Monday, March 7, 2011

" A Day of Bonding "

My granddaughter, Sarah is eight years old. I have watched over her since almost day one of her life. By watch over I mean babysit. But I always thought of it as watching over her.

We have bonded as a granddaughter and her grandmother should, 
years ago. She has slept over many, many nights over the years.

Since my grandson Jack was born two and a half years ago, things have been a bit different between us. I'll try to explain without going on too much. Many of you know that I have arthritis all over but my knees are the worst. I need two knee replacement surgeries.

So it was decided by all that since my grandson Jack is such a handful, it would be difficult to say the least for me to watch over him. 
I can't walk very far anymore and some days hardly at all. I can't run at all. When I get shots in my knees I am good for awhile but not very long anymore. Surgery at this point in our lives is not financially possible even with insurance. I am hoping that within the next two years that will change.


Lately my daughter-in-law and I have been talking. I explained that I really have an ache in my heart to bond with Jack the way that I was able to with Sarah. She said that we should just give it a try and if things didn't go well, she or my son could come and get him.

One point to keep in mind is that my son and daughter-in-law keep telling me all of the things that Jack gets into and how fast he does it. So I was feeling a bit intimidated about my physical ability to watch over him.

Now with all of that said, today was the day. Our trial day.
My daughter-in-law dropped jack off at 8:30 this morning.

I was prepared. 
I had made the house safe for him and me! I had brought out all of my husband Jake's old Tonka trucks and other miscellaneous toys.

In the six hours that I watched over Jack, I must say that it went extremely well and without incident. It was almost as though his mom and dad were talking about some other child. Not my grandson to be sure.

I served us both Linguine for lunch and the boy knows how to swirl his pasta.

He was very well behaved and I only had to remind him to say "Thank You", once or twice !
I was so surprised that he let me take pictures of him as he usually runs when I take my camera out. I told him that I really wanted to take a picture of his beautiful blue eyes.

This one we had to practice on a bit. He kept squinting. So I told him to open his eyes wide so that grandma could see his big beautiful blue eyes.
This is what he did....

My bonding moment came quite surprisingly.

The whole time that Jack was with me I kept stealing kisses. Most of them on the top of his head. There was a few minutes that he cuddled with me on the couch and I kissed him on the top of his head.

He looked and smelled so much like his daddy did when he was just a little boy that I was, if only for a moment, transported in my own mind to when my son was this age.
It was a surreal moment. For a split second I felt as if my grandson Jack was my own little boy, Frank.

That was a short moment in time that I don't think I will ever forget. Not only did I get to go back in time for a short few seconds, but I think Jack felt it too. I do believe that was our bonding moment.

My daughter-in-law came to get Jack around 3:00 p.m.
I received goodbye hugs and smiles.
He even ran around picking up all of the toys.

It was an awesome day.
We bonded.


DeanO said...

Awesome - I'm glad you had some precious time bonding with your grandson :) He's a little doll; I'm sure, a perfect little boy.

Sharon said...

Children always act differently when Mommy and Daddy aren't around. I am glad you had time to spend with your Grandson and do some bonding, it's a special time and works when the "folks" aren't around. He is a real sweetie!

Cindy said...

Diana I am so happy you had such a nice day. I am so sorry your knees are giving you such trouble. we are really lucky with our Health Care system in Canada although the waits are getting longer and longer. love little Jacks John Deere tshirt. hugs. c

Lois Evensen said...

That is such a sweet story. He's a little doll. :)))

Barb said...

Di - Your Jack is just adorable - I love the pic when he is opening his eyes wide! I sometimes have flashbacks with my Grandkids, too, and remember their parents at the same age. It's usually at that point that I'm most grateful that I'm the Grammy and know I can give them back and don't have total responsibility! Glad you had special time with that special boy today, Di.

Anvilcloud said...

I have also bonded more with my first grand than my second. I don't think this is uncommon. But we all manage just fine.

Eileen said...

Oh, Di, such a sweet post! And such a beautiful boy!
And I know exactly how you feel when you say you had a moment of 'mother/son' with your grandson because I have that with Jayden at times too.

I'm so glad you were able to bond with your grandson in such a wonderful way, and I'll bet there are many more days to come. Such wonderful memories for both of you!

And I think it's so special to have time with each grandchild on their own, just so they get those special moments when all the attention is on just you two. No distractions from Mom and Dad, and no siblings to share 'Grandma time' with.

I loved this post, Di!
I love you!, E

Wanda..... said...

Sweet story of time spent with your grandson, Di. That bonding will go on and on and me! My 12 and 14 year old grandsons walked over yesterday for their favorite grilled sandwiches. There's always opportunities to make connections. Nice that Jack picked up his toys.

Rebecca said...

Happy that the day turned out so special for BOTH of you! Jack sounds like a delightful child. Is this going to become a weekly (daily?) happening?

I like the way he opened his mouth with his eyes so that you could get that picture :)

jules said...

You gave me goosebumps....

I feel the same way with our little Jack.

Ronda said...

Diana, that was an awesome story! I'm so glad it went well for both of you. What adorable children. You are so blessed!!


Erik's RV Blog said...


Awesome that you could spend some quality time with your grandson! My nephew Lars is a huge handful except when he comes to our house. He's respectful and listens pretty well so we consider ourselves pretty lucky.

His sister Naomi can be a handfull ANYWHERE! But we love her to death too!

