Thursday, November 19, 2009

" Helloooo , Can Anybody Hear Me ? "

Wow it's so quite . Can anybody hear me ? Helloooooo....
Alright I guess everyone is out turkey hunting .

I'm busy too you know , and I managed to blog today !
Well truthfully I'm
not busy at all.

I didn't do much today really . I went and wo
rked out first thing or I would
have ended up not going at all. And then I went to church to do a little office work.

While I was there this morning one of our senior members stopped by for some
information about some things and then he just wanted to chat.
This man is so sweet and honestly I have never met more of a gentleman in my life.

He is widowed , twice , and has nothing but wo
nderful words and fond memories of his late wives. He is one of the sweetest people I have ever had the privilege to meet.

My DIL Amy , who also cleans houses , cleans this gent
leman's house. She's been cleaning for him for a few years now and also has grown fond of him.

I don't know of anyone who dislikes this gentleman or can say a bad word about him.

His short term memory is pretty poor . He often writes everything down in his little notebook. I don't think that he remembers my name most of the time, even though
we've known him for several y
We invited him to our home after Katie's confirmation th
is past April. He loves to eat and will go just about anywhere for a meal. He happily excepted the invitation and had lunch and dessert at our home.

He told me today that he was seeing a woman. I was a bit speechless for a moment but not surprised. Companionship is something that he longs for as he is lonely.

He told me that while he was enjoying her company, it just didn't feel right.
That made me sad . All he really needs is some food and some loving.

My DIL and I were talking about this today on the phone . I think that she was somewhat surprised by his news as well. He had told her about this woman
he was seeing a while ago.

He told my DIL that when he tried to kiss her , she turn
ed her face and gave him her cheek! Poor dear . I did feel for him.
And than he told my DIL that for a $60.00 dinner, he would have at least liked to have had a decent kiss!

Again I am speechless. What can you say to that! I didn't ask Amy what she said to him about it but now I wish I would have!

I am happy for him even if the companionship only lasts for a little while.

This was the highlight of my day today.

The low point of the day came after Katie came ho
me from school.
As with any day after school, the first thing that Katie does when she gets home
is walk the dogs.

She put Roxy's leash on and went out the back door only to turn around and walk right back in the kitchen where I was cooking. I instantly knew that something was wrong. I heard her say " Mom I can't walk the dog, I just fell.".

O.K. first of all I was very impressed that she managed
to hang on to the leash through the fall . She was so quite about the whole thing. I didn't think that it was
a big deal until I saw the blood dripping from her chin!

Then she started to panic from the sight of the blood as we made our way to the bathroom. She was a bit shook up.

She hit her chin so hard on the concrete
that not only did it take a good size chunk of flesh out
of her chin, but it hurt her jaw and ears from th
e force of the fall.

Of coarse I was out of peroxide , antibacterial cream and band-aides.
We cleaned it with soap and water. It looked pretty bad but not bad enough for stitches. I did have some gauze and tape on hand so we patched it up with that.

After I got her settled down a bit, I went to the store to replenish my first aid kit
and we redid her chin. I even bought the clear band-aides so that it wouldn't be so noticeable. She is doing fine now. Chatting away .

I do think that it may leave a bit of a scar , but it is situated such that
it won't be noticeable.

It is Thursday evening and it is almost 8
You know what that means don't you ?

It's almost time for "Grey's Anatomy" !
I know that I am not the only one out there who watches this so I am going
to finish this up so we can watch it.

I do hope that you all have found the perfect turkey.
If you haven't as yet , Happy Hunting !


Maria said...

Hi Diana!
Hope Katie's chin heals quickly! No turkey shoppin' here... My sis is hosting! I have to work Wednesday...all day... I'm not sure when I'll be picking up my dad. That reminds me of the man trying to find companionship. Some people need to have people near them always, and others, like my father are so very independent...even when he shouldn't be!
We love them all ♥
Bless your heart for having him over for dinner this spring... it's something a very kind heart would do!
Blessings for a calm and restful weekend ~ Maria

Jackie said...

