Saturday, February 21, 2009

Enjoying The Money Buzz

Today was a good day. My family hasn't had a lot of them as of late. It's all due to the annual income tax return season which I am sure that the CEO's of Wal-Mart and many other retailers are tickled shitless about. And yes we were among the massive herds of lower income Americans' that fall into the "Lets stimulate the economy and not save for our future" category. I realize the stupidity and ignorance of the decisions that we often make. But I also am aware of the fact that when you never have money to spend and money comes to you, its a natural instinct to want to buy things that you normally would not be able to buy. Don't get me wrong. We did pay all of the major bills that needed to be payed. Still there were more bills left and I couldn't help but feel that we should have some enjoyment. So the little bills were pushed once again to the back burner. As we walked into our local "Wally World" as my husband likes to loveingly refer to our Wal-mart as,I pulled my family aside and instruced them to "Enjoy The Money Buzz". And we did.
We only blew about one quarter of our return. So no I don't feel guilty. And actually I am proud of the fact that we didn't eat out. Let me explain. Every year at return time, most years we pay off bills. But I always insist that we eat out first. If we buy nothing else for ourselves, we always go out to eat. Since my two strokes in the last four months I have been on a healthy eating kick so instead I opted for splurging on a "Healthy Choice" lunch from Kroger. See how good I can be! Lately whenever I have eaten out I have been very disappointed. I feel that either the service or the food has not been up to par. I had a horrible Applebees experience yesterday so I didn't want to throw money away today on exceptionally poor service and highly over salted food
So do you want to know what I got? My husband bought me an early birthday present. Please keep in mind that we are finacially poor. I got my very own, brand new, shiney, pink digital camera!!! I can't even remember the last time I owned my own camera. My fourteen year old daughter owns her own camera. My thirty year old son has his own camera. My twenty-seven year old daughter has her own camera. My husband has his own camera. And now I have my own camera. And when I get it all figured out I will post some exciting pictures for you to see. I am totally "Enjoying The Money Buzz".

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