I'm sorry about your knees, I am well versed in the shots you're getting and I stopped getting them a long time ago, between my knees and my back I could use a body replacement!

I hope they feel better when it warms up a bit.

Take care,

Rae said...

How sweet and wonderful. Nothing can compare with time spent with your grandchildren. You little guy is a doll - so handsome.

Maria said...

Oh Diana, this is such a sweet post... My heart feels full just reading along ...
The photo of Jack opening his eye wide for you to take his picture is so cute!
I can see why you showered him with kisses and love all day!
What a blessed day you had... so glad you were able to bond and make it real.
May you find comfort with your knees, Diana and more days like today!
*God bless you,

Pramoda Meduri said...

Hi Diana.. very veryy cuteeeee children..:)

Memories of these will keep u breath longgg..:) Nice to know that u r having good time with them..:) are wonderfull..

By the way, Happy WOmen's day..

Lynilu said...

Oh, what a wonderful tale, Di! I'm so glad you tried it out. There might be times when it doesn't go as smoothly, but that is such an essential part of grandparenting.

I love the pic of him showing his eyes!! So cute!!

taio said...


Pearl said...

That's absolutely wonderful!


tattytiara said...

AWESEOME. Kids are very perceptive. Jack loves his grandma, and he wants to bond with you too. I'm not at all surprised that he intuitively knew what speed to set himself to so that you two could enjoy such a great day together!

Funny you should post this today, too. Last night I was at the grocery store, and there was a woman in line behind me with her grandson. Pilsbury cookie dough was on a two-for sale, and when she saw mine she ran and grabbed a couple rolls. I teased that I was a bad influence, and she beamed and said that was just fine, because it gave them something else to spend time doing and enjoy together.

I just about teared up right there.

There's something special about bonding with grandma, that's for sure!

Arlee Bird said...

Grandchildren can be such a blessing. My oldest is about the same age as your Jack. Tuesday my daughter asked me to watch her Marley for a few hours in the morning. We had such a great time. We walked for 1 1/2 hours--about 3 miles. I thought for sure she'd be worn out but she could have kept going. By the time I had to take her home I was tired. That afternoon I had to nap for a couple hours. I sure did enjoy my morning with Marley.

I hope you can remedy your arthritis situation so you can be better fit to enjoy the kids and just enjoy yourself. Take care.

Tossing It Out

Unknown said...

AHHHH that is so sweet Di. I know what you mean...and with health issues it is always intimidating. Sometimes we are afraid to allow ourselves to think we may need a little extra help, I am so glad you were able to spend that time alone with him, what a wonderful accomplishment! He is such a doll!

Margaret Pangert said...

Diana, that is the most wonderful story! You are such a warm, caring, fun person that Jack was just naturally drawn to you, just as Sarah was. Have you tried one of those cool new walkers with big wheels and painted so attractively? Would that help you or not?

Lena said...

Awe, Di! What a beautiful post...
I'm so happy for you and Jack...
Bonding with grand parents is a treasure...
He is one lucky little boy to have you... And you him :)
Loads of love,

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

It was a joy reading this Di, glad you got to spend some quality time with Jack and everything went well.

Sorry I haven't been by for awhile, I said a prayer for you Di,

wishing you a wonderful weekend.

Jacquelyn Stager said...

Well, I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes. Thanks for sharing this precious day with your readers! I "watch over" two of my four grands (3 days/wk)...the other two live out of state. I know exactly what you are talking about...that ache to bond with the ones you don't watch over regularly. I've asked for the older boy (5) to come stay a week with me this summer!

I hope and pray that you will feel better yourself. I know you probably already know this...but have you tried drinking a lot of water?
I have a lot of problems with aches and pains and stiffness but I do better when I remember to drink water all day long. Just a thought..

I've been behind in blog reading and I'm trying to figure out if your hubby had the surgery yet?

Also, that pendant with the dancer is what we called "Siamese Jewelry". I had a couple pieces black...though it was made in several colors. I wonder if I can find any in my old old boxes of stuff? It was quite the fad when I was a teenager...we must be near the same age !!

Ginnie said...

Bonding like that is such a comfort. The pictures are adorable and I'm sure it was a special day for Jack and he'll be wanting lots more of them.

Rob-bear said...

What a beautiful story! Thank you for sharing it.

Snowbrush said...

What a sweet moment there on the couch, Diana!

Anonymous said...

Isn't that the best...I'm so happy you decided to give it a go with Jack. He looks a delightful boy! My son and DILs 2 adopted kids (my precious g'kids) never act the same way with me they do with the parents! But then I have to remember I never acted with my grandparents the way I did with my parents.

So very sorry about your arthritis, my husband (deceased) had psoriatic arthritis so I empathize with what you're going through.

Need A Latte Mom said...

That is so wonderful.
They have a way of understanding limits. Enjoy the cuddle time and reading to him!

Geoff Maritz said...

Hello Di. Nice post.
When I hear about your knees I count my blessings. Sorry about your pain. To have grand children is such a blessing. I'm not sure my children will ever have children so the chances of me ever giving or getting hugs and kisses seems remote, pitty.
Both your grand children look beautiful. Geoff.
P.s. You should try "Devils Claw" tonic for your arthritus, if it's available in your country, it seems to work quite well.

Pranavam Ravikumar said...

Just awesome..!