Tuesday, October 6, 2009

" Why ? "

Why are there always loose grains of salt on top of my microwave ?

Why can't my husband get the sugar in his coffee mug instead of on the counter?

Why can he never wipe it off of the counter ?

Why does a cat throw up on Katie's carpet right after I clean it ?

Why can't Katie hang the hand towel back on the towel rod ?

Why does Katie always drop the hand towel on the floor ?

Why do I always have to ask " Did you put the dishes away?" after someone else has washed them ?

Why do I always do all of the laundry and than leave the last load in the dryer for days?

Why will my dog Ruby hold it for hours while I am gone, but when I am home she will go on the floor ?

Why am I always alone when I'm sick ?

Why do people ask if you need help when they don't really want to help ?

Why is Katie so adamant against using a microwave ?

Why are my hands and knees so messed up when I could be doing so much more ?

Why do people stand right in the middle of the isle to chit chat at Wal-Mart when they could move over to the side ?

Why when driving down a two way street with a parked car on the opposite side, does the oncoming car's driver prefer to, when given the choice , hit a moving vehicle head on as opposed to the parked car ?

Why do my cat's think that if I open my eyes in the middle of the night it's perfectly fine to walk all over me kneading and purring ?

Why am I the only one that can clean the litter boxes without throwing up ?

Why do they think that I believe this ?

Why am I the only one that can clean the toilets without throwing up ?

Why do they think that I believe this ?

Why is it whenever I go into another room and don't take my cell phone with , it rings?

Why am I the only one that knows how to wash the car ?

Why am I the only one that can bend over and pick something up off of the floor ?

Why is it whenever my husband cooks a meal there is never anything green involved?

Why would I much prefer being in the house instead of out of the house ?

Why did God create mosquitoes, ticks, flies, cockroaches and all of the other billions of annoying insects ?

I guess there are just some things that we are not meant to know !


Rebecca said...

You've sure been collecting a lot of "whys"! Actually a few of them came right off of MY invisible list! You could start a new blog - 365 Whys. One for every day of the year!

Diana said...

Hi Rebecca,
It's a dreary day and I am not feeling so hot. And I thought, why is it there is never anyone here to make soup for me? I guess I was feeling a little down. But once I started on the "why list" it made me laugh a little!
I am sure I could come up with more as could everyone else!
Love Di

Eileen said...

Diana!! I am hysterical! I can't stop laughing!
I needed this today! I was feeling a little low too, you really made me smile.
Although, I don't like that you're not feeling very well!
Take care of yourself. 'Wish I was closer to pay you a visit.

I don't think you had two of my pet peeves:
Why am I the only one that knows how to put on a new roll of toilet paper?!
Why am I the only one that sees messes that need to be cleaned?

Seriously, I don't know how many times I go into the bathroom to see an empty TP roll!
Is everyone else in the house incapacitated? Is there an art to changing a roll of toilet paper?

And I don't know how many times I'll see Jayden's toys all over the place, or spills on the kitchen counters and floors!!
Is everyone else in the house blind?

I don't get it!

Cute post!
Love you!, E

Diana said...

Dear Eileen,
You and I already know the truth. They do it because they can! They know that we will do it for them.

Or if you prefer, they're all slobs and we're not!

Katie does the same with the t.p.roll. Or she'll continually leave her hair brush on the bathroom counter so that everyday I knock it on the floor with my big butt hips!
Love Di

Wanda..... said...

Diana, I think your tick post put you on the road to a lot of why questions we all have sometimes...
my biggest why is...why is there always dust some where in my house?
I find grains of salt on the table too...and I never use the salt shaker myself ever.
Funny post Di...


Barb said...

HI Di,
Hope you are feeling better now that you got these "Why's" off your chest! I think you could solve some of htem by going on strike. However, you'd have to be willing to live in filth for awhile - something I think would be very hard for you to do! Yes, we got snow in the Mts and it has gone into the low teens. I'm in Denver until the weekend - my 86 year old FIL is visiting us from FL.

