Monday, November 24, 2008

Day Three Smoke Free

Well I Figure when I stop counting the days I won't need to write about it anymore. And yes it is boring. Yesterday was not a good day for my husband. He has been useing the nicotine gum and says he can't stand it. He also has tried the patch in the past and says it makes him breakout. So he turned into a nasty creature from one of his video games! the bad part about that was that I was doing just fine. Oh I have my cravings here and there but I was in a happy place. It got to the point if he didn't go get some cigarettes we may possibly tried to kill each other. (not really, but it felt like it!) Anyway he sped off to the store and I didn't care. He smoked his cigarette and then was nice as pie. I am still fine and have not slipped. If I was going to slip it would have been yesterday morning when all the action was going on. Today will be an interesting day. I have to go and have a TEE test. Thats when they take a scope and insert it in your esphogus to look in your heart. they want to make sure there is no blood clot that may have caused my stroke. I just pray that this is my last hurdle

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