed well enough? I put on a really good front as I acted excited like Kate was. In reality I was scared. I think because it had been so long since we had a baby of any species in our house. Into the car we went, with Kate ever so gently holding the new puppy. We still hadn't decided on a name, though we had a few ready to choose from. It came down to a toss up between Penny and Ruby. I chose Ruby. It had always been a name that I loved.

Ruby quickly became the center of our attention. Whenever she would eat or drink her hind end would completely leave the floor. She tried so very hard to make friends with the cats, but to this day there is only one that will go near her. Spooky. He's a lover boy. Looking back I can see that we spoiled her, but then I spoiled my children as well. Pugs are descended
from Chinese royalty. I suspect Ruby somehow knows this. And while she fully believes that she is a princess and we here subjects, She couldn't be more loved than she is in this house.

Pugs are beautiful. If you don't think they are on the outside then you don't know them inside. Just ask my husband. This large man who always wanted only large dogs, I believe loves her more (If possible) then Kate and I do.


Eileen said...

I think Ruby is beautiful! And I can see that Ruby is well-loved, and Ruby really does look like royalty!!
She's so cute and I'm glad she came into your life!
I loved this story!

Blessings each day said...

What a wonderful story...did you do a story yet on your other dog at home?

Love your header photo...Ruby looks like she is laughing (maybe she is).



Wanda said...

Beautiful story Diana...and what a photo...the blue reflecting in those eyes and her tawny color is perfect...such a neat looking're lucky to have her and!

Ginny said...

Haha. It's so funny that you used to think pugs were ugly! I felt the same way. I didn't even like Ruby the first time I came home, but after the second visit I really fell in love with her. Now I think all pugs are cute. Now wait until you tell everyone the amazing story behind Roxie. She is the cutest dog in the entire universe. Cuter than Ruby. I love them both though!

Oh, and you made me lol when you said "Let's call him Harry b/c his name is Harry." I love your sense of humor, mom!

Jerelene said...

I am so glad you shared that with us!! She looks so much like my pug (growing up) Suzy. They are such sweet dogs. Suzy would never have even hurt a flea..literally. I loved the story!! I'm feeling a tad better. Still coughing and I sound like a robot :) Thanks for the well wishes!! Have a great week!!! God Bless, Jerelene