Monday, November 14, 2011

" Bilateral Total Knee Replacement/Week 13. The Ups and Downs. "

Today's post is a bit difficult for me to write. But I am trying to be a good Blogger by posting when I'm not "Up" as I usually do.
I'm having a not so great day today and here I am. 
As I was taking the dogs out last night, my Tendonitis in my foot decided to pay me a VERY painful visit once again. For no reason really. But that is generally how it happens. Just take a step and the pain just starts.
But I didn't come here today to complain. I came today to prove to myself that I can do a Blog post without being in the best of moods. Besides, all I can really do today is R.I.C.E.

You know, Rest,Ice,Compression, Elevation.
I'd like to add boredom to the mix but it has given me a chance to work on that Christmas Afghan all morning long.

And now here I am with you, so lets get on with it shall we?

Here is a photo of my scars at week 13.

The great news about week 13 is that I really don't have a lot to report! My aches are almost completely gone. I stated in the past that my knees would ache every evening until I went to lay in bed.

Not horribly, just a little achy. I wondered if it would ever go away since it didn't seem like it was getting better at all. And then one evening a couple of weeks ago, the aching just stopped!

That's when I knew I had turned another corner. The knees are working just wonderfully. I am so happy and pleased with the results and the fact that I had it done at all!

I'm just past the three month mark and the doctor says it will take anywhere between a year to a year and a half before we know exactly how much I will be able to do. I'll tell you, so far I can't imagine doing a lot better than I am already except for maybe going down the stairs. 

I do still feel tired more days than I did pre-surgery but that is getting better too as well as the stamina part. I'm not quite back to my old self on that part yet, but all in all, I am very pleased except for this darned foot!!!!

We went Geocaching again this past Saturday and took my daughter and her BFF with us. They had "Nothing better to do" so they came along. It was a fun few hours and we finally found our first cache!!!

It was only a log sheet but still it was exciting as all get out to me!!! Actually my husband found it and I dug it out.

Now, I did take my camera along and took photos of our adventures that day but guess what? I was so excited about the Cache that we found that I totally forgot to take pictures of it!!

But that's me. I was so aggravated with myself about that but in any case I will just post the ones that I did take.

Here we are at the beginning of our first adventure. It was located somewhere down this nature trail that is surrounded by a Pioneer Village, Golf Coarse, and a Cemetery. 

Lots of fun for Jake and I. Notice if you will however, the look of pure excitement on my teenager, Katie's face!!

And there go the girls. Remember what it was like to be young and fast? Jake and I did a slower pace while searching for the Cache.

He walks with the GPS, telling us where to go.

Jake and I had a feeling that the Cache was right around here somewhere but we are still novices at this game. We've since looked up some tips on Youtube, so we will be coming back to this spot again when we can.

A clue, we think!!

Proof that I am out there WALKING through the woods.
Something I wouldn't have thought about doing last year at this time!!

An old grave marker Natasha and I uncovered. 

As I said we never did find the Cache out there, but will return when we can.

After that adventure we went to the big park in town where my husband actually found the Cache, I know...
I feel like an idiot for not taking a photo of it. Next time I promise!!

So on to the next park. The Skateboard park just blocks from our house. We had been here the first time we went Geocaching with no luck but wanted to try it again.

I am bound and determined to get better at this game and if nothing else, we are getting plenty of exercise!!

I think it was at this point that the girls abandoned us and went back to the car, way in the back of the picture!

Oh well, it was fun having their company anyway. We gave up shortly after that for the day. My legs were getting a bit tired.

I think I did really good that day but the next day I was exhausted. That's how it seems to go since the surgery but it is getting better and I am getting stronger.

I just need this foot to start behaving!

There you have it, I did a blog post while in a BLAH mood. 
If you made it this far, thanks for the company!!!


Jackie said...

Always a pleasure to keep you company Di!!
I smiled to know that the 3-month point has brought so many positive aspects with it. Just certainly couldn't have gone "Cache"ing with Jake and Katie and her BFF pre-operation. How wonderful that you were able to enjoy being out and about and drinking in the beauty of your walk!!! I know that as the weeks and months continue to pass, your aches and pains (even the tendonitis) will ease off. I know that they will, Di. Your knees have healed so nicely. Thank you for taking us on the walk with you and your daughter and her BFF...I look forward to the next one. Until then, will you continue to know that whether you are up or down, you are right here in my heart (our hearts...all who know and love you)....and we are pulling for you, girl!! So proud of you for blogging even when you didn't feel like it. I love to read your words. It's almost as good as talking to you.
Keep turning those corners!!!!
Love you, my friend.

