Sunday, October 25, 2009

"Best Laid Plans" Part Four "Baffled"

In the last episode of " Best Laid Plans " we left off with Jake being admitted into the hospital.

Three days later we find him still in his hospital room .
He has been seen by three doctors as o
f this date. Tomorrow he will have a visit from two more. They have taken approximately forty vials of blood , some of which will be analyzed locally , some will be sent off to other states.

In the meantime he is being treated with very strong I.V. antibiotics every twelve hours . Also antivirals five t
imes a day . They are monitoring him closely and now suspect that the original diagnosis of the shingles may have been wrong .

The good news is that the infection is looking better.
Tomorrow he will be having
a skin biopsy .
Some of the blood work results should be coming back by then and some won't be back until Friday .

His disposition in general is good .
But his heart is filled with worry for him
self and his family .

There is much speculation most of it leaning
towards a strange infection .

In the meantime the doctors are..........

Baffled !

Katie continues with her feelings of paranoia over contracting the H1N1 virus as they are now not allowing anyone under the age of eighteen into the hospital .

Unless of coarse it is for an emergency.
She did manage to sneak a visit in the parking lot with her father in his wheelchair.

She even hugged her dad and told him that she loved him .
Now that IS dramatic !

Through the generosity of family there has been an addition to the household ......

A microwave oven !

This helped in calming Katie's odd and strange obsession
with the microwave oven. Her circle walking
and head tilting has ceased for now .

Katie was so excited that she celebrated it's
arrival by baking Greek cookies in the standard gas oven ?

And what is the secret involving the kitchen that Katie is hiding from her family ?

Or thinks she's hiding .

Diana's guilt over her visit with.........

The handsome young orthopedic doctor , has long since subsided .
The relief from the knee pain has helped her forget about her
selfishness !

However now that her knee pain has subsided
will she continue her obsession with..........

Housecleaning ?

But is it truly an obsession, or just a way
of keeping her worry at bay?

Will the doctors that are caring for Jake
admit that they don't know everything ?
Or even possibly anything ?

And more importantly ,
will he be able to come home soon ?

And what about Katie's little secret ?

Yes , what about Katie's little secret ?

To be continued.......

NOTE: I just want to let everyone know that Jake and I so appreciate all of your prayers and well wishes. I feel blessed to know such caring and thoughtful people!
I also want to apologize for not commenting back to everyone lately. I really do not like when I am not able to do this. But, most of my time has been spent running back and forth from the hospital to home.
I have been following every ones posts early in the morning but just have not always had time to comment .
Hopefully things will get back to as abnormal as it usually is around here and I will have more time!
In the meantime know that I am watching you !
And love you all !


Bernie said...

Hello my friend, still keeping up with your sense of happy you have a microwave, that Katie got to see her dad and that maybe tomorrow you will have some answers and especially that your pain is better.
Honestly Di, don't worry about commenting, I know you must be exhausted going back and forth to the hospital.
Your are always in my thoughts and prayers and tonight a big hug to Jake......:-) Hugs

Tranquility Speaks said...

I am so sorry Diana for coming in here so late! The last few days have been maddening for me with a lot of things going wrong. I am so very sorry to hear of your husband contract an infection. I pray to God at this very moment to lay his healing hand upon your husband and show us a miraculous recovery.

Through all of this, you have shown exceptional strength and I respect you so much for it. Please don't worry about not being able to leave comments. Our village is very understanding. Please be by your husband's side and take care of yourself too. I am SURE he'd be fine in no time. May God be with you and bless you and your family

Donna's Book Nook said...

I'm loving your post! You should consider becoming a writer when this is over. I look forward to it to see what's going on--kind of like a TV series!

I am so sorry about all of this for Jake and for you and Katie. One of the worst things is not knowing exactly what you're dealing with.

I pray they will soon figure this out, and that Jake will recover from this without any further complications. Blessings on all of you! Donna

Anvilcloud said...

Even through bafflement, it seems that progress is being made. Best wishes for more.

Wanda..... said...

Diana, I hope today brings an answer and relief to your fears and worries. Sometimes doctoring is a process of elimination, so many illnesses mimic each other with their symptoms. I am sorry for all the stress it gives you!

Alivia's maternal grampa had surgery Friday for a 80% blockage of a carotid artery...was to come home next morning, but is still there due to a very low oxygen level and other urological complications. Jake and he both are in my thoughts and prayers!

Take care and keep and Teresa should collaborate and produce a novel, it would surely be an award winning "Best Seller"!

Luv and Smiles,

Eileen said...

Di, I'm sick reading all this! Poor Jake!
And how frustrating for him not to get any answers! It's bad enough to feel down but not to know the reason why! Ugh! I really feel for him. How can you know how to treat something if you don't know what it is??!
I pray that they find some answers for you.

You really amaze me, Di, I don't know how you keep your spirits up through it all.
I'm sorry I've missed so many of your posts. I could access your blog when we were away, but it was blank! Wanda's I could see her words but not her beautiful pictures! And even when I got home, I couldn't access a lot of blogs, it was weird.
I could get to Rebecca's but couldn't comment, then I tried again last night and was able to, but not able to access your blog or Bernie's or Wanda again.
So far this morning I'm having much better luck!
I'm off to see Wanda now.

Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.
I hate being away, I missed so much.
Love and Prayers,
PS ~ I know you are probably running around like a chicken without a head but try and keep us updated.
Stay strong.

Brenda said...

I do hope that Jake can come home from the hospital today. SIL has been in the hospital with staph infection and now home with a pick line so I empathize with what you are going through! I totally understand about no time for comments. Can't wait to hear about Katie's little secret.

Eileen said...

Di, I've been reading back a little here and I can't believe all you have going on!

I hope you are pain-free as it's going to continue to be a chore caring for everyone and everything! You are living proof that it never rains, it POURS!!

I'm so hoping and praying that things turn around soon!
I feel so bad for Jake, that leg really does look painful.
Hope you all can keep your spirits up.
Love and Prayers,
PS ~ Those grandchildren of yours are so beautiful! Many Blessings on you all!

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Sending happy thoughts and prayers to you and all. Don't worry if you aren't able to leave comments all the time. The important thing is your family right now.

Barb said...

Hi Di,
Well - maybe baffled is actually good - it means they will proceed slowly and meticulously to find out what is wrong with Jake. Seems the Shingles diagnosis was wrong, so you want it right this time!

DO NOT start cleaning at the hospital, Di!

Glad Katie is baking and microwaving her fears away!

I keep thinking of you - take care!

Rebecca said...

I came for my "W2MyW" fix. The suspense is hard to handle. (So I'm handling it prayerfully.)

Tomorrow WE-well, HE-goes to the cardiologist. Since blood pressure #'s are not falling and heart rate is still high, I'm praying for some serious attention to be given his case. Meanwhile, I know he is in good hands -

as is YOUR husband and your family. I'll be so glad when I know your crisis is history, Di!

Hugs across the miles, Rebecca