Friday, November 4, 2011

" Hope "

A much better week this was! Physically I accomplished much more than I thought I'd be able too. One of the changes that I have made seemed to really help. Most of you know that I clean house for a family every week. I've been with them for at least six years now. They are truly are a warm, loving, understanding, Christian family from my church.

Usually I clean one day a week but this week I decided that I would split it up into two days in hopes that it would make things a bit less painful at the end of the day. They don't really care when I come so that wasn't a problem.  I went on Tuesday to clean the bathrooms and the kitchen then went back on Wednesday to do the dusting and the floors. This worked out so much better for me. I was still tired and a bit sore in the evenings but just not so much so. I'm going to do it this way for awhile or until I get healed more.

Look at the gorgeous color of these Petunias from my yard. This little camera really doesn't do them justice. They almost glow! I wanted to take a picture of them before we get a hard freeze. Not to far off I suspect.

On Thursday I went shopping. I bought my husband a new video game that he has been wanting. I can't usually splurge on items like that but he deserves it. He spent his entire three week vacation in August taking care of me, Katie, the animals and the house while I was having my knee replacement surgery. The poor man was exhausted I know. I just want him to know how grateful I am to have him as a partner. I couldn't have asked or paid for better care.

I really wanted to get him that game!
I walked all through Wal-Mart that morning and then I went Croc shopping for me.

I ran all over town looking for a pair. Two malls. 
Oh you didn't think that I meant that kind of crock did you ?
No that would be silly! 

I've been having problems with the tendons in my feet since the double knee replacement surgery. My husband thinks it's probably because I walked sort of crippled up for so long that my feet got used to supporting more than they have to now. I think he's right. I've been actually practicing different ways to place my feet when walking. I think it's starting to work for me. However I have also found that the only shoe that I am totally comfortable walking in is Crocs.

These one's to be exact. And they had to be black as I already had a comfortable brown pair of shoes. So the one store that carried them didn't have my size, blah, blah, blah.....

But I didn't give up.

While I was at the mall looking at Penny's, I ran into this woman that I used to work out with a few years back. She is probably in her 70's although she looks so good it was hard to really know for sure. We would workout together nearly every morning. She was so sweet and I remember her telling me about all of the cooking she would do for her family.

Now you all know how much I hate cooking and her food always sounded so delicious. I remember even back then thinking how painful all of that cooking would be for me then. A lot of standing.
Anyway the subject of Crocs came up and she suggested that I look online. DUH!!!!!

So after giving Penny's and Sear's a try with no luck, I drove home, went online and ordered the exact pair that I wanted and saved money to boot. The whole point here folks is that I cleaned house two days in a row and then walked all morning the next day. Something that a year ago would have been unthinkable. To top that all off, today I ran errands, went to three grocery stores, came home and cleaned my own house. I'm just a little sore. I just hope I don't pay for it all tomorrow.

My husband will be home tomorrow and the poor dear is pretty sick. My daughter-in-law had minor female surgery yesterday. She is doing fine and loves her Mother-In-Laws Chicken and Homemade Noodles. So I promised them both homemade Chicken and Noodles.
The plan is to cook them in the morning so my son can stop by on his way home from work and pick them up. Wish me luck!!

Speaking of my son, who never reads my blog, I am about three-quarters of the way through his Christmas Afghan. I was telling this to my oldest daughter, Ginny, and guess what? She wants one now too. Of coarse this won't happen before Christmas but it will make a nice winter project.

It isn't a fancy afghan but then my son isn't a fancy man! It's just all of my scrap yarn. But he will know that each stitch is a hug from mom. For those of you who crochet (Naida) I am going to trim it with a reverse single crochet in black. I love that stitch as it almost looks like a rope.

If I can make it through this weekend without feeling exhausted and too much pain, I think I may have just turned a corner. This gives me hope again. 

Never give up... 


Christine said...

What a blessing! So glad things just keep getting better. My feet hurt all the time now; I guess this could be a possibility for me too after surgery. I never gave it much thought about how much abuse our poor feet take because of bad knees. Has your lower back been affected too?

Barb said...

You have sure gotten a lot accomplished this week, Di. I can hardly believe you're up to galavanting all over like that. Good for you! Are you using a cane? (I'm thinking not, when you're cleaning houses...) I like your bright, cozy afghan! Have a great weekend with your family. PS Homemade noodles - haven't had them since Bob's Grandma made them many, many years ago. She would also make bow tie noodles for pot pie.

