Sunday, November 15, 2009

" Finally , Finally , Finally ! "

It has been a long time coming, well at least it feels like a long time .
Today was THE best day that I have had in over a month !

If you read my previous post you will find that this past month has been ,
for lack of a better word , Crazy !

I also haven't been feeling well at all for a few weeks , what with the strep throat , constant headaches and just feeling very strange the past few weeks ,
I was beginning to wonder if I was having medication foibles.

Actually I was a bit scared that it might be something more serious.
However when I woke up this morning I felt wonderful.
This really eased my mind as I was dreading a visit to the doctor and
the inevitable tests.
I am thinking that I may have just had a touch of the flu.

Since I was feeling so good this morning I decided to go back to work on Katie's
Frayed Denim Quilt. My first try at quilting. I worked diligently on it for seven hours
and managed to get it done. It is at this moment being frayed in the
washer and dryer. I will post a photo of it after it's on her bed.

Katie is very happy with it and now wants matching pillow cases.
I agreed but only after I make one for baby Jack, my grandson.
I'd like to have his done for Christmas.

In between all of this quilting I did manage to make Katie and I a few good meals.
My only regret for the day was that I didn't attend church .
Today was the first day in over a month that I didn't have to leave the house to work
or run errands. I actually stayed in my P.J.'s all day!
I missed going to service but I so enjoyed the relaxing day.

I even was able to listen to some Christmas music while quilting.
This was like being in heaven for me today.
Why even my teen was in good spirits and we enjoyed our girl time today as well.

As an added bonus, my son , daughter-in-law and my grandson stopped by
for a visit. Pinch me I am dreaming!

The day has drawn to an end now. Katie has just went to bed and the dogs are
asleep. The house is clean, the quilt is done and I am feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

I do believe the Lords face has shined down upon me today.
Oh and by the way, I am finishing up this wonderful day by watching
" The Wizard of Oz " !

I can't remember the last time that I had such a good day.
I am feeling very grateful right now.
Thank you Lord!

Goodnight and God bless us one and all !


Donna's Book Nook said...

Wow! I am so happy for you!! You deserved to have a wonderful, feel-great day. I'm looking forward to seeing the quilt.

I trust you will have a great week! Donna

Wanda..... said...

The house is clean, the quilt is's Di's turn to have some fun!

She loves Jake and Katie too, but was feeling down with the flu!

Our Di is back finally, the Village is happy, including me!

I hope your great day turns into a great week Diana!
Luv and Smiles,

Eileen said...

I'm so glad you had a good day, Di! And it sounds perfect to me, in your own home, in your pajamas doing things that you enjoy, surrounded by those you love, truly a Blessing from God!

We watched the Wizard of Oz too! Erik & Lori were here with Mia, and Lori thought the movie might be too intense for Mia with the witch and Mia was a little scared, but she climbed up on my lap and was mesmerized. It was getting near her bedtime and they wanted to leave but she didn't want to go, they had to wait until a commercial.
That movie gives me such a feeling of nostalgia, I love it!

But what I love even more is this post! It does my heart good to hear you had such a good day!
'Hope things continue on POSITIVE!

Love to you!, E

Diana said...

Hi Donna,
I don't know about the rest of the week as I have learned that for me it is better to take one day at a time! But yesterday was very good!
When the quilt is finished fraying I am going to TRY to post it. It can be a pain on this computer but I will give it a go!
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Wanda,
I am still feeling better so I am assuming I had some sort of bug. I will go and work out this morning.
I haven't done enough of that lately!
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Eileen,
I told Katie last night " Oh Kate at 7:00 the "Wizard of OZ is coming on"
to where she instantly relied "NO" in a very stern voice. It made me miss Ginny. Her and I would always watch it together with the lights off, popcorn, sitting on the floor in front of the t.v. Those days are gone. Katie could care less. Two completely different people. Oh well, I watched the rest when she went to bed!
Love Di

Anvilcloud said...

Good for you. It kind of feels like you deserved it.

Gail said...


Oh thisi s such a great post! I am thrilled for you. You certainly have earned a great day of feeling really good. AND I love how one of the markers for a good day i about having a clean house! :-)
AND here's to many more good days to come! "Cheers"!!

Love you

Dee said...

Hi, I am happy to hear you are having a warm fuzzy day..well deserved..and a teen in a good mood at the same time...a blessing!

Diana said...

Hi AC,
Thanks! Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Gail,
Katie and I were noticing how clean the house stays when daddy's not home! Less work for mommy! But still I miss him when he's gone.
Love ya, Di

Diana said...

Oh Dee how right you are about a teen in a good mood. I don't know if it was because I was working on her quilt all day or what but she was very LOVING to me. Quite unusual for her, but I just enjoyed it while I was getting it!
Love Di

Bernie said...

Oh Di, I am so happy to see your post and to know how well everything went for you yesterday, I love hearing all is well with you and your family.....I wish you your best week ever my friend...Hugs

Diana said...

Hi Bernie,
Hey I even went and worked out today!
We're off to a good start. One day at a time you know.
Love Di

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Di, I am so happy that you had a good day. We all need Good Days from time to time. I think of them as a Bonus from God for doing good work or deeds for others.

You take care of you and enjoy your day.

Brenda said...

I am so glad that you are better and that you had an opportunity to relax. I hope this week is a new start. Blessings and smiles

Barb said...

Keep those good days coming, Di. You deserve them! Can't wait to see the finished quilt.

All Dolled Up Doll Clothes said...

Oh Diana, I am so happy for you. I hope this continues because you were certainly overdue.

Loves to you

Diana said...

Hi Bill,
Yes I thought of it as a bonus as well. Today wasn't half bad either.
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Brenda,
Thank you for the good wishes. Lord knows we could use them!
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Barb,
We are still washing and drying the quilt. We are on our third wash. It's fraying but doesn't look as good as the photo yet.
I shall post it soon, if my computer holds up! Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Terrie,
I hope it continues too! Stayed tuned, my life seems to be a soap opera at times!
Love Di

Tranquility Speaks said...

A big bear hug to you! Diana you are one of the nicest persons I know :-) Your hardwork and your tribulations aren't going unnoticed. He tests each of us from time to time. We must have total faith in Him and keep going. If the burdens become too much, he does ease it from time to time. Loads and loads of love Diana :) Take good care of yourself!

Dee said...

Sunday greetings Diana, I thought I would pop over and answer the Q. you left on my blog about Bible study...Yes i do take notes and i study very much like how you said you study. I also like to use Bible helps and commentary's. I do not get into deep theology. I like the plain and simple. I am plain and simple. :) I have a wonderful Sunday school class and I meet twice a month with some ladies for Bible Study and prayer. I am doing a daily study at home on Hope that is wonderful. A good friend of mine sent me a work book and cd's of her pastor teaching the class. I am getting such a blessing from it. Don't you just love how the Lord has connected us with so many inspirational and Godly ladies.:)