Wednesday, March 30, 2011

" The Weekend "

" The Shower "

Saturday morning started out much more hectic than usual. My lovely Daughter-In-law had a baby shower planned for her younger sister, Laura and Laura's beautiful new baby girl "Willow".

We had the shower at my church because of the size of the hall. So I had to be there all day to oversee things and of coarse enjoy all of the good company and good food. I wanted to take more photos but for some reason my camera wasn't cooperating. But I did manage to get a photo of the two girls of honor. Laura, Amy's sister, and beautiful baby Willow....

Every other photo I took came out dark and it didn't matter what setting I tried. Anyway the shower went well and my husband got home as we were wrapping up in the late afternoon. Katie went to go pick him up from his truck and brought him to the church. After that we took Katie and her friend Natasha to spend the night at Natasha's house. Then my husband and I went out to eat at our favorite Mexican restaurant. Some much needed alone time. Sunday was to be the day that we would hook up the new washer and dryer.

"The Washing Machine Debacle" 

After we picked the girls up and brought them back here on Sunday to get ready for church, Jake and I were all prepared to go work in the basement to hook up the new washer and dryer! 

I ultimately decided against the new HE washer and dryer. I opted for a pair of standard Maytag's as I have had in the past. They were good machines that lasted me over twenty years. I researched this issue very thoroughly and decided that the basic machines would be a better fit for us.

We first hooked up the gas dryer and leveled it. Tested it and all seemed well. Alright now onto the washer. We hooked it up, leveled it and put the drain hose into the standing drain floor pipe.

Lets test it, shall we? Small load first. Everything seems fine. Then it starts to drain. Water goes splashing over and out the drain pipe everywhere!!! We did read in the installation book that this new washer, even though it's not a high efficiency model, spews out ninety thousand gallons a minute, I am exaggerating here folks, but it certainly seemed like it at the time.

We had water everywhere! What to do what to do. Well my husband decides to try it again and again. Our sixty plus year old plumbing just won't handle it. I am in tears saying that we should just take it back and I will use the old one. My husband reminds me that eventually we'd have to get a new one and they aren't going to make them any slower as the years go by!

We have a main drain hole in our basement floor. The basement floor slants slightly towards it. All of a sudden I had a thought. What about a washtub? We always had washtubs when I was growing up. The washer would drain into the washtub directly. So off we went once again to Lowes to purchase a washtub and several feet of PVC pipe and an elbow. It didn't take my husband long to hook all of this up and he was sure that it would work. 

Hallelujah! It worked!!!!!! Two heads are better than one so they say.
So about six hours after we started, we were finally doing laundry once again in our own basement. Both machines worked so well and we couldn't believe how much cleaner our clothes turned out.

Having my own dryer again was just wonderful. Last night after catching up on several loads of laundry that day, Katie yelled "MOM!!". I ran into her room thinking that something was wrong only to find her laying on her sheet on her bed saying " Come feel my sheets, they are so soft!".

Jake and I didn't expect to spend so much of our day together in the basement working but I guess it was very much worth it. I spent all day Tuesday catching up on laundry.

"Monday, Jake's last day off."

Since we were so busy most of the weekend, we had to spend Monday catching up on other errands. Jake had to do his grocery shopping, we had to pick up some medications for him and Katie as she has been sick and I had to stop and pay some bills. After which our son stopped by with his pick-up so that he and Jake could go to Lowes to pick up some fencing we bought. 

We will finally be able to close our back yard in once again. Several years ago straight line winds blew our fence over. I don't like having our yard exposed to the alley. So now we can close it in once again. Although with as little as my husband gets home anymore, it could take all summer long! 

Monday evening I cooked my husbands favorite dinner. Fried chicken. He was so happy and took all of the leftovers with him when he left Tuesday morning. This is a real treat for him as I can't stand very long anymore. Cooking is something that gets to be very painful for me. But I know how much he loves my fried chicken and I wanted to do something special for him since he had to work almost the entire time that he was home.

" The Elephant in the Room "

My husband is still unsure of what to do about his job. I think that he is getting closer to leaving but I know that he is struggling with this after being there for so long.

We did talk about it. I won't push him. I do believe that he is really leaning towards leaving. But I am as unsure as he is. He received a call from another company that wants him to come and work for them. It doesn't really matter what company he chooses as he would still be taking a pay cut and losing three weeks paid vacation every year. Although some of them do pay more on the insurance. One even pays all of the insurance. But again the decision is ultimately his.

I really want to thank all of you, my friends, for your sincere concern and prayers. It means a lot to me and when I read your comments to my husband he was very moved.

For now I will keep praying for the right answer to come along. I know that God is listening and will ultimately guide us to the right decision. Please accept our sincere "Thank You".

" Wrapping it Up "

As you can imagine I have been having much fun doing laundry in my own home again. And since we have been busy the last few days, I haven't been able to visit all of you as I should. But I promise that I will catch up within the next couple of days.

In the meantime, bless you all for your kindness. You are all the reason that I keep on blogging!


Arlee Bird said...

Life is filled with all sorts of surprises and ups and downs isn't it. But when all else fails we always have cake. That is a pretty cake for Willow.

Tossing It Out
Twitter hashtag: #atozchallenge

Anonymous said...

What a time you've's magical to have a washer and dryer that work! So happy you two were able to sort it all out! Beautiful shower cake and Mom and babe! Prayers continue for hubby as he decides about his job.

Lois Evensen said...

Thank you for the update. I think of you often, especially when out on the road and see the big trucks. I think of your sweet husband out on the road while you are at home holding down the fort while waiting for the next time he can be home.

Take care, my friend,

Anvilcloud said...

Tough weekend, but I guess you got it licked in the end.

