Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I received a new printer/scanner for Valentines day. Romantic isn't it? Not to worry, my husband also bought me a bracelet. Anyway the scanner is something that I have wanted for a long time but didn't purchase for myself because it quite frankly, intimidates me! So I guess my husband in his infinite male wisdom, thought that if I sat and stared at it long enough, I might figure it out.

So this morning I tried and I don't know if I got it right but we shall see. I scanned a photo of my son Frank who is now 31, when he was just toddling around, so let see if it posts for me, o.k. here goes!

O.K. that seemed to work. I do believe that this photo was taken in 1979, boy photo quality has come a long way for sure. Now lets see if I can get a comparable photo of his son Jack toddling around. Here goes!

Well there you have it. Never underestimate the power of a woman when she wants to do something really badly!

I am off to Wal-mart to exchange my new glasses. I didn't notice that the frames blocked my peripheral vision when I tried them on. They are cute but I need to see who is sneaking up on me!


Wanda..... said...

Gosh Diana, those are great gifts, a printer/scanner and a bracelet, extra loving thoughts were put into those gifts. The Frank and Jack photos look like they were taken of the same child, even similar poses. Both very cute!

Just think of what you can do now. Can't wait to see what old photos you may post. Hope you find suitable glasses, I need new reading glasses too!

jules said...

That wasn't so bad was it? Now you'll be unstoppable.

Lynilu said...

You're gonna love what you can do with the scanner! Everything from tender memories to quasi-blackmail!!!

Anvilcloud said...

Well done! I hear you roar, woman. :)

Diana said...

Well Wanda I had a difficult time finding new glasses. When you wear no line bifocals you must make sure that the lens is large enough. I didn't want granny glasses yet so it took quite awhile. Over an hour! Anyway I found a pair finally.
I was trying to show how similar Frank and Jack looked. Now I can't wait to scan some more!
Love Di

Diana said...

No Jules, it was pretty easy! Now I can bore everyone to tears with old photos! Love Di

Diana said...

Ahhhh (light bulb over my head!)Thanks Lynilu, I'll keep that in mind! Love Di

Diana said...

Thanks AC, I didn't quite roar but I think I was hollering a bit!
Love Di

Bernie said...

I received a printer/scanner for Christmas and it is still in the box in the computer room, I need someone to hook it up to my laptop and not my desktop....My friend Terri will do it when she gets home from wintering in California/Arizona. My laptop is full or I would of hooked it up to that, I know how to do that but when I tried it was unable to accept the programme as I have no memory.....you know a computer tech would have a thriving business if he opened it in Morinville....so many people want this kind of business here.
Love the boys photos....they do look a lot alike but I can also see Amy's look on little Jack's face.
New glasses, I just purchased a pair of readers at the drug store and its amazing how well I can read fine print now.
Hope Katie is well, sending you both my love.......:-) Hugs

Diana said...

Hi Bernie,
Jake had hooked it all up for me. I figured out how to copy things easy enough yet even though he put the program in my computer, I couldn't quite figure it out. My Ah Ha moment came when I went directly to the web site! There was just one thing I couldn't figure out, once I read about it, it was easy.
My two cute little blond boys! Franks hair grew darker after he turned four. Sarah still is very blond like her mom, maybe Jack will be too!
Love Di

Jackie said...

Di...anything 'techie' works for me for a gift...printer, scanner, laptop, PC, speakers, camera, ...and the list goes on and on.. :)) Diamonds and sapphires work too...not to be too picky, you know. Throw a diamond on top of a printer! There you go! The perfect gift! (You know I'm teasing!) Great job with the scanner! Hope you found the perfect glasses.
Smiles to you from Jackie

Diana said...

Hey Jackie,
How's about a lap top with diamonds embedded on the top?!
I did find glasses, hope I like them when they come back!
Love Di

Andrea said...

What a beautiful journey in pictures.I am new here and have joined to follow and look forward to getting to know you.

Diana said...

Hi Andrea and welcome! I will try not to bore you too much! I hope to get to know you better.
Love Di

Maria said...

You'll be going through all your treasured photos... making them lasting memories in digital format...
Enjoy your scanner, Diana!
We're getting over a foot of snow tonight! wow!

Diana said...

Oh Maria, will you be snowed in again? I am so glad that we aren't having any snow this week. We should almost be done with it here in S.Il.
But it's been a long winter for us so who knows.
Yes I can't wait to use the scanner again, I'm already planning!
Love Di

Jerelene said...

Wow Diana...it sounds like you had a great Valentines!! See how smart you are...I would still be trying to figure it out :) Your son & grandson look a lot alike..But, I would LOVE to see a pic of the bracelet :) Pretty please :)
Hugs!!! Jerelene

Blessings each day said...

Now you're gonna have to walk around with your eyes closed so that the sneaker up on you people can sneak up on you!

You're doing better than me, Di, as my scanner doesn't like to cooperate and puts scanned stuff in weird places where I search and don't find it until it pops up where I didn't expect it...see?...It sneaks up on me so my brain must lack peripheral vision!!

blessings and warm hugs,


Dee said...

I have a son Frank also but we call him by his middle name Ryan, because his dad is Frank, and my grandson is Frank, but we call him Max because they all three have the same last name. I call them the three Franks. My son was also a blonde and his hair darkened up at age four. His hair is black now. I have a scanner that my daughter is using and I keep telling myself I need to learn to use it. You have inspired me to do so. I look forward to seeing some retro pictures. :)

Andrea said...

I have an update for Amden on arise 2 write.

Barb said...

Di - A woman definitely needs peripheral vision (as well as eyes behind her head!).