Tuesday, October 27, 2009

" Best Laid Plans" The Conclusion

" The Homecoming "

It was a chilly , dank and dreary day on this 26th day of October 2009.
And this was the day that the secrets were revealed in the little town of "Siebelsville".

Katie had tried and tried to keep it hidden.
Even from her own parents . Although deep down in their hearts they had known the truth all along.

" I don't know how to use the microwave !",
She would say when it was suggested th
at she heat up a
snack for herself.

Through all of her cries of ignorance the truth finally revealed itself when the trusty old family microwave died.

It was only then, when a new yet slightly used
microwave oven
came into the home,
that all of that had changed.

And it was then that
her mother inadvertently discovered her using
the microwave oven,
despite her previous cries of her ignorance to the appliance !

She was quite sure that no one was watching , but mothers can be sneaky at times !

So her secret is out. Now she will no longer be able to play on her mothers guilt to heat leftovers for her when she is hungry.

As for Diana . Well let's just say that she has resigned herself to the fact that she IS obsessed with a clean home

Weather or not this is truly a problem she does not know for sure.
All she knows is that when she is cleaning she is happy.
Work makes her hap

She also is very aware of the fact that even though it exhausts her at times,
she simply cannot completely relax until everything is clean and in it's proper place.

Diana is also quite sure that this has something to do with being able
to feel more in control of her life,
as it is, at this time.

But good , clean , honest , hard work
is good for anyone.

And on this chilly , dank and dreary day ,
she had no idea just how much work
was ahead of her .

Back at the hospital Jake had still been wa
iting for an answer.
Any answer.

Finally on the fifth day of his hospital stay , the one doctor ,
the one with the answers finally arrived .

The doctor's specialty was dermatology. He had taken one look at Jake's hand and arm , which by this time had
healed quite a bit.
He told him that it was definitely a ca
se of shingles
that had attacked his limb. Like a constantly stinging sleeve of wasps!

The not so friendly, I consider myself to be Godlike, dermatologist
then looked at Jake's leg . Which by this time was looking so much better after five days of I.V. antibiotics twice a day an
d an antiviral
five times a day.

This is when the, you are lucky that I am wasting my precious time on you, dermatologist determined upon sight that Jake had.......

Bacterial Celliulitis on his leg. A very bad skin infection.
which now was looking so much better.

Jake's wonderfully warm and friendly family doctor agreed with
the most likely very good at what he does but has t
he personality of an ice cube, dermatologist, to release him from the hospital!

Diana's husband is now at home with a pick line
in his arm
which enables him to return to the hospital twice a day for
a total of six hours per day, for ten days to receive the antibiotics.
He is also still taking antivirals five times a day.

Jake is not allowed yet to put to much pressure on his leg.
So his lovely wife has much to do and care to give!

Needless to say he still isn't feeling very good. But really who would with all of those anti every things flowing though their veins?

Somewhere, sometime this couple started changing.
The change is called aging.

She with her strokes and arthritis.
He with his shingles and COPD.

While they realize that there are most likely many more
challenges ahead in their marriage,
they still can't help but won
where did the time go?

Yet no matter how rough the road may get and how fast the time
will fly by,
They will always have each others hand to hold.

" The End "


First Diana would like to say that she is extremely tired of writing in the third person! So it ends right now. At least for the time being until another time perhaps !

Now the most important thing that I would like to do is to Thank everyone for praying for my husband. I think it's going to be awhile before he can go back to work but he is healing. Just not as fast as he use to or would like to. We still haven't gotten all of the test results in and have two or three more specialists to see.

But for now through God's grace we are here together and I know that we will make it through all of this.

And finally while I am aware that this series most likely was a boring story to most, to those I apologize, for me it was a wonderful stress reliever!

Love Di


Bernie said...

I am so happy that all is finally a little bit normal again. I do hope Jake gets all better real soon and gets completely well before he rushes back to work, I know it will be hard with all the holidays coming soon but like you said Di, you will get through it together and that is the most important thing.
I had to chuckle at Katie not knowing how to use a microwave, I can see mother loves taking care of her loved ones.....but hey she learned something new, good for Katie.
Know that you all are in my heart and prayers always...luv ya..Hugs

Brenda said...

Whew! I can't imagine that you have any energy left to clean house! What a story. I hope that now that Jake has a diagnosis, of sorts, that the antibiotics will really begin the fight to overcome! I will pray for you and Jake.

