Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Good Saturday ?

I must admit I usually don't look forward to Saturdays. Everyone is home which is a good thing but it generally is such a busy day for me that I just get worn out. By Saturday we're about out of food in the house so I run all over town to hunt for bargains to feed my family. This after I take my daughter to church for her confirmation class and a little bit of work there (I'm church secretary). Then of coarse putting all the groceries away and by then everybody is starving for lunch. Laundry usually comes next and by then it's time to figure out whats for dinner and start preparing. As a matter of fact I don't really get any free time or me time on Saturday until about 7:00 p.m. when I'm so tired that all I can manage to do for myself is vegetate in front of the television.
Today I am hoping for a different Saturday. There are different plans today. First off I did most of my shopping yesterday. I still need some things but nothing that has to be bought today. I do have to go to church but thats something that I generally enjoy. After that I am going to get my hair cut. Something I really don't need but Am not happy with it right now. New hairstylist too so it should be interesting! Just remember hair always grows back! My husband won't be home which isn't a happy thing but its one less person to care for. My daughter decided to spend the night at a friends house which is something that is a bit rare. But the best part of today if everything falls into place is that my grandaughter Sarah (6 years old) is going to come and spend the night with me! We haven't had alone time in such a long time. We always have a fun time when we're together. Hence my nickname shes given me " The Crazy Grandma". We are going to the theater to see "Cinderella". This isn't your average theater either. Its circa 1946,and has been refubised inside and out with all of the beautiful colored lights all over the marqee, something that was common in that era! We are within walking distance so we can enjoy quality time before as well. I have some craft projects planned as well which is one thing that Sarah really enjoys.
My luck has not been so good as of late. Health issues and finacial woes have pretty much taken a majority of happiness from my life as of late. I keep trying,hoping and praying but in just seems that my family keeps sinking deeper and deeper into hopelessness and despair. I feel a bit selfish wanting a good day without bad news, sickness and worry. But still I can't help but hope that today will be "A Good Saturday".

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