Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"Spring Has Sprung"

It has been such a beautiful week so far. For a few reasons. It is Spring Break here in Southern Illinois and the weather has been gorgeous however it is supposed to change tonight and turn cool and rainy again.

But that's alright it's been fun having the girls around all week and I've even had a couple of nights to myself. I have recently started riding my stationary bike again. Everyday. I am up to five miles in about 33 minutes. Not too bad considering I haven't had any exercise other than cleaning house all winter!

Riding a bike is the only exercise that I can do that doesn't hurt my knees. I am already feeling more toned.
I also didn't have to clean house or babysit this week. Both were canceled and it was nice having the freedom to do what I wanted to around my own house.

I went to church and got some work done in the office on Monday. Saturday we are having a baby shower for my Daughter-in-laws sister and I will finish up my work while they are decorating. 

So with the bit of free time that I've had I did a bit of cleaning up in my yard.

I'm telling you I was amazed by all of the plants that are greening and blooming. Even some unwanted plants!! Look what I found.....

Yes indeedy my friends, even the weeds are popping up all over!!
The Lambs Ear that was given to me by my mom the summer before she passed away is looking good.

Please excuse my weeds in these photos. I'm just not ready for them yet so I am ignoring them. At least until April!!
The next two photos show two of the Hostas that are poking through. 
You may have to look closely to see them.

The Clematis are starting to show their leaves, my Rose bush is completely green. The Dianthus leaves are showing as are the Stonecrop. Also my Hollyhocks ....


And the Azaleas....

The Easter Lilies are poking through the ground and the Hyacinths are blooming....

There are even more than I've posted that are trying to bloom. It truly amazes me how fast things change in the springtime here.
Today it was 75 and sunny, tomorrow it's supposed to be 46 and rainy! Change. There's a lot of that in the springtime.

I'm feeling very good about the progress that I've made in the back and front yard. I don't think I'll be doing much more raking for a little while because of the cool temps and rain but I am satisfied for now!

I have a couple of little painting projects lined up just for the days I can't be outside. My husband and I have so much work yet to do. We're planning on putting up a new fence sometime soon. This should prove very interesting as he's only been getting about three days home a month!
He doesn't have any vacation time coming until August that is if he doesn't decide to quit first! Only time will tell and time flies so I'm sure we'll know soon enough.

Life seems to be full of surprises so I'm just going with the flow don't ya know!!

I hope that you are enjoying your spring wherever you are.


Anvilcloud said...

You can post of your flowers nay time you like. Let's me know what's eventually coming here too.

Lois Evensen said...


Nice to see you here tonight. Your flowers are beautiful. The weather over here in Southern Ohio is about the same. It has been so pretty, but this afternoon we had a big group of thunderstorms go through and it is getting quite cool.

Have a wonderful evening,

Lena said...

Your plants look amazing, Di!! The envy! You truly made me miss my garden!!!
The dandelion there... Don't you eat it's leaves in your salad? You should try them... I know I love them... Only don't wait too long because when the plant is old the leaves are truly bitter...
Oodles of love!

Wanda..... said...

Before you know it, Di...Mr Toad will be visiting!

Sharon said...

It's always nice when things are actually growing and it's not wishful thinking.

Guess the storms came through your place first. There were tornadoes around, but nothing close. Lots of wind and rain, your storms were probably stronger. I hope all is ok!

Barb said...

I thought this post would be about the washer and dryer! You got a lot of yard work done already, Di - you sure have plants popping out of the ground. Let us know if you see Mr Toad.

Rae said...

You are a little ahead of us in the greening process. I only have a couple of daffodils trying to poke through the ground. I've got plenty of weeds though. Our weather turned cold tonight when a thunderstorm rolled through. We even had hail. I'm not very happy about the possibility of snow happening this weekend. What can I say - it's life in the Midwest!

Lynilu said...

Doncha just love the signs of spring? Beautiful spring flowers, Di! I wish I could have so many here, but the altitude and the deer limit me to a degree. Keep posting pix so I can live vicariously!!

Is it my imagination or is Jake having less and less time at home? Three days a month? Scandalous. I hope that changes before he loses his mind!

Hugs to you both. That's gotta be hard.

Arlee Bird said...

Sounds like a nice day where you are. It was cool and rainy here with more to possibly come tomorrow. But that's a good thing--we can always use the rain here.

Tossing It Out
Twitter hashtag: #atozchallenge

Gail said...


I love your weeds :-)
Happy Spring to you. Good for you for riding your stationary bike - I have a 'routine' I do - nothing grand - toning and balance mainly. phew. Have a great day.
Love Gail

Eileen said...

We had snow on the ground this morning when I walked Jayden to school, but the sun is out now, thank goodness!
March is trying to hang onto Winter here.

Great hearing about your bicycling! I bet you can't wait to get outside and bike ride too. I know I'm anxious to start going with my sister again once the weather gets warmer! I haven't been exercising at all this past Winter, but I have been trying to eat a little healthier.

I think your flowers are great (weeds and all! I actually love dandelions and Ray hates them! My brother has them all over his front yard and I think they look beautiful!). It's such a joy to see those first buds of Spring!

What is that picture on the bottom of your sidebar? Looks like what I would imagine Paradise to look like. LOVE IT!

Take care.
Love to you,

Tranquility Speaks said...

Hello Diana! I'm here after such a long hiatus but I am mighty glad to know that you're doing well.

I am sorry to hear of your husband's stress at work. Do ask him to try and forget all about it at the end of the day.

Loads of love and a hug to you

Maria said...

Hi Diana!
Oh it is soooo nice to stroll through your spring plants blooming here there and everywhere...
Right now, here in upstate, NY we still have some snow here there and everywhere!
The grass is still icky brown from being snow covered and so frozen for months...
I know a few good warm days will green it up!
Your flowers, and even the dandelion gave me a big smile! Thanks for the warm spring wishes*
~happy weekend too~

Bernie said...

Hello my friend, even those weeks looks special to me, I am still buried in snow. We had snow 6 days straight, it has been unbelievable.
Enjoy your bicycle, I think it is great that you are getting your exercise. Be well my friend, not to worry about Jake he will make the right decision and all will be well I'm sure......:-)Hugs