What a riot that Katie pretended or did not know how to use the microwave. It reminds me of a Mother's Day when my friend's 16 year old son, Tim, volunteered to wash the dishes. After ten minutes or so, he appeared in the doorway and asked, "Mom, Where do we keep the dishwasher?" to which his mother honestly replied, "We don't have a dishwasher. We do the dishes by hand."

Jackie said...

Diana...First of all...this was NOT boring. I hung on every word...and patiently (NOT) awaited for the next post from you..
I'm happy that Jake is home....so sorry that he will be having to take antibiotics for an extended period...but thankful that
(1) There are antibiotics
(2) He can take them via the pic line
(3) He has a diagnosis
(4) He is recovering....
All wonderful news.
I am happy that cleaning makes you happy...I mean that with all my heart. I can just see you cleaning and singing...and/ or whistling...and that makes me smile, Di.
I'm glad that Katie's secret was a 'cute' one (well, cute to her...and funny to me....but I'm sure that it was a enlightening secret that will save you more time now for whatever makes you happy... (cleaning?) :)))
Take good care of yourself, my friend. I love the way you wrote in third person. You write beautifully....and like I said, I was hanging on every word.
You are such a sweetie.
I love you, Di.

quilly said...

Hey, I just came in at the end (Dr. John sent me) and I wasn't in the least bored. I also stopped and said a prayer for your husband -- and of course you, too.

Nessa said...

Visiting from Dr. John. Glad to hear your husband is n the mend. And I found the your "story" very clever.

Thursday Thirteen - Fiendish Facts

Blessings each day said...

This was ANYTHONG but boring, Di!!! You do such a great job with your tales, looks like you have tons of talent. Maybe you need to write a book!

Glad Jake is on the mend but sorry you have to shoulder so much responsibility now.

Love those pictures you find, they are just too perfect, but was the last one a real picture of your hands?

Also your story has a happily ever after because we will make it that way ending and I love that as well as I love you, my friend!

blessings and hugs,


Eileen said...

Di, I'm glad things are turning around a little, but I'm sad you all had to go through this.

I'm glad that cleaning is an outlet for you, but don't over-do it! You most likely will have to be waiting hand-and-foot on Jake for awhile, but at least you know Katie won't be starving now that her secret is out!

I love the way you write, Di! And Linda is right, it is so reminiscent of Erma Bombeck! You need to be writing short stories for a publication! Or better yet, do a book of short stories!
Boring? FAR FROM IT!
It's weird to say that I really enjoyed your hardships, but I did really enjoy reading every word! You are very entertaining!

I loved all the corresponding pictures too! Where do you find them?!

I hope and pray that your husband continues to heal QUICKLY, and I hope and pray that you find a little time to rest up, and I hope and pray that things are soon on the upswing all around.

Take care of yourself, Di.
Thanks so much for keeping us informed on everything. And if you ever feel the need to vent you know my email address.
Lots of love sent to you from me!
Love and Prayers, E

Rebecca said...

I was SO relieved to find the loose ends tied up this morning! I'm glad it was a good stress reliever to write (SO I think we can expect a lot MORE writing in the days to come, right???)

While on the road to recovery, I know there are still huge challenges. For these and the unknown, I continue to pray. If you'd email me your address, I'd love to send a card to Jake.


Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Here is hoping that the end is in sight and things are going to be much better.

Dr John made you his Favorite Link this week, so you should have a few visitors stopping by.

Glad that things are improving for Jake,

You take care of you

Melli said...

Oh my gosh! Well, I missed most of the story - but can gather from the wrap up that life has been challenging at best lately -- and thank God for your wonderful sense of humor!!! That, I know, has done wonders for getting you (and your hubby) through this time! God bless you all!

Gail said...


I am relieved that Jake is home and on the mend - albeit still quite an endeavor for him AND for you as the primary care giver, chief cook and bottle washer, organizer of everything and do it all you self gal!! Phew!!

I love how you still are so thankful for your life and the blessings only two people really in love can understand - in the midst of illness I feel such warmth and love. I understand how and why. :-)

Take time for you my friend and celebrate the peaceful moments.

Love to you

Diana said...

Well at least Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, no gifts involved, just friends and family! Yes I suppose mom spoiled all the kids, and husband!

I am quickly running out of energy but just keep on going, you know what I mean?

actually I do sing quite often when cleaning. I don't like doing it without music period! Oh and I am quite sure that Katie will still try and use the guilt card.

Thank you for the visit and the prayers, I so appreciate them both. And as soon as I have some more alone time I will stop and visit you as well!