If they really want him, the pay and vacation time might be somewhat negotiable. I guess it doesn't hurt to try.

Rebecca said...

Glad to hear your personal laundry mat is up and functioning (and that Katie has soft sheets again)!

Praying much for Jake. Wish you lived closer. I'd tell you about an amazing answer re. our decision about whether to stay here or look for a different venue for my husband....It was amazing and the answer was "stay".

We got back from taking care of four of our grands this afternoon. Gary is at a meeting tonight; I have a couple tomorrow and a Bible study to lead Friday. Very busy catching up after vacation and all....but good to be h.o.m.e.

Love you, Di!

Margaret Pangert said...

Diana, you are a survivor! You take all your worries, put them in the back seat, and then you create a haven of peace and comfort for all your family! The two newcomers are beautiful as all your family members are! You are blessed, Diana, for being you.

Sharon said...

You are so right, your husband's job is up to him, that is probably his worry - if he will make the wrong choice. My DH got laid off yesterday, but got called to work on ditches on Friday - he took the job, it may be for a day or a week, but it's still work. I would have preferred he didn't do that, with his bad back, but it is up to him.

Enjoy your soft sheets too, and sleep well tonight!

jules said...

That has to be so awesome to be able to do your laundry at home again. What a great hubby!

Lynilu said...

I love your washtub solution! My aunt had that at her house for the same reason, old plumbing that couldn't handle it. You're one smart cookie, Di!

Good luck to Jake with his decision. Tell him that whatever he decides will be right. Even if you have to make adjustments, you'll figure it out together, and it will be right. :)

Lena said...

I'm so happy that you have a washing machine at home...
You'll see that in the end, Jake will go for the best solution for all of you...
Take good care of yourself...
Tons of love, XXX

Amity said...

That's good news dear Di about your new washing machine and dryer at would be nicer and that you are more sure that you will have soft laundry afterall as Katie had been bragging about!

I am happy for you and I admire you for giving the best to your hubby when he's home. I guess we always need to do that! :)

Pray my dear that God will help you or more so with your husband about his plans or decision about his work, and whatever will happen I am sure it is God's leading dear!

Take a good rest, I could feel that tiresome week you have had!

Love you dear! HUgsa and mwahs!

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Glad you got your new washer n dryer working, and that you got to spend some time with Jake.

I have said a prayer for you Di and for Jake.

Blessings my friend, sorry that I haven't been by lately. Time just seems to be moving way too fast.

Gail said...

SO glad you are up and running in the laundry area! :-) And the baby Willow is adorable as is her Mom - still a baby heself - precious. And you know how much I understand the job situation. You and Jake are strong together and you will face whatever happens.
Loec to you both
peace..... together.

Bernie said...

So happy to hear you have your own washer and dryer now Di, not to have to go to the laundry mat anymore must bring great relief.
The baby is gorgeous and I love the name Willow.
Jake will make the right decision for himself and all of his family. AC may be right, with his good driving record he may be able to negotatite for more benifits. I just know this will all turn out good for you, you only deserve happiness.......:-)Hugs

Barb said...

Say no more - you seem to love doing wash so much in your new appliances, I'm packing up all our laundry and sending it to you (plus, it will include the dirty wash of the 3 Grands, cause they are in the Mts with us...) Glad you and Jake had time together, Di. All big decisions take some time.

Rob-bear said...

Ah, yes. Your dear husband and his job. Challenging times for all of us; sometimes no apparent answers.

Blessings and Bear hugs.

Eileen said...

Willow is a beautiful baby, and her Mommy is beautiful too! I'm glad the shower went well.
And I'm glad you got the washer/dryer situation all settled (after a few mishaps! So sorry you had to contend with that). And I agree with Katie about that wonderful 'clean sheets' feeling!
Now, we need Jake settled, I know how frustrating that confusing feeling must be, not really sure which way to go. Sometimes the fear of the unknown is much harder to deal with than the bad situation we seem to be in.
I will keep you both in my prayers, that God will Guide the way.

I'm looking forward to your 'fenced-in' project. I love home improvement projects! And you always have so many good ones!

I've been crazy/busy lately, lots going on here, but you are on my mind and in my prayers.
I thought about you and your situation last week at Mass when we sang "Shepherd Me O, God".
Love you lots!, E

Ronda said...

Hi Diana, I'm so glad that you got the washer and dryer. It makes your life so much easier. I had to laugh when you said Katie called you in and said 'come feel my sheets, they are so soft' that was too cute.
Regarding what's going on with your husband and his job. I'll continue to pray that whatever decision he makes, it will work out for the both of you and your family. Take care and God bless.


Maria said...

Hi Diana!
Oh I feel your pain with installing the new washer...We had a water spout the first time we tried our Maytag {it was a while ago, and I asked Chris what it was that caused it and he doesn't remember}
So glad you were able to fix your problem.
The baby shower cake is soooo pretty! It must have been hard to cut into it!
The baby and mother are even more beautiful.
Wishing you and Jake many blessings and much rest this weekend*
take care ♥ Maria

All Dolled Up Doll Clothes said...

Hi Di, Congrats on the new washer and dryer. I know it sounds funny to be congratulating someone on a washer and dryer but it's a big deal, as I am sure you've realized once you were able to do laundry again, in the privacy of your own home!

Hugs to you

tattytiara said...

Whatever decision he makes will be the right decision. There's no wrong, just alternatives! Good job with the washer. I'd be more likely to do the laundry wearing swim fins than come up with a creative plumbing solution.

Ginnie said...

Hang in there...I'm glad you have the blogging family to keep you company and inspired.

Pramoda Meduri said...

U speak frm heart,and this is the reason y i come here to ur blog :)

Happy news and wish u all good time :)