Di...I felt like I was sitting in your kitchen with you...having a great converstation. That's exactly what I felt like as I read your blog tonight. Lovely blog....(and I'm soooo sorry about Katie's fall..and her chin.) It hurts Moms more than daughters or sons know when they get hurt...
I smiled a quiet smile as I read about the gentleman who is in need of a companion. My heart went straight out to him after I read your blog tonight. You have a kind heart, Di...and I know that he enjoys your friendship....and even though he can't remember your name, he remembers your kindness.
You are a sweet friend.
Enjoy your evening. I'll be baaack!
Smiles from Jackie

Jackie said...

Oooh...I looked back at my comment.
Didn't mean to, but I made up a new word: 'converstation'... :)
I was going to delete the comment and change the spelling, but knowing me, I'd just misspell another, I'm leaving it.
Another smile,

Gail said...


I loved hearing about your gentlemen friend from church - great stuff. :-)

Sorry to hear about Katie's fall -

I love Grey's Anatomy AND McSteamy is a father!!

Love to you

Wanda..... said...

Hi're does seem to be quiet in the village today, although I did hear from Teresa who left a comment, but where is Marcy? I know she is back, was working on a post and had some "cleanup" to do, but she never posted. She's making us wait I guess! I know I don't post very often, but I check everyone's latest post and read their comments from just seems extra quiet for some reason!

I love Grey's Anatomy...never ever miss's my most favorite show!

Hope Katie isn't too sore, I was so afraid you were going to say she broke a tooth, that would have been so much worse.

I will stop back in the morning to read other comments!


Anvilcloud said...

I was going to say that $60 doesn't buy what it used to, but I won't because of how it could be taken. Nope, won't say it.

Bernie said...

Hi Di, I love hearing about your day but felt bad for Katie, I hope all is well now.
I felt so bad for the gentleman from your church, it is hard when one is alone....there are times I don't like it but most of the time I am quite happy with things just the way they are.
I love Grey's Anatomy, also love the Mentalist so I really like TV on Thursday nights.
Have a great Friday....:-) Hugs

Diana said...

Hi Maria,
I don't have to cook either! I love it. I am making a pie and that's it! My DIL will be hosting again this year. Enjoy your weekend too Maria!
Love Di

Diana said...

Oh Jackie the gentleman I speak of ,
well you just cannot help but to be kind to him. Katies chin I'm sure will be sore for awhile it looks pretty nasty. Oh and making up your own words in blogland is perfectly
acceptable! LOve Di

Diana said...

Hi Gail,
I was quite surprised to see that Mcsteamy's daughter used to be the girl on All MY Children. I just can't
remember, oh yeah she played Lillie
Montgomery, Jackson Montgomery's autistic daughter.I was wondering whatever happened to her!
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Wanda,
It was very quite today, I wasn't going to even post but no one else was! I am assuming that Marcy is still cleaning up. Last I talked to her was a few days ago. I don't know what happened to Teresa. I wish she would just come back.
Kate was pretty sore last night and her chin looked pretty nasty, but she is still planning on sleeping over at a friends tonight and going to see that movie tomorrow. "New Moon" I think it's called! If all goes as planned I will be alone tonight!
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi AC,
You need not say anymore , I understand what you are saying! Shame on you ! But yes that is an expensive peck on the cheek.
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Bernie,
I haven't seen the mentalist although the man that plays him is quite good looking!
I am waiting for Katie to wake up to see how sore she is. She really took a pretty good fall. Poor dear,she's at that stage if you know what I mean.
Love Di

Eileen said...

Poor Katie! I hope she heals quickly!

Other than that news, I enjoyed your post!
And I had to laugh when that gentleman thought he deserved a kiss for a sixty dollar meal! I guess his lady friend doesn't think along those lines (in fact, I'm hard-pressed to think of any woman that thinks along those lines!). Too funny!