Diana said...

Hi Mama-Bug!
I have had arthritis in my back and hips for awhile. Actually I have arthritis in my spine. So far I still have pain there. It doesn't seem quite as bad as it used to be though. I think our knees do a lot more than we think! Life has improved a great deal since the surgery. For that alone I am grateful.
Love Di ♥

Sharon said...

So glad that you are healing so well and getting back on track!

That afghan of many colors is going to make a lovely Christmas gift! It will last for years and years and I am sure he will love it!

Diana said...

Hi Barb,
Funny you should ask! I haven't had to use my cane for several weeks up until yesterday. We had a front come through and it rained all day. Every time I would get up from my chair, my hip would give out for a minute. So I grabbed "Betsy" (my cane) and just carried her around the house, just in case! Fortunately for me, my hip only hurts when it's very damp. Otherwise I'm good.
Love Di ♥

Lynilu said...

I'm glad to hear how well you are getting around. It's good to know you are getting back to some normal movement. Now .... can we get back to more blogging and/or Facebooking, please??? I miss you!! Love you!

Sandi said...

Hi Di! I"m so glad for you that your knees just keep getting better.

I've had a little set back. I think I overdid last Saturday, as I've been having a lot more pain. Unfortunately, as I only had partial knee replacement, the area where I have the most pain is the area I didn't get replaced! Supposedly it was good. I'm hoping that I'm just having a set back, and it isn't going to get worse.

I think you were smart to get 'em both done at once and get it over with!

Glad you made a plan for housecleaning that will work for you. Take it easy!

Love, Sandi

Wanda..... said...

Hope you don't overdo it with that new found energy of yours, Di. It is a new lease on life though, isn't it. Frank will appreciate the scrap yarn afghan, like I appreciate a scrap quilt made by my mother. Glad you are doing so wonderfully well!

Gail said...

HI DI - wow, you walked around shopping for quite some time, amazing huh? And I hear ya about painful feet - mine hurt all the time, I manage it ok but geesh. Enjoy your time w/Jake - and I have been hearing about those home made noodles of yours for quite some time and I want you to pack some up and send me a batch!! :-)
Keep getting better.
Love Gail

Rebecca said...

You sound like a NEW woman! I'm happy you thought of dividing up the cleaning job & that your friend suggested ordering your crocs online... I've had an increasing # of "DUH" moments in my life lately. I can identify!

It's really fun to hear from you--twice in one week! Wowsers!

Jackie said...

So much good news, Di. I love it!
I am glad that Jake got his video game...and aren't you a sweetheart to get it for him. You work so hard, Di....I get exhausted reading how much you do...and you are always ALWAYS doing for others. What a sweetheart you are. I hope that Jake gets to feeling better soon. The "crud" is going around here, too. I do hope that your hubby is feeling better very soon.
I'm glad you got the crocs...They are very comfy, and I know that you need and want comfort....especially after all you've been through with your knees.
The gift for your son is beautiful. He will LOVE it!!!
Wrap your arms around your self right now....and squeeeeeze real tight...and say, "This one's from Jackie"....'cause I send you hugs, my friend.
Love you,

Pramoda Meduri said...

Hi Di, nice to know more.. and good that u have recovered well..;)

I suggest your son read ur blog.. u express ur love so nicely, he will love it..

superb pic of flowers..:)

ur husband must be enjoying the game now!!

Have good time..

Anvilcloud said...

It's great that you are coming along so well. You might have to be careful not to overdo it now that you're perking. :)

~Chris said...

Hi Diana!
Oh you had me for a minute there with a "pair of crocs." I was worried about Mr. Toad if he's still around :o)

I'm glad you are enjoying your new energy and strength! Sorry to hear about Jake... chicken soup is always a welcomed treat ♥ I'm sure he'll appreciate it!
God bless you and keep you going!!!

Rob-bear said...

So well done on all fronts!

Hope you have an amazing week, with no snow.

Ginnie said...

Following your progress gives me hope. My femur is coming along fine but my energy level is near the bottom !! I'll be glad when it all comes together.

Joy said...

I like that crocheted throw, I wonder if I should make one for my son. Now you've given me an idea.
Take it easy there, Di, although it sounds like it's hard to keep a good gal down...

The Bookworm said...

Glad you are feeling better Di. The Christmas Afghan is looking FANTASTIC! so cozy.
Enjoy your crocs :)