Thursday, October 22, 2009

" Best Laid Plans, Part Two, The Saga Continues "

I did it again . I made plans . Only this time I DID have the thought in the back of my mind that things don't always turn out as we plan.

In spite of my husband being home with the shingles and my arthritis stabbing and burning , on Monday and Tuesday , I managed to get my house clean , secretary work done , and a delicious meal planned for Wednesday evening . I did this all so that I could maybe , possibly , on Wednesday morning , get back into Katie's Fray
ed , denim quilt that I am working on .

Wrong . When I woke up Wednesday morning I found my husband in severe pain and feverish . But this time it wasn't from the shingles . Actually this was the first morning that he didn't feel the shingle pain . This was a good thing . He hadn't had to take a pain pill for that in twelve hours . Instead he was in pain from this......

A rather small argument ensued over the fact that he wanted to go back to bed , and I told him , too bad we are going to the hospital . So I took him , kicking and screaming out of the door , to the E.R.

We were pretty sure that this wasn't the shingles , I was a little worried that it might have been a reaction to the medication . It turns out that he has cellulitis . Which simply stated is an infection of the skin and the underlying tissues . He had a sore on his leg
and they suspect that his immune system wasn't quite strong enough from the shingles to fight off the infection . So we spent four hours in the E.R. while they administered I.V. antibiotics .

So after the visit to the E.R. , where while I was there , saw approximately ten to twelve teens coming and going with masks over their faces , to which our friendly nurse confirmed the fact that there is H1N1 flu in our county , we went home . I took a quick trip to the local pharmacy to purchase some antibiotics after getting my husband back into the house .

Oh darn , I forgot to buy some surgical masks while I was there !

My husband slept on and off all day . By this time I was no longer interested in quilting or the computer . But at least I had a good dinner planned , or so I thought . My daughter-in-law had to stop at the grocery store and was going to drop off a couple of the ingredients that were needed for the " Campbell soup's Cheesy Chicken and Rice Casserole". One of our family favorite's that I haven't made in a long time.

Katie came home from school before Amy arrived with the groceries. Katie wanted a little after school snack and decided to heat a small bowl of nacho cheese for her tortilla chips.

This is when I heard " Mom , whats up with the microwave ?".
" What do you mean what's up with the microwave?" I say.
" It's not doing anything ."
Alright I will get up and see what the problem is. Mmmm the door won't open and it won't start . Lights and timer ar
e working . What to do , what to do . I will try unplugging it and plugging it back in.
Still nothing . It is around 10 years old . It worked really well for a long time .
It is dead.
With a bowl of the last bit of nacho cheese that we have,
stuck inside of it because the door won't open.

My very first thought upon the discovery of the death of my microwave was , " I forgot how to thaw meat without a microwave. ".
Oh I really do know how , but not in a few minutes !
We are all getting hungry now . What to do , what to do .
Amy to the rescue ! She also brought over a couple of frozen pizzas ! I'm telling you she is priceless . She also brought chocolate milk and cookie dough ice cream for her father-in-law !

Together, Katie and I managed to pry open the door with a pry bar to retrieve the nacho cheese.

I overcooked the pizza but it was still edible. Let's just say that I have been having a little trouble focusing lately !

Now the evening is winding down . My husband went to bed early . Oh hell , he couldn't stay awake if he wanted to ! Katie and I are both tired as we are watching ABC's new show , " The Middle ", which by the way is very similar to my life .

My phone rings . It is the woman that I clean for on Thursdays . She is canceling this weeks cleaning . This is the cash that I was going to use to go to the orthopedic doctor on Friday to get my shot of Synvisc in my knee .

O.K. I give up . I am going to bed .

Will my husbands infection keep spreading up his leg as it appears to be doing ?

Will Katie's constant paranoia of H1N1 subside or not ?

Will my husband ever get well enough to go back to work ?

And the big question , will Diana remember how to thaw meat without the microwave ?

Stay tuned for future episodes of
" Best Laid Plans ".


Wanda..... said...

Diana, you take us through hope, pain, illness, turmoil, despair, shock, worry, expectations, fear, sadness and humor all in one post, just like a sitcom...How are we suppose to respond to all these emotions...I hope Jake's cellulitis clears up quickly and I hope you don't starve without that microwave! I use to have a Sharp Carousel, I loved it, it died too!

"Best Laid Plans" is a great show Diana!!! Will stay tuned!!!

Rebecca said...

Diana, I don't have words to properly express my sympathy and sadness to hear of your difficulties. These are times that really test and reveal people's character. At least on your blog, your character is shining through.

Seems like SO many are experiencing pain, heartache and hardship. Let's hold one another up faithfully before our Heavenly Father's throne in prayer!

Wanda..... said...

It's me again Di, I hope you know I am very sympathetic to your husband's condition, you just get me with your own humor. My son had cellulitis earlier this summer around his knee, the swelling was awful, but the IV and oral antibiotics worked well, can not be to careful with infections these days. Take care and hope tomorrow is better!

Luv and Smiles,

Dr.John said...

Now your husband has touched Betty and me as well. She had shingles and I had cellulitis. I know how horrible it can be. But it does respond to treatment. It could be worse. I know one poor fellow who got sunburn on his cellulitis.
Ten years from a microwave is pretty good. You need to learn how to live without it.

Unknown said...

OK I am about to pee my pants! You are better than a sitcom on tv any day! I am so sorry your hubby is HOME and sick to boot! It seems like it never ends doesn't it? Dang microwaves! Paranoia over the H1N1 not hardly! Better to be cautious! I am so sorry my friend. I do hope that life eases up for you and your life THAWS out so that your BEST LAID PLANS pan out! luv ya and hugs with miles of smiles and LAUGHTER!