I love Grey's Anatomy too! All the characters are so interesting to me! McDreamy was my least favorite but now he's grown on me. McSteamy I've always gotten a kick out of.
And I watch Private Practice too, and we record The Mentalist and we'll watch it tonight. That's a great show too, and the main character cracks me up!

I haven't been posting much, I visit and comment but I haven't written too much. I've been babysitting Mia more than I usually do (Lori was sick for awhile, and then this week she had to have a suspicious growth removed, plus she works part-time and I usually split the babysitting with Lori's Mom but her Mom was sick too). And I'm trying to catch up getting things done around the house (losing battle). And the lens on my good camera broke ($150 to fix! I said forget it!), so I was mad about that because I wanted to get some pictures of Mia to post, she was really cute with some of her antics. Oh well. I guess I'll have to learn to use Ray's camera.
And I've been busy with friends visiting and catching up with old friends too.
So, okay, here I just did a little post on your blog!
It's funny because sometimes I will sit down to post something and then I think "Oh, who wants to read this?!" And then I just delete it! Once you don't post for awhile, you feel like nothing is of interest in your life to post about!

I hope everyone doesn't start feeling like that or we'll have no one left to read!
Take care, Di!
Post about Katie and how she's doing!
Love to you!, E

Diana said...

Hi Eileen,
Katie just woke up a bit ago and say's she feels fine and that her chin doesn't look as "Gross" today.
I watch Private Practice too. I guess I will have to try the mentalist as well.
I do know what you mean Eileen. I think that sometimes my comments are longer than my blogs!
Gotta go and get ready to clean, Luv Ya, Di

Rebecca said...

I can hear ya! The days are speeding past me. I've missed a couple of your posts!

I wish I lived closer. I'd kiss that man for a $60 meal! Seriously, loneliness is so prevalent. And so sad. We even have a 40+ year old man in our fellowship group who is SO lonely.

I winced when Katie hit her chin! Really! I think I felt it. I'm glad she's feeling OK.

You are sounding "more like yourself". I'm glad.

anupama said...

Dear Di,
Good Evening!
that's a detailed post like a diary writing.I hope Katie has completely recovered by now.
Dear,I loved the black n white photo of the kissing scene!the couple looks wonderful!at times,the physical presence and the time spent together make wonders.
nice to see you very cheerful and in high spirits!very true,Di,hardly we meet real gentlemen in our lives!:)
wishing you a wonderful weekend,

Blessings each day said...

Yoo I am and I FINALLY posted but I have alot of errands today so I will be gone for awhile. Yesterday was a but of a bummer as my cold decided to get the upper hand and I was ready for bed at 6:00 p.m.!!!, but waited until 8:00, read a little, got up for a bit at 3:30 a.m., then back to bed and I do feel like I have a little energy today.

The first thing I worried about was that Katie might have broken her chin, so than the Good Lord that didn't happen, but hope she's feeling much better now.

The lesson is that women should only accept Burger King dinners and then all you have to do is shake hands??? My mom and first step dad were really shy with one another and didn't even hold hands at the movies!

blessings and joyful hugs,


Brenda said...

Yes, I am listening. I enjoyed your story. I chuckled over your older gentleman story and also felt sorry for him.

Sorry to hear that Katie fell. She will heal. Those of us that are older never take that for granted. :-)


Unknown said...

I watched it last night and HATED IT! What happened to the episode when Izzie tells them she is prego? Did it just drop off the face of the earth? I hated that it wrapped up the year with Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Years! What was that all about! ARGH, what is going on with the show! and to top it all off....I think they took "Eastwick" off the air! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

All Dolled Up Doll Clothes said...

Oh dear! sorry to hear about Katie's fall. I do have a very good solution for minimizing scarring. Keep vitamin E oil on it as much as possible. This has worked wonders for everyone I recommend it to. Good luck and loves to you

Diana said...

