Saturday, June 9, 2012

" Pet Peeves "

1. The lack of manners and the growth of rudeness in the world today.

Oh how I miss hearing "Excuse me". Am I the only one that remembers these words?

2. When people meet up with someone they know at the store and block the entire isle to talk.

I often run into people that I know at the store and immediately push my cart as far to the side as possible. It's not that difficult!

3. I absolutely detest when one doesn't own up to a mistake they've made. Excuse after excuse is given for their mistake or poor behavior.

Can't anyone say " I'm sorry, I made a mistake." anymore?

4. You will have to envision this one. 
You are driving down a two way street. There are cars parked on the opposite side you are travelling.
An oncoming car decides that they would much rather run you off the road or hit your moving vehicle head on then pull to the side and wait for you to pass. 

If the opposite car insists on coming on through, wouldn't they rather hit a parked car instead of a moving one? Or better yet, wait five seconds for the other car to pass?

5. You will not starve to death. Please do not attack the meal like a caveman.

6. Clean up after yourself in the bathroom.

7. Do something right the first time. It will not only save aggravation but it also saves time. You won't have to redo what you've already done!!

8. Please don't take your bad day out on me. I may have had my own.

9. Tailgating. I will slow down. And really, tailgating a Semi Tractor-trailer ? Do you really think you're going to move that big truck with your itty bitty car ?

That's just playing a dangerous game.

10. Pick up after yourself. Leave things as you found them. At home and at work.

What are some of your Pet Peeves ?


Anvilcloud said...

I wish people didn't drive up to stop signs so fast that you can't tell is they are going to stop.

Drivers on two lane highways who continually alternate between 40 and 70.

Maria said...

Hi Diana!
Your list gets a "ditto" from me!
Sometimes, people are so engrossed in what they are doing or thinking, they are unaware of anyone else around them.
Cleaning up after yourself is the least we can do ~ any time, any day, any event! I agree 100%

I hope you have a weekend filled with "pet favorites" :D
God bless you always,
~ Maria

Christine said...

Common sense and a little courtesy goes a long way. I hate it when people jump in front of you at the checkout. Hope you have a great weekend!

Rebecca said...

Oh! Don't get me started!

Rob-bear said...

Common sense is no longer common. Sadly. We need to re-educate people.

Eileen said...

Great list!

The only thing I would add to it is people who get off the escalator ahead of you and then just stop dead in their tracks with a whole line of people behind them trying to get off the escalator too!
And, when waiting on a line, the people behind you who think they will force the line to move faster if they stand right on top of you! Back off! You are crowding my comfort zone!

Have a great weekend, Di!
Love to you!, E

Ellen said...

Totally agree to everything on your list there, Di. I hate it too when someone with her cellphone comes by knocking you off to the side without even saying 'I'm sorry'!! Just walks off like nothing happened. And that person behind you at the ATM is just too close for comfort. Ever heard of PRIVACY?!

A list like that could go on and on.... and on! Oh boy!

Bless you!

Tamara said...

I concur with Rebecca's comment and your #3 is top on my list! Ellen's cellphone comment is a top - and when did they become a measure of popularity? Cellphones are TOOLS, not something to take the place of actual human contact. Just sayin'!

Teresa said...

Recently, I mean, on Monday, and for the first time in my life I actually ran out of gas. I was at a corner getting ready to turn. I can not believe the actions of others. They honked their horns, gave me the finger, and acted very irritated that they had to actually drive around me. How inconsiderate was I to interfere with their day!!!

I was in my car balling my eyes out because I had an interview that morning, was in my pj's because I had driven my grandaughter to school, had no money on me, and no phone to call anyone. I was certainly a damsel in distress!!!!

After 30 minutes, only one person stopped to ask if I needed help, and he was kind enough to go get me some gas so I could get on my way.

What happened to kindness, consideration, and helpfulness. Instead everyone is in their own little bubble, thinking only about themselves, and their precious lives. Few people consider helping out. Thank God for this one considerate man, and may God Bless him. He made my day!!!
(((Hugs))) T

Lois Evensen said...

Amen to your ten and your views about them!

I have some:

1. Being with someone in a restaurant or other public place when the other person decides to leave so just stands up and leaves without at least saying, "Are you ready to go?" so you have a chance to swallow before standing up and walking away.

2. Someone walking out of the room you are in together, then calls to you to come talk to them from another room. Duh! How RUDE!

3. General snottiness. Some people have a sarcastic/nasty comment for just about everything and everyone. Can't they just see the bright side?

I avoid most of those people in numbers 1, 2, and 3 above. The ones I can't avoid, I ignore.

Great post!

Jackie said...

Your list is "spot on!" :))
Manners. I'm not sure they are taught/stressed at home anymore like they used to be, Di. It begins at home, and looking at the home situations in this day and time, I understand why the manners are going astray. It's sad to me...
I have a problem with people acting like they are listening, but they are really not. They are usually just waiting for an opportunity to talk themselves. Shallow, in my opinion...and very self-centered. Again...a sign of the times, I'm afraid.
It's good to be a listener...but very hard for some people to do, apparently.
I think I'm in a "bah humbug" mood this evening. I'll be better tomorrow! Yes, I will.
I love you, my friend.

Ginnie said...

Good list, Di. Now that I am retired I don't interact with the public so much and it's a great relief.
I guess my biggest Pet Peeve is stupidity ... so many people just "follow the leader" and never question where they are going... especially politically.

Dee said...

My biggest driving pet peeve is when I am the only car on the road doing the speed limit and someone pulls out in front of me making me use my breaks then goes one or two streets and turns. I also share #6 Clean up after yourself in the bathroom and #2 blocking the isle..but will admit I have been guilty of this one before myself.:(

Erik's RV Blog said...

Ditto to everything in your post and the comments. Working in Chicago I rarely see manners, people try to walk through you (good luck with that) they don't say excuse me, women you open the door for give you the look like you're an idiot, or they open the door and let it slam behind them leaving you to feel like an idiot for trying to be nice.

I could write a book on the public and how rude they have become.

Great post Diana!