I am glad to have you over and that you enjoyed my story. I will have to come and see what the Thursday Thirteen is!

Hi Marcy,
I tried really hard to find a picture of hands that closely resembled ours. I can do it with my camera but with this old computer, it's just easier to get them online.Blessings to you too Marcy!

Hi Eileen,
I really did miss you while you were gone. Thank God I was fortunate enough to have Bernie to unload too! I get my photos from Google images. I used to use photobucket but had more success with google!

Hi Rebecca,
I will email you my address. I was wanting to email you last week but couldn't find your email address on your blog. Jake would Love, love, love a card! Thanks Rebecca!

I was shocked and awed that Dr. John made me his blog of the week! And thanks Bill for thinking of us!

Thanks for the visit! I try to keep my sense of humor most of the time. It feels so much better than being grumpy! I will drop by your place as soon as I can. It's been very, very busy around here!

Kate has no school today and is still sleeping. Jake is at the hosp. getting his I.V. So I am taking these few minutes to answer comments. I have laundry going and soup cooking. It has been crazy, busy here. Love Ya!

Anvilcloud said...

I'm sure that writing this way was demanding,but you did it very well and made it very interesting. Hopefully, it was a somewhat therapeutic process for you. All the best.

Diana said...

Hi AC,
Thank you I am glad that you found it interesting. It has been an interesting ride and it ain't over yet! Love Di

Barb said...

Dear Di,
You, Jake, and your Family have been through so much stress, discomfort, and uncertainty the past week! It's wonderful that your sense of humor has stayed intact. I was so happy (my one good thing, for sure!) to read your post and discover that Jake is home and Katie can help warm up meals for him in the new micro! Stick together and keep smiles on your faces - we who read your posts have smiles on ours at your news.

Diana said...

Hi Barb,
I keep watching on the news about your beautiful winter wonderland! Oh what I wouldn't give for a day off to go sit in the snowy woods with a hot toddy and some girl talk! Wouldn't that be fun?
Love Di

Dr.John said...

Well I sure wasn't bored. My Celliulitis responded much quicker to antibiotics but I didn't have shingles and COPD at that time.
Specialists don't need to be warm just right.

Diana said...

Hi Dr. John,
I'm still just praying that everything just heals up and goes away! I am so glad that I didn't bore you as it sure sounded boring to me! Thanks!
Love Di

Terrie said...

Oh Di, it still sounds like there is much drama continuing in your life but I will pray that things settle down soon; although I must say, reading your Soap Story has been entertaining. Take care and take it easy.
Love terrie

Maria said...

Diana, I'm glad to read that things seem to be on the mend...slowly, but still mending.
Funny about the microwave. My kids will sometimes play the game of asking "Is there any I can do to help?" five minutes before everything is basically done :)
Funny how life can be the same in many different home...

Your husband's had his share of suffering with all the pain shingles can bring. I hope you have also found a way to rest a bit!
Hopefully the weekend will bring some sweet moments, more of "holding hands" like in your last photo.
God bless you all ~ Maria

Tranquility Speaks said...

I am so glad that your husband's been discharged from the hospital and is so much better now. Keep the faith Diana. He will be fine soon :)

Teresa said...

Hi Di,
So glad to hear that Jake is home and finally has a diagnosis. This was an amazing saga, and I absolutely love the way you write, it is a unique style, and you do it so well. I too agree you should be writing stories for magazines. Blessings to you Di, and oh yeah! I also loved the pictures you posted. : ) (((((HUGS))))) TT

Unknown said...

Dear ERMA (aka Diana), it could be worse....he cold STILL be in the hospital with NO answers at all! But he is home sweet home with an adoring wife, CLEAN FREAK wife who can outdo any hospital food by opening up a can of Campbells chicken noodle soup and a plate of crackers and lovingly sit at the foot of his chair loving every moments of his unexpected stay at home with you because he is gone so much....see, didn't I just make you feel so much better! LOL. The good Lord is watching out for you and your family and...blessings in disquise....there just has to be one at this point don't you think? Keep looking for it, it is somewhere in that spit-spot house of yours! hehehe. So glad you finally got him home. So happy to hear that he WILL get better and it isn't some RARE unheard of disease that you don't know about!

Pramoda Meduri said...

hi Diana,

its always good pleasure to read abt ur lovelyy family and especially abt katie..:) lovelyyy souls u have surrounding you and loving you...

say hi to ur ppl..and thanks for this..

Hve a nice time..