Sunday, February 8, 2009

What A Week

Wow that was some week I had! My youngest daughter Kate got really sick on Monday so I took her to the Doctor on Tuesday. Fortunately she didn't have strep throat but she was feverish and feeling very lousy. We went right to the pharmacy to get antibiotics and as I was walking out my whole right arm went numb. I just looked up and said"Oh Shit!". I had a stroke in Nov.08 and this was the same exact feeling. We started to head home. She wanted to stop and get some ice cream but I really didn't think shopping was a good idea at that point. When we got home in started to go away after I layed and relaxed for awhile. When I got up to go into the kitchen it happened all over again. So this time I called my son and told him to come get me, we are going to the hospital. So he did and we did. It turned out to be a TIA which is a mini stroke. The doctors put me on stronger medicines which really sucks because theyr'e very expensive and they make me feel like shit. Anyway it was a rough night in the hospital. I felt terrible leaving Kate at home alone sick. I know she's old enough to take care of herself but its that mothers guilt. Then on top of it all, the morning I woke up in the hospital and tried to call her and her phone just kept going to voice mail. Thats something that never happens. I called my daughter-in-law to see if she could run over and check on her. All of a sudden in walks a very out of breath and cold ( it was 10 degrees that day ) Kate. I kept waiting for my daughter-in-law to walk in behind her and then I realized she had walked there by herself. Her phone had just died. I was almost in tears, 1-because I was so proud of her for doing the right thing and 2- because I felt even more giulty ( mom Guilt ) for not being at home to take care of her. Than my daughter-in-law came in and took her home. At least I was able to go home that night. I was very weak and felt horrible for two days after that which brings us to us to Friday. My daughter was off of school all week but was finally starting to feel better. My husband was able to get home on Thrusday night, he wasn't supposed to come home this week but because he was worried about me he came home early which was actually a good thing. On Satuday morning we had all planned on going to church. Katie had a confirmation class and I had some work to do there which I needed my husbands help with. Then we were going to have a family prayer meeting with our pastor ( which we really could have used at this point ). Anyway before we left the house my huband had a very sharp pain on his side. And a few minutes later he actually fell down in pain. It was very scarey. So we made yet another trip to the hospital. They said that it wasn't his heart which relieved both of us to no end! But they think that it could be his Gallbladder. He had eaten about 30 min. before the incident so they couldn't really see anything in the test. So we have to go to the doctor on Monday and he may have to have more tests taken. What A week!!! It feels like a month has gone by to me. And again I have memory issues since this last incident. Pray, pray, pray. We are going to church this morning, we can use it.

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