Brenda said...

Here are a few "why" questions that resonate with me--not original though from me. Why is vanilla ice cream white when vanilla extract is brown?
Why does caregiver and caretaker mean the same thing? Why do I constantly return to the refrigerator with hopes that something new to eat will have materialized?

Diana said...

My salt shaker sits atop the microwave next to my stove along with my spices for cooking purposes. I have never salted anything on top of my spices which sit on a large turntable! so someone is either salting food up there or else they are slamming it down after they use it! Either way it is annoying!
Love Di

Diana said...

I have many, many times thought of going on strike. But you are right. I couldn't take it!
It's too bad that you couldn't have gone to Florida to visit your FIL. I hope you have a nice visit together. Love Di

Diana said...

I don't know the answer to your first two why's, but I can ask Katie the answer to the third as she does this all the time too!
Love Di

Jackie said...

Diana....these are sooo sooo true.
And the more I read, the angrier I get. I think I was supposed to smile when I read these (right?)....and then....I think...Yeah. Good questions! Why?
What about the remote control...?(I don't watch a lot of TV, but if I did, do you think it would be in MY posession. Nope. Why? (Why not?)
And...I may be the ONLY one...but I'm going to add this one. When I come home from work, and he comes home from work, why does he ask ME "What's for supper?" Don't we both work? You see....you're getting me started here. When he comes home, I'm just liable to glare and him, and he's gonna say, "What'd I do?" And I'm gonna have to smile and admit...'nothing'....I was just reading a blog....and THEN, that will start 'another' conversation.... "Are you blogging...again??" :))
Love your post, Di. Thanks for sharing it.
I wish you felt better. I really do. If you need a call...(you know I'm TERRIBLE about sending cards...and you are soooo good about that....and Marcy...bless her heart...she is the 'card sendingest woman'....and I'm her pen pal and I haven't sent her a single card. You all ought to throw me out of the pen pal club....sigh. So, I'm just going to type more and more and get really funky-feeling here....I'd better stop...and come back later.
I do hope that you feel better...and Eileen too. Is it a blog-village-virus, you think?
Could be. We all have the BVV.
Hugs smiles and love to you, Di.

Diana said...

Oh Jackie I think I have a little stomach bug. But I'm better than I was this morning. And I totally relate to the dinner thing. So lately what I have been doing from time to time is nothing. That's right, nothing. It's really funny too because all of a sudden Jake will say " Well I Guess I better find something for dinner!" , I just sort of grin to myself and think " That's a good idea!". Most of the weekends that he's home I spend hours in the kitchen. Sometimes I just need a break too!
Love Di

Dr.John said...

We all have why times. The whys vary but there are sure lots of them.
There are no answers. It is like asking a kid " Why did you do that?"

Diana said...

Hi Dr. John,
I get it, the answer is " I don't know!". Thanks!
Love Di

Donna's Book Nook said...

I came over to your blog from Brenda's. A funny list! Also, why does the phone always ring when I'm in the bathroom? Thanks for the humor! Donna

Gail said...


Oh my, sounds like you are a bit under the weather. I can only sy that I understand and that in a day or two you will once again ask "Why not"??? :-)

Feel better

Love Gail

All Dolled Up Doll Clothes said...

Oh Di, this all sounds so familiar and I have to laugh, picturing myself in your scenario.


Maria said...

Oh Diana... I'm right there with ya...
you did make me smile as I was nodding for each one!

I hope you feel better~ Glad you were able to make yourself laugh... It's the best medicine they say~
Blessings ~Maria

Diana said...

Hi Donna,
I don't know, why does the phone always ring when we're in the bathroom? So true!
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Gail,
I'm feeling better than this morning but still not so great, hoping tomorrow will be better! I am off to bed, Nighty night!
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Terrie,
This was a good stress reliever for me. You should try it when all those people start getting to you!
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Maria,
I know that there were more why's that are there, I just couldn't think of anymore! Maybe we'll do this again. Maybe everyone should try it. It helps relieve the stress!
Love Di

Teresa said...

