Wednesday, November 4, 2009

" An Experiment In Delirium "

If you are in fear of catching a virus or bug of the human kind ,

via the internet stop reading now !

I am doing an experimental post today. I ca
n not think properly so I am curious as to what the absence of my usual thought process will produce.

Let us see shall we ?
Follow me , or at least try.

My husband and I had thought that Katie was
getting better but then we discovered that we were wrong . Katie has strep throat again .
She is taking antibiotics , drinking tons and tons of water and sleeping.
And when she is not sleeping she is trying to make me laugh , those hysterical fits of laughter , or she is being a snotty !#! teenager .

It's really pretty outside . I am freezing . No fever , my skin is ice cold .
I keep getting bad headaches .
It's strange . I am having pretzels and a di
et coke for lunch .
I really don't feel like eating . Besides whenever I do i
t sounds as though
there is a miniature lion in my intestines (int
estines pronounced with a long - I , as I like it that way ) roaring and roaring .

Jake is feeling well enough to take care of K
atie and I . At least good enough to walk the dogs and fix food .

And I just got through telling him that he didn't have to be such an ass when I told him that we had buns for his pot roast sandwich.
He was having it on an English muffin. I was trying to be nice .

I am tired of being nice . I am tired period . I think that I am cranky too as I have just yelled at Katie and Jake again. I don't deal with being sick at all. It makes me angry because I don't want to just sit here and do nothing . That is stupid .

And I don't want anyone taking care of me . It makes me feel like I have a slave . I don't want and I don't need a slave . As a matter of fact ,
unless I start having to vomit I am not going to have people taking care of me. It's ridiculous .

I am feeling angry . I should just go upstairs to my apartment and be alone. Yes I think that is an excellent idea .

I was supposed to meet at the coffee shop with my daughter-in-law today. Since she has had baby Jack we haven't really had time alone to talk. I had to cancel . This really didn't s
it well with me.

Yes I am an angry woman today.


Tranquility Speaks said...

Rest Diana. After the recent turn in events, you need ample amount of rest. Eat healthy and sleep well Diana. The good lord watches over you. Through your husband and daughter, He wants you to know that. That there is someone who cares. Take care Diana. Loads of love :)

Eileen said...

At our parish we had a visiting priest from Africa (he was with our church for a few years), during one of the Masses, he stood up at the pulpit and in his thick accent he told us that Jesus was just like us, He was a man in every way, and He shared all our human emotions and we didn't have to worry about getting 'pissed off' because even Jesus got 'pissed off' sometimes (I'm not kidding those were his EXACT words! Obviously he was learning English from someone who had a colorful vocabulary and didn't bother to tell him that he shouldn't be using certain slang terms on the altar! Our mouths dropped open and everyone just looked at each other), and I seriously don't think I heard one other word he said in that sermon after that! And Ray and I spent the rest of Mass trying not to burst out laughing.
But I kind of liked the idea of the priest using a slang term so innocently, and it did get me to thinking that Jesus did experience our very same emotions.
So, if you feel the need to be cranky, Di, I see nothing wrong with that! In fact, I'm dreaming up scenarios right now that might have made even the Good Lord feel cranky. And I'm thinking maybe one of His Apostles using an English Muffin for a pot roast sandwich rather than a bun might just very well make Him cranky too!

Love you lots and lots, Di!
And I love coming here!

And sick and cranky makes for very entertaining posts from you!
Love and Prayers,

Bernie said...

Oh Diana, you have just spent 2 weeks taking care of your loved ones now let them do the same for you, it's because they love you. You are allowed to be cranky, heck who isn't once in a while. I hope you are getting some rest and drinking lots of fluids, I was worried you would get run down with everything you were doing....get well my friend...luv ya....:-) Hugs

Wanda..... said...

Sounds like Mother Bear needs to go hibernate in her apartment upstairs and do nothing for just a bit...if that's what Mother Bear feels like doing, she should do it, the growling and grumping might just go away...and then the three bears can live happily ever after...after all three of them get well!

Luv and Smiles,

Jackie said... have an upstairs apartment to go to would be heaven!
Get there, immiediately, my friend.
Off you go!! Now...
Take care of you....hiberate. It will be good for you.
Much love to you, Diana...much love.

Terrie said...

OK DI, It sounds to me like it's time to put your foot down. Stop them from taking care of you. Stop them from making you feel better. Just get up and go find a closet to clean out or go wash the dishes or scrub that kitchen floor! Tell all that sickness to go to hell and just be done with it. And then go crash in bed for the next three days because you are to tired to move :)

Dr.John said...

You really need a rest. You think too much. Understand this is a bad dream it will come to an end.

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Take time to get some rest, you deserve it. Escape to that apartment and lose yourself in sleep. Things will turn out for the best.

Anvilcloud said...

I think you have to start learning to enjoy being sick. It sounds ridiculous but there's no beating it, so you might as well make the best of it and find some small comforts -- a warm blanket, a good book, etc etc.

Ginny said...

I'm so sorry that you're sick, mom. It comes at the worst time. I wish I could be there to take care of everyone else (but not you b/c clearly you don't want anyone to take care of you). Maybe if I could just take care of Jake & Kate and the dogs you could get some rest. I love you!

Rebecca said...

Dear Angry Woman, Pack up those in-test-Ines (with a long I) and hike up those steps to ye olde apartment! Be sure not to vomit so you don't need to call in the slaves....and sleep and/or weep or just think deep....whatever your little heart desires. Glad to hear Jake's infection is doing better. Maybe he can build his strength by taking the steps up to the apartment to deliver delectables - something to stimulate your appetite...This too shall pass, or so it's said.

Diana said...

You are all so funny, I'm glad that I complained. You all gave me some really good laughs! I love you all!
Love Di

Gail said...

I so understand your frustration. ANd at thesame time I want to say that your body is telling you something - telling you to rest. f yougive yourself a day or two to do that you will be "back on your game" again. The longer you resist the longer you will be running on empty. Stop, refuel and then "GO"!@!!! - feel better, k?

Love you

Brenda said...

How about losing yourself in a good book. It helps me. It is no fun feeling sick and angry and having cabin fever!

Unknown said...

ERMA I know exactly how you are feeling! I hated being a slug and not being able to put on lipstick or wash my hair! They totally know how good they have had it with you and believe me...if they could...they would probably be more than happy to clean toilets for you! hahaha hope you are feeling better! hugs. and SMILES!

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Oh, Di...your humor never fails...this is priceless...I have so been there; done that!!!! Hope you get some rest and begin to feel better soon!!! I'm so sorry you are sick!!! I wish I could bring you some chicken broth...but I think it would be cold by the time I got there!!! LOL...Praying for a speedy recovery for've had enough to deal don't need to be sick, too!!! Love you much!!! Janine XO

Snowbrush said...

If there's one thing worse than being sick alone, it's being sick with other people. I'm so sorry. I hope you're all better soon.

anupama said...

Dear Diana,
Good Morning!
I simply loved your post.I am sure,after writing this you would have been conquered your anger.:)it happens in everyone's life.
Dear,you are lucky to be in aloving family.I love the photos,specially the two-Mother- in- Law and Daughter - in-Law.:)
Di,don't get worried about the swaying moods.luv and hugs,
have a great day ahead!

Rebecca said...

Where in the WORLD are you? I'm really, really missing you, Friend! Praying for ALL of you and wondering who's where and what's what at your place....