Saturday, November 29, 2008

Smoke Free Day Eight

This not smoking really sucks. I was doing pretty good until my husband came home for Thanksgiving. He's been smoking outside (big deal) but he still smells like a cigarette. And all talk of him quitting has ceased. Yesterday he actually said he just had to have a cigarette while we were in the car. He put the windows down and the heat full blast for my conveinence . Gee thanks! Then later he actually made me go in the store to buy him more! What an asshole. And yes I told him he was being a rude and thoughtless jerk. I just waited until he was all relaxed and half asleep. My cravings aren't nearly as bad as they could be but when he's home it's just horrible for me. I have really been starting to question my quitting. I know I'm on my own with this and I can't expect everyone to go through what I am going through, I'm just really starting to question my own inner strenghth . I almost snuck one of his cigarettes last night but I didn't. I just went upstairs to my apt. and had a glass of wine. Then I went downstairs and told him off. We shall see how today goes. I am going to go to work for a few hours and get away. That usually does me good.

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