Hi Di,
Glad you are feeling better. I also had a good chuckle at your list of "why's", I could add a few of my own like "why is it you can put two socks in the wash, and more often than not, only one shows up at the end of the drying cycle?" I think there must be a sock heaven, and a pen heaven...where do they go? Anyway you made me smile! ((((HUGS)))) T

Bernie said...

Hello my friend, sounds like you had a bit of a rough day, I got a kick out of your "why" blog....I think if we are honest we all have these kind of days and why not, we deserve to get frustrated every once in a while. I so hope you are feeling better sweetie, and that your hands and knees will feel better soon as well. It is cold, wet and windy here which makes me want to ask "why me". Luv ya....:-)

Snowbrush said...

Here's all that I know about such exasperating mysteries. When you drop your bread and it always lands with the butter side down, do you know what that is? It's because you buttered the wrong side.

I'm up early today--or late tonight (take your pick) waiting for the second Percocet to kick in. Both shoulders and my back are giving me fits. The shoulder that was operated on feels like there's a bee in the joint stinging the hell out of it day and night. I sure wish that bee would get some sleep, AND I sure hope the Synvisc helps your knee. My hit is that your knees might be too far gone for anything to make them feel a whole lot better, but, hey, what do I know right? I just know that I was discouraged by how fast the steroid wore off. The good news is that knee replacements are extremely common and mostly successful. So, there is that, at least.

Blessings each day said...

This is a great list and I could add to it...

Why is the last of something used and never mentioned then I try to make something and there is nothing left?

Why am I the only one who can fold and put the blanket for the couch back where it belongs?

Why am I the only one who can fold and put away clothes?

Why does everyone else walk over an object instead of picking it up (this has even been an experiment in which I allowed something that one of them left on the floor and in their way for a week, then it was ME who finally picked it up)?

Still wish I could make you soup when you're sick, Di and maybe even when you just need a pick me up!!

blessings and comforting hugs,


Diana said...

Hi Snow,
I forgot about the bread! So true. I wish that your pain would at least lighten up Snow. It's just not right that you have to go through that much suffering. I too am discouraged with the cortisone. I will go back on the 23rd for my followup and to get the synvisc. I'll give anything a shot now. He said that surgery would definitely be an option but I will try this first.
I hope you were able to calm the bee and get some sleep. Take care Snow. Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Teresa,
The sock disappearance is just one of life's mystery's that we were never meant to understand!
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Bernie,
I am better today,good enough to go to church and get some work done!
Love Di

Diana said...

Hi Marcy,
Ah yes the blanket on the sofa. Katie and Jake will both get up, let it fall on the floor and then leave it there until the next day. Apparently we are the only ones who can fold!
I sure could have used some homemade soup yesterday. Why is there never anyone here to make me soup?
Love Di

Snowbrush said...

No sleep yet.

About our mutual problems...I started SAM-E five days ago. It costs a lot, but I got it on a good sale. I'll let you know how it works. I'm also eating a lot of raw ginger plus starting glucosamine. I've tried the last two before, but will give almost anything a shot now if I can find much evidence for it, and all of these things are looking fairly good according to the Arthritis Foundation.

Unknown said...

Di, I think this post was for me! THANK YOU BECAUSE LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE! I am doing well. I keep saying I will post tomorrow, such a stupid thing to say because I am such a procrastinator! I will post tomorrow! hehehe luv ya, and thanks again.

Tranquility Speaks said...

Oh Diana!! Time you take a break from all this. Go on a holiday all by yourself and indulge all you can..Or just sit by a lake and do your own thing..

When it pours "why's" it's best to distract and change course. There is no point messing and trying to figure out why's :) Loads of love :)