Garnetrose said...

I am so glad you were able to enjoy the outing. I had a friend who had both kneecaps done and she says she would not do it again. Keep going, girl. You can do it.

Barb said...

Hi Di, I wonder if your foot decided to complain about all the walking this weekend? Did I mention Arnica gel to you before? Get some (ask at the drug store or even a grocery store) and rub it into your foot after you think you might have "overdone" it. I bet it would help the tendonitis - it's very good on muscle aches and pains. Don't use it if the skin is open (a cut) though. Glad you posted even if you felt grouchy - good to hear what's up with you. PS I like the photos of your walk.

Sharon said...

You hid the grouchy part rather well, I wouldn't have known - except for your foot being (having) a pain.

Really glad you have found a fun thing to do and it's something you can do now! Surprised the girls went along - must be pretty fun!

Donna's Book Nook said...

Hi Di--
You hid your "blahs" really well! So glad you are doing so well, and had a good time on the outing. Hope that tendonitis gets better and quits causing you pain.
hope you have a blessed day today!

Rae said...

Your weekend adventure sounds like it was fun and I really enjoyed the photos. Sorry to hear about the tendonitis - I've had it before, so I understand. The good news is it will get better. It'a always nice to read your posts.

Need A Latte Mom said...

ya! your knees are doing better, love to hear that. Boo hiss on the foot...have a chat with that foot and tell it to get its act together, that you don't have the time to put up with this nonsense.

I need to check out the geochaching...would be fun to do with the kids.

Anvilcloud said...

I think this is quite a positive post. Your knees seem to be progressing nicely, and your foot will probably/hopefully calm down soon.

Erik's RV Blog said...

Congrats on the knees doing so much better! The foot is there to remind you of pain since the knees are behaving, my body has a schedule it keeps to remind me of pain, not fun but it is what it is.

I'm thinking of trying out Geocaching myself next year. It looks like you guys had lots of fun!

Good luck on your continued recovery Diana!


Lynilu said...

I'm glad to hear how well you are progressing after the surgery. So nice to hear of long walks in your life again!

You and I have both been profuse bloggers, and we have both turned into "laborious bloggers" in recent times. Let's hope for twin comebacks!

Wanda..... said...

Your BLAH mood post was good to read, Di. Glad you got out and did some walking on a nature trail. The geocaching is a good incentive for exercise, could become a healthful habit. Something like the treasure hunts I did with the grandkids. Hope the tendonitis is now a thing of the past>

jules said...

I'm glad you put that video at the end because I had no idea what you were talking about.

Your scars look much better than the last pics I saw. I'm so glad you are slowly but surely getting better all the time.

Sandi said...

Hi Di!
You are doing so well, and that foot acting up gives you the right to be a tad grouchy. But, it didn't show, not a bit!

You are such a trooper and ready for anything. It's great that you have this new fun hobby to involve your husband too! I think the process of looking and searching for something is a great way to sneak in exercise, without even realizing it!

Rest that foot and get it back in good condition!


Maria said...

Hi Diana!
Oh you're lookin' great!
Can you believe you're coming along so well ~ I know they told you it would be great...but when it is! wow!
I hope your foot feels better soon!
Have a wonderful week.
~ Maria
ps. the Geocaching video was so interesting! I'll bet my son and husband would like to do that when they're together in Texas again.

Gail said...

HI DI - my goodness, this has been quite a journey and it still goes on. I admire your honesty and strength and acceptance of so much. Your healing is wonderful and I am praying that you are 100% soon.
Love Gail

Jackie said...

Ya know I'm comin' back here to check on ya, my friend!!!
How is my sweet friend?
Sending you a great big hug!!
Feel it!!
Love ya,

Diana said...

Hi Jackie,
I am doing much better today. Been bein' a good girl for a change!
Love you, Di ♥

Talin's Corner said...

It's great that you can take a walk in the woods. I hope there will be many more walks going forward.

Ginnie said...

I can relate, Diana ... recovery is such an up and down thing. Today is 6 weeks since my surgery and I am READY TO GET IT OVER WITH !!! Hang in there.

Rebecca said...

Not sure how I missed this one...but I'm so happy for you! What a great activity -- to get out and enjoying the beauty of God's creation.

It almost inspires ME to get out of my recliner. Almost.

The Bookworm said...

Thats great that you are walking. It sounds like a nice outing. I enjoy the weather this time of year.