Hi Rebecca,
Katie is all good now. She is having fun at a friends house tonight.
Another thing I forgot to mention about the gentleman from church. He tells very interesting stories and jokes!
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Anu,
Katie is much better now. I liked that same picture as soon as I saw it! Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Marcy,
I was very happy to see you back again! I was worried about Katie having a concussion. But she is doing very well now.
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Brenda,
You were right, Katie is fine now. Although I haven't had a look at her chin today. She is spending the night at a friends house tonight.
I find myself trying to be so much more careful when I do things anymore as it takes us longer to heal! Love Di

Diana said...

Yeah Kinda, I was a bit frustrated myself with Grey's. I new when they were showing Christmas that it wouldn't be back for awhile. At least I think. And Izzy wasn't pregnant. She was talking about a patient when they showed the previews. Don't you love when they show stuff out of context!
I don't watch Eastwick but I read the book many years ago, 20 to be exact! Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Terrie,
I will have to remember the vitamin E oil. I have the cream but don't think it would have the same effect. Did I tell you that I got your card Terrie? It was beautiful, I am pretty sure that you made it! Thank you Ter, I loved it.
Love Di

Margaret Pangert said...

Hi Diana! I feel like we've been friends for years! You've just told me some personal, "chummie" stories. Intimacy is what creates closeness, friendship. You're a good writer. The flow and the dialogue seemed just like a novel. You'll have to give it a try!
Katie is lucky her scrape was on her chin because--as you said--the scar won't show there. Also, it will keep looking better: I hope you can convince her of that.
My husband had a stroke and lost his short term memory. Eventually it comes back to him if he works on it.
Well, I don't really have a favorite tv show, but last night for our anniversary we went into New York and saw Finian's Rainbow! Fun!
Good night, Diana~ LOVE, Margaret

Diana said...

Hi Margaret,
My short term memory was slightly affected by the stroke as well. But I work on it all of the time. Still it can be frustrating!
Katie doesn't seem too worried about her chin. She's at her friends tonight, I called her and they were giggling away!
I'm so glad that we met Margaret. I think that your blog is beautiful.
And I am so happy that you were able to have a night out with your husband. Happy Anniversary and many more happy years to you both!
Love Di said...

wow!! alot going on :-) nice blog :-) very pretty colors and fun too!

Diana said...

Hi Outdoor Mom!
Welcome to my world. Thank you for visiting. I just like to have fun and tell stories.
Love Di

Ginnie said...

Sounds like a restful day. Enjoy!

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Always so fun to have a "chat" with you, Di!!! You tell such wonderful stories...but I am so very sorry about Katie's fall!! Hope her chin heals up well!! Wanted to especially stop by and wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving week with your family! Sending you love and best wishes~Janine OX

P.S. I want you to know that I continue to pray for your husband!!

Dee said...

Hi, I am here :-) I have been so busy this week that i have fallen behind in everything. I enjoy my blog friends so much and miss them when I can not visit. I am glad your Katie did not have to have stitches or break a tooth. Thank you for sharing your world in such a delightful way.

Barb said...

Poor old gentleman - Lucinda would definitely have allowed a smooch! I sure hope Katie's jaw doesn't swell too badly! Is Jake coming home for Thanksgiving? Have a good feast! We're still on the road (in UT).

Rebecca said...

You may not go back in to my "style" blog to see my response to your comment, so here it is: "I'm not so tall - just know how to slant the mirror to make me look tall and skinny! 5'5" (and shrinking).

Dr.John said...

I remember the days of kids falling and blood. Life is such an adventure. Broken arms, swollen foot stepped on by a fat girl and all the rest that came with parenting.
Thursday evening is for Bones on Fox and Fringe on Fox.

Jenny said...

Oh your poor daughter. Sounds like a bad fall. Isn't it funny how the first aid kit just suddenly has nothing in it? I love Gray's. Followed by Private Practice when it's on. Fun blog.