Tuesday, February 9, 2010

" Not Enough Snow To Blow "

I am up far too early this morning. 4:50 a.m. This is way too early for me.
What is it with getting older and sleep. It seems to become more and more elusive.
I can take a nap in the afternoon and sleep so well then come evening, just toss and turn.

Well anyway I have lots to do around the house so I will take advantage of the extra hour and a half.

It is currently still snowing here. We have only gotten about an inch so far but it is still coming down. I was really counting on a snow day for Katie today but so far school is still in session. We live close enough for her to walk to school but since her surgery, she wants me to take her. Under the circumstances I do agree with her.

Yet I hate driving in the slippery stuff. And listen to this, Katie's drivers ed. instructor told the class that if we have a snow day, it would be a good idea to let them drive around in the snow!

Now normally I wouldn't have a problem with this as I grew up driving in Chicago and I know how to drive in winter weather. I don't like it but I can do it. I have two issues with this. The first one is very simple. She is NOT ready. This I know for sure.

When I do take her driving in the snow, it will be in a parking lot first. An empty one at that!

The second issue that I have with this suggestion is that if we did get enough snow for a snow day, someone would have to shovel my one hundred plus foot driveway.
The husband is not here. Katie can't bend over or lift over ten pounds for three weeks.
I used to shovel it myself. I like to shovel snow! But for some reason, no one will let me do it anymore!

My son will come and do it if necessary. But he works long hours and has a family of his own to care for. So I say that the driving instructor come and shovel it for me! I love this idea. Better yet, he could shovel my drive and than take the inexperienced Katie cruising around in the drivers ed. car! Yes that's a great idea!

Or perhaps the school could purchase a nice, lightweight snow-blower for me!


Wanda..... said...

Our drive has frozen snow ruts in it, you don't even have to steer, it's like an amusement park ride! Sometimes we scape it with the tractor, sometimes we don't.
It's snowing now, have about 8 inches and more on the way tomorrow. Alivia is happy-school is closed!
Don't shovel the drive Di... just compliment a neighbor, on what a good job they are doing on theirs, maybe they will volunteer to do yours! :) Stay warm...Wanda

Bernie said...

Don't shovel that snow....Oh Di you will be aching for a week if you do it. Just leave it okay.

Had to smile about you taking Katie driving, Good Luck with that one. Sounds like she is doing fine though.

Take care and stay warm sweetie,

...........:-) Hugs

Jenny said...

Hope Katie is still on the mend. And you....don't overdo it! Yes, I'm being bossy but find a teenager that wants to make a few bucks. You stay inside and be cozy! Sorry about the insomnia. Have you tried melatonin and cal/mag?

Lynilu said...

I love your last suggestion, and I'll back you on that if you can get them to listen!

I agree with you, she should practice in a parking lot, beginning when there is just a little snow. Goodness, what a goofy suggestion!

I have a situation much like Wanda. I have a steep driveway that becomes packed and icy, and 2 miles of dirt road before I reach pavement! I just called the county to do something about a road that has a horrible mud pit and is causing damage to some vehicles. I have a big pickup truck, and the mud grabs my wheels, nearly pulling me into the ditch. It's not fun!

Stay in, forget shoveling and student driving!!

Teresa said...

Hmmmmm! I would not worry about a bit of snow in your driveway...it will melt. At least that is what I told myself at the beginning of this winter. I had just broken my wrist, so I had an excuse not to shovel. Now, it is so bad Molly and I just slide down it on our butts. I am sure it is going to melt soon, at least I hope so. Yours will too!

Anyway, I agree with Katie not driving in the snow, better safe than sorry, especially since she just had surgery.

I will take a pic of my walk...I am not kidding about sliding down on our butts... (((HUGS)))) TT

P.S. I am taking a snow day today myself, and it is not even snowing...I just can't keep up the pace, and on top of that I am not sleeping well either. Tired all the time...got to catch up somehow.

Diana said...

Hi Wanda,
I'm not shoveling, it's already melting. I can get down it fine, I just sometimes get stuck going up! I have to get a running start and just go up the drive fast! It can be quite exciting at times!
I am pretty fortunate in that I really don't HAVE to leave if it gets bad. Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Bernie,
Yes Katie is much better everyday! I wouldn't shovel the drive, it's too much for me anymore. The arthritis has been HORRIBLE! All that I've been doing is packing up pictures and knick knacks. We are going to be painting soon.
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Jenny,
I've tried a lot of things for the sleeping. The main reason is the arthritis pain. If I take a pain pill it wires me up so I don't take them at night! Strange I know.
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Lynilu,
I thought it a silly suggestion as well. I mean I will know when she is ready, he hasn't even been in the car with theses kids yet!
I used to have a big pick up too, didn't have to worry about the driveway then! It's alright though, I love my little wagon.
Love Di

Diana said...