Blessings each day said...

You could let things calm down and not get so exciting, you know? Boring is not so bad, from what I hear...too bad we can't choose and select, huh?

Poor, poor Jake and poor, poor Diana and poor Katie and maybe even poor animals...wish everyone could just be better with a wiggle of a nose, but I guess I just have to pray even more.

Just happy that your DIL helped so much. By the way, I don't use my microwave at all...well, except for popcorn or to disinfect sponges, so life and food are still possible. You can always put a flashlight in there, spin the turntable by hand and make microwave noises to make you feel better if you get 'desparate'...aren't you glad I'm here to help you?

Please do take care of yourself Di as all this can wear you down too and we don't need you to get sick!

blessings with lots of prayers for health and all you need along with huggy hugs,


Jackie said...

First of all, the quilt pieces are coming together nicely...and I know that she can't wait to see is going to be beautiful!
Second... How in the WORLD can you write a blog and make me smile as the world around you is turning upside down? How do you do it, my friend. You are an inspiration to me....I mean that...truly!! You have soo much going on....and you take it one thing after another...and I would be a basket case! I loved the comments you got tonight, too. I love to read your blog...and then to read your comments. We have the neatest Village...and I am so happy to be a part of it. I'm so sorry about Jake. Those 'wounds' looked scary to me, and I can't imagine that he didn't insist on calling an AMBULANCE. I tell you, I would have just lost it! Tell Katie, not to sweat the H1N1 thing. First of all, it hasn't been documented that wearing the masks help....and tell her that I took care of Mama for four days...didn't wear a mask....and didn't get it. Mama didn't want me to come over and take care of her. I just looked at her and said, "There's no 'if' 'and' or 'but' about it. You're sick; I'm coming and staying. I think that if she practices good hand washing...keep the hands out of the 'mouth and nose' thing...she'll be fine. Just a litte reassurance. Now...about that the photo with the RIP on it.
You are such a trooper, Di. I just think you are one terrific wife and mother....and I tip my hat to you....(where did I put my hat?)

Bernie said...

Oh my friend only you could go through all this and still have a sense of humor. I was heating my magic bag in the microwave yesterday and forgot about it, it blew up and what a mess....the magic has left the bag and the microwave for the garbage, microwave is still working fine but the smell of the husk from the bag is still in the house and of course has stained the inside my few month old microwave.....ok between microwaves, infections, antibiotics and arthritis our lives are pretty similar now all I need is your attitude....I do hope all settles down soon my friend, you and Jake deserve a break. I will pray his infection clears really fast. Love you.....:-) Hugs

Maria said...

Hi Diana...
That was a TOUGH day...
It just kept coming...
Diana, I believe that you have so much resilience and energy for your family.
I'm sure they must be so grateful for the love you show them in all you do.

Your humor is like a big pillow for you to fall into, making the tough times ... feel softer, perhaps turning them into a little bit of joy.
I hope healing comes your way soon, for hubby, microwave and a little TLC for Diana too~

Diana said...

To all of my dear friends, It all has not yet subsided. I am doing my best to keep up my faith, it has not wavered. I am trying to keep my spirits up along with my sense of humor. However, deep down I am very worried right now. But the way I look at it is that this is just a moment in time and it to shall pass. I have been asking myself lately if God has been hearing my prayers. If you would all pray for us, maybe it will help. I love you all and do appreciate all of your comments. There are days lately that your comments are what keeps me going. I cried yesterday as I was praying in the hospital. Thank you for your kind and generous words.
Love Di

Garnetrose said...

I hope your husband is feeling better. Sometimes humor is the only thing that gets you through the day. **s**

Snowbrush said...

And it was one of those days about which the best that could be said was that it could have gone worse. Whew! At least nobody died.

If you needed an ER nurse to tell you that people in your area have the flu, maybe the flu just isn't THAT bad YET. Here in the Willamette Valley, it's mowing them down like grass, and I'M sure paranoid of it, although Peggy is likely to get it first since she is a nurse.

Snowbrush said...

Diana, a word about prayer. It might very well be worth less than nothing to you, and cause you to hate me in the bargain, but at least it will be different from what almost anyone else you know might offer. I gave up on prayer years ago. My feeling can be summed up in the bumper sticker that said, "20,000 children starve to death every day, and you think God hears YOUR prayers." I've never seen the least reason to think prayer works, and therefore instead of feeling worse now that I don't rely on it, I actually feel better because I am no longer putting myself through the agony of trying to force myself to believe in something that I didn't really believe in anyway. When times were bad, religion never contributed anything good to my life. It was just one more thing that made me miserable, and I say good riddance. Yet, if you find, over time, that prayer gives more to you than it takes away, I support you following that path. I feel the same way about you praying as I do about all the things I've been trying to do to help myself lately: whatever works is good. But if you find that it hurts more than helps, please don't beat yourself up over it, thinking that YOU are somehow to blame or that God is testing your faith. Instead, just walk away from it, if such a thing is thinkable to you. Whatever the case, I will support you with all my heart.

Anvilcloud said...

Good grief, that leg pic is sobering.

Tranquility Speaks said...

Oh Gosh Diana..So much happened, I wasn't even here! I feel so so guilty and bad. I wish your employer had not cancelled this week's appointment, but as I read the posts above, you did eventually get to keep your appointment, so I am glad things worked out.

Electronic gadgets. They give up on you when you least want them to. Diana when one door closes, another opens (microwave door included!) Keep the faith and hang in there. He is listening to every prayer