Friday, October 23, 2009

" Best Laid Plans" Part Three "The Mystery"

In the last episode of "Best Laid Plans " we found Jake at home with a supposed case of Celliuitis. In today's episode we had a surprise twist.

After Wednesday night's phone call from Diana's house cleaning employer, she went to bed wondering why this
had happened. When she woke Thursday she once again found herself believing that everything happens for a reason.

Why did she know this now. This early Thursday morning half asleep and feeling that something was not quite right ? It didn't take long to find out. Despite the I.V. antibiotics that her husband had received the previous day , he now could not walk on his own. His pain had clearly intensified as he tried to walk to another ro
om. Diana had to help hold him up. The rash on his leg had gotten much worse and had red streaks running up the back of his thighs.

After a short conversation in which she stressed the fact that in no way would she be able to carry him from room to room , it was then decided to take a trip back to........

The E.R. !

After seven hours of different opinions , more antibiotics , and even a personal visit from their own family doctor, it was decided that Jake would now be admitted into

The hospital !

In the meantime Diana almost ran her head into a brick wall trying to make her young teen , Katie ,understand why she could not have a friend spend the night on Frida
y .

All the while poor Katie is walking around and around in circles .
Very confused . For some strange reason , every now and then she stops and stares at the microwave oven for several minutes tilting her head from side to side .
When the words " pot" or "pan" is used she runs , screaming into another room .

Diana did a selfish thing today . She kept her appointment with the orthopedist . She left her husband alone in the hospital . What sort of woman does such a thing ?

She threw caution to the wind and raced to her appointment . She felt guilty for leaving her husband all alone . Yet she felt excited about the prospect of possibly being pain free for six months .
There was also another feeling that she was having.
Fear .
ear of the inevitable pain that she was going to experience from this selfish act .
She was getting two shots today . Cortisone and Synvisc .

When her handsome young doctor entered the exam room she said to him , " I have a 2001 Kentucky state quarter that I will give you if you don't hurt me. "
The doctor laughed . The doctor administered the shots after numbing the area .
Diana bent over in pain as tears welled in her eyes.
The handsome young doctor then said " I guess I'm not getting the quarter. " Diana weakly replied " No." , as she slid the 2001 Kentucky state quarter back into her pocket.
He apologized .
She forgave him .

Will Jake's mysterious aliment
be diagnosed properly before Monday ?

Will Katie's odd obsession with staring at the microwave oven
continue ?

And what about Diana's guilt ridden trip to the handsome,
young orthopedic doctor ?

Yes , what about that ?

Stayed tuned to the next episode of

" Best Laid Plans "


Bernie said...

I am wide awake thinking of you, Jake and your family.....I have said my rosary for Jake to get better and be out of hospital and for your shots to work quickly so that you are pain free. Oh Diana, I only wish I lived closer so I could do something.....Know that I love you and am praying all goes well. I am so happy that you have a wonderful pastor who is there for you and Jake.....many hugs to you my friend, always!

Dr.John said...

I am on the edge of my chair. If its not Celliuitis what can it be?
So many questions left to the next chapter.
This is better than a Soap.

Blessings each day said...

Gosh, Diana, if it wasn't for the fact that these things are really happening, this would make for a fun adventure story. You are doing such a super duper job! I feel more like I'm reading about some super hero/ you have a cape hidden somewhere? Will we ever be allowed to see you in your super person outfit? We promise not to tell the rest of the world!! Is your super her name Diana the Daring Dogooder??

Meanwhile I will just keep on praying up a storm.

blessings and comforting hugs,


p.s. Wish I had your address to send you cheer up cards!

Anvilcloud said...

You're doing a fine job with this series: the third person, light hearted approach.

Wanda..... said...

Your writing ability, along with the humor, is very entertaining. I am sorry for Jake having to be admitted Di and for all the other drama, but it does make great suspenceful posts...Like Bernie, wish there was something I could do toward helping ease your stress. Hope all improves today.

Take care,

Gail said...


I am hanging on your every word- I am here,praying, wondering, hoping, crossing my fingers and toes and anything else that will bend in a twist. I so wish I were closer to you - grrrrrrrrr

your writing style is amazing. :-)

Love and prayers

Jackie said...

Di...I'm so sorry about Jake. I'm relieved he was admitted to the hospital, and I do hope they will find what is wrong with him...and the treatments will give him relief soon. You are such a strong woman. I'm glad you went on and got your injection...hurting for you that it hurt you. I'm so sorry, Di. I am praying for you...powerful medicine, you know.
Hugs and much love to you.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Di, I am so sorry to hear that Jake is doing so poorly!!!! I am praying that God gives the physicians wisdom, and that they are able to formulate just the right treatment to have him on the mend!!!!! Oh, you have so much on your plate right now...I am praying for strength for you!!!! AND NO, NO, NO... you are anything but selfish!!!!! But you are a very witty,brave and gracious lady!!!! And I'm amazed by YOU!!!! Sending you love and prayers!!! Janine XO

Barb said...

I'm hoping that by the time you read this Jake is much, much better and you have a definitive diagnosis for his illness. I hope your pain has subsided. I hope your Microwave has been reborn and that Katie ends her fixation...
I am thinking of your Family.

Rebecca said...

Enough! (Or it seems to ME that you and your family have had to endure enough already!)

Sounds like you'd better put that quarter into your new microwave fund.
(POOR Katie!)

In all seriousness, I'm terribly sad to hear of the painful shot and Jack's mysterious condition and pain.

Rebecca said...

I received your note re. the hymn - Abide with me......"Help of the helpless, O Abide With Me."

I understand about not being able to contain oneself - the tears, the pain....these speak in a language only God can understand. He DOES hear. He DOES know. His ways, however, are FAR above our own. That's part of what makes Him God.

I don't know why this is piling up on you right now or how long it will continue. He DOES. When you can't hold on any longer, He is holding you.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Oh, my dear are you? How is Jake? I am praying, praying, praying!! You are too kind to stop by my place...please know that right now I just want you to take care of YOU!!!! Sending you all my love, Janine XO

Pramoda Meduri said...

hi Diana,

where r the other parts of this? i wanna read them frm starting..could you plz give me the links..??

Thank yu...

PS: please Do chk my post

Barb said...

Hi Di,
I awoke this Sunday morning thinking of your Family. I hope this day brings you good news. Stay strong.

All Dolled Up Doll Clothes said...

Diana, I am so sorry to hear about all your struggles. I guess that sometimes the best way to deal with them is to laugh. Laughter is the best medicine even if it is your own dose. Seriously though, I will keep you all in my prayers.

Wanda..... said...

Thinking of you and Jake Di!

Tranquility Speaks said...

I cannot for the life of me believe what is happening here. If you think keeping your appointment with the doctor was a selfish act and made you guilty, know that I am worse off. What sort of a friend am I!

I firmly believe that your husband will get better. Very soon. Things do happen for a reason, yet at times things are plain unfair. Those times just test your patience and your ability to stay strong through the storm. Why does God make you take those tests? I've no answer Diana. I truly don't.

Diana I don't believe you should be guilty of having kept your appointment. If you are in pain, how will you be able to stay by your husband's side- at a time when he needs you the most?

God is with you Diana and is watching over your husband and he will make sure, no harm will come over him. Take care