You know Teresa, I used to go sledding all the time when the kids were little, that was fun! I think sliding down the driveway on my butt would give the neighbors a good laugh!
I think you deserve a snow day T.
Love Di

Blessings each day said...

Don't know how this post got by me...got to double check my dashboard and see if it's okay.

Now I could REALLY enjoy driving in the snow if I could go down Wanda's driveway where it slips and slides but doesn't collide!

Today's rain has been very light and steady so it hasn't made the water go back up in the horizontal pipe but it's not going down any more either.

Where's our naughty Eileen...is she off farming again??? NOW we KNOW her secrets!

It's too scary when you have to let a new driver go off in snow or bad weather...it's scariest for the licensed driver in the car (it's only been 2 1/2 yrs. since Kelly was scaring me!)

blessings and hugs,


Donna's Book Nook said...

Di--Sorry about the insomnia. I wish I felt more ambitious today. Have things to do, but ended up taking a nap! And reading; and browsing the internet. Oh well. Tomorrow's another day, that promises to be much like today, snow-wise, so I can clean tomorrow.
I remember the days of teenagers learning to drive; glad I'm not dealing with that anymore. I have enough trouble keeping myself on the road in snow.
Trust you and Katie both had a great day.

Unknown said...

so glad to hear she is doing better and it sounds like you are doing better too! YeAhhhhh, WhooHooo, ah and being snowed in, sounds like a lot of people are getting it and the news said for all you easterners to stoke up on firewood because you are going to get hit again this week! OUCH! Ahh the desert....BLISS!

Rebecca said...

Everyone has already said everything I wanted to say, so I'll just say "ditto"!

Two young kids walked by the front of our house with shovels. They were kind of making a one lane path. I told them if they'd shovel off the whole walk in front of our house I'd pay them. They did a great job and I gave them a $10 bill to split. They weren't very old, either! It was good to see kids out and active instead of sitting in front of TV! I didn't even know them, but was pleased with their ambition.

Dee said...

So Glad katie is better. I agree with the parking lot being a place to practice. It may not be her driving but someone elses that could cause an accident. With Franks heart and my own disability we are always at the mercy of some one to shovel, push, mow, lift. :)

Barb said...

Stay away from that snow shovel, Di! Glad to hear Katie is feeling lots better. I think your idea of letting the drivers ed teacher first shovel and then take Katie for a drive is an excellent one - run this by Katie. Maybe it will make her smile...

Maria said...

Hi Diana! Glad to hear Katie's on the mend... much better days ahead!
I know what you mean about sleep... I end up stealing time at the end of the day for myself and don't want to let it end... but once I'm in bed, I sleep like in a coma... I need 8 alarms to get me out of bed (need to leave for work no later than 7:15)

I like shoveling too...but it's probably really bad for us! The worst is when the road crew piles 4' at the end of our driveway!
My daughter Rachael has to fly to Florida for work tomorrow (which is nice) but with all the snow, I'm concerned...
Take care~ Hope we're all cozy tomorrow ♥ Maria

Anvilcloud said...

My body has me up earlier than I wished this morning.

Margaret Pangert said...

Hi Diana~ I say call up the school and let them know Katie won't be able to attend school today due to country road and driveway conditions! That gets her out of driver's ed, too!
We had over a foot of snow today; my biggest fear is that the power will go out.
I love your new blog layout! Beautiful!
Blessings, Margaret

Lena said...

Hi Di,

I just stopped by to check on you girls. I'm so glad that Katie is doing better, but I'm also concerned that you can't sleep...
Have you asked your doctor about it? I mean if it's the meds that won't let you sleep then there may be something??

My body can remeber shoveling... My brains went: Woooohooooo!You live in the tropics now! :)

Warmes hugs!


Eileen said...

Pretty blog, Di! Everyone's blogs look so serene, I'll work on mine when I get back to blogging regularly.

I was lucky I didn't have to shovel at all. Ray was home and went out every hour to shovel, we all asked if he wanted help and we were all happy when he said no!
I haven't been feeling well, just a cold but I feel so rundown, so it was nice to do nothing but play these past two days.
And, YES, you can tell Marcy that I have been farming, but it's not as much fun with the new Facebook!

Do you get a ticket in your area if you don't shovel? I think by us they give you twenty-four hours before they start issuing. It's not the norm but I have heard of people getting warnings and then fined by the sanitation department. We get warnings about our garbage too!

Don't work too hard, and to tell you the truth with your 'work is fun' attitude I'm surprised you weren't out every hour shoveling!
Stay warm.
Love to you,

Linda said...

Too funny! I'm with you, have the instructor come take her in the driver's ed car. Sounds perfect!

I've never lived in the snow but we're moving to Colorado sometime this year...guess I'll be forced to learn how to drive in the snow, like it or not!

Tranquility Speaks said...

Beats me why they'd recommend driving in the snow! And man! I can't imagine living in that cold weather! It is so warm here even in winters! Take care and keep warm :)