Tuesday, November 9, 2010

" And "The Dumb-Assed Parents Of The Year Award" Goes To.........

Jake and Diana 
from Southern Illinois!!!!
This less than prestigious award was given to this couple because of their sheer
Notice below, if you will, the 13 foot long wall that is painted with chalk board paint.
No big deal for a teenage girls room under normal circumstances.
She did, after all ask her mother and fathers permission to do it first.

Good teenage girl.

She bought the paint with her very own, hard earned, babysitting money.

Good teenage girl.

Why her very own mother and father were with her when she bought it. I suppose that the good teenage girls parents both had their heads in another place.
NOTE: please refer to blog tile.

So said paint was purchased and the good teenage girl drove her mother and father home after which the mother and father went out alone together to run some errands.
Imagine the good teenage girl's parents reaction when they arrived home to a BIG, BLACK AND VERY SMELLY cloud of paint in the house!

Please note that these parents have been around the block a few times. They have also painted many different things many times.

They also KNOW that you never SPRAY PAINT in the house!

So what happened you may ask? 
Did the good teenage girl's parents not think to suggest that she purchase chalk board paint in a can, you know, the kind that you roll on the wall with a roller.

Just like the sort of paint that the good teenage girl's mother had used the week prier to paint her dining room with.

The kind of paint that comes in a CAN!!!!!!

The answer is NO! The good teenage girl's DUMB-ASSED
parents were apparently on a mental vacation.

Windows and doors were then opened. Fans were turned on. And the good teenage girls parents just sat there the rest of the evening.
Wondering what the heck they were thinking?

They certainly could not blame the good teenage girl for her lack of painting experience.

No, this is one faux pas that they would have to accept for themselves.
Diana paid for the stupidity today. She had to launder bedding, curtains, throw rugs, clothes and cleaned the carpet.....

Since her husband is not here today, Diana, unwillingly of coarse,
is accepting this award for both of them.

Diana feels better knowing that she is saving some other nice couple from being awarded,

"The Dumb-Assed Parents Of The Year Award"!

Thank you very much!


Eileen said...

Oh, Di! I'm so sorry! What a mess you must have had!
I guess it wouldn't have been so bad if you had been able to 'prep' a lot with plastic protecting the other rooms.
I know we made that mistake once when renovating and gutting, the chalk dust everywhere, but PAINT! And BLACK PAINT! Oh Boy! You poor thing!

I'm glad you have a sense of humor about it all. And the 'chalk board' does look nice!
Love you!, E (Eileeny, or Leenie, or whatever you want to call me!)
PS ~ my 'verification' word is 'machabig' as in "I machabig mistake!"

Bernie said...

Oh my gosh, are you okay and will you please forgive me for laughing. I'm sorry but I can just see Katie doing this and see yours and Jake's faces when you walked in.
When I think of all the work involved though I feel so bad for you.
I so love your award and your sense of humor and I do think you could of taught Mrs Bombeck a few lessons. Love you.....:-) Hugs

Diana said...

Hi Eileen,
The chalk board paint IS really nice. Jake and I both feel like idiots though!
Yes it was a "machabig" mistake!
Love Di ♥

Hi Bernie,
It's perfectly fine to laugh, I don't mind. All I kept doing while cleaning today was shaking my head at mine and Jake's faux pas!
I will tell you this much, Katie was SOOOOO glad that mom cleaned for her. Poor kid, she didn't even know where to begin! It was the least I could do! LOL! Love Di ♥

Barb said...

Perhaps Katie has a yen for school teaching? It starts with chalk board paint, I hear...
Hope she didn't inhale it while she was spraying!

Lois Evensen said...

awww, I'm sorry. :(

Diana said...

Hi Barb!
Kate used to want to be a teacher. I don't think she knows what she wants right now! I'm sure she got a good whiff of the fumes, the smell was everywhere! Love Di ♥

Hi Lois,
Love Di ♥

Anvilcloud said...

This particular dumbass grandparent didn't even know that such paint existed -- whether spray or can.

Diana said...

Oh AC the paint is really nice. It would be great for Nikki Dee and Zach. I'll bet they would love a bedroom wall painted with it! I would suggest the CANNED paint for an inside wall! Love Di ♥

Wanda..... said...

Well, you made a great post out of the situation, Di, plus I now award you the Good Parent Award for not blaming Katie! Glad you have such a great sense of humor and writing skills!

Diana said...

Hi Wanda,
I could never blame Katie for something that I never taught her. Which in a weird way makes me feel even more stupid! Jake and I had so many things to do in such a short time, our focus was just not there. So I cleaned up our mess!
Love Di ♥
P.S. Thank you for the good parent award! I'll take it so long as it isn't the PERFECT PARENT award!

Shelley said...

Katie girl - a woman after my own heart. Why buy a can that you have to `spread` when you can just spray! Di, all is good. She has learned. We chaulk it up as parents who give our teens self taught knowledge. :) I am sorry, but I too have to chuckle. I am just sorry for all of the additional work Di. Take care.

Diana said...

Hi Shelly,
Not to worry, I am still chuckling over this brain fart! Poor girl had no idea! It's all good, I cleaned up mine and my husbands mess!
Love Di ♥

Lena said...

Awe... Di!! I'm so sorry!!!
I laughed my head off... Cleaning the mess must have been horrid!!
I learnt that one after refinishing some furniture with spray paint... I was too cold and decided to do it indoors... Copper spray paint?? Copper dust EVERYWHERE!!! LOL!!!
I had to clean up myself though... moved out at 16!!!

Lots of love, XXX

Diana said...

Hi Lena,
Black is everywhere. I think I finally got a handle on it though! I would say live and learn but I have already learned this lesson. I guess the husband and I just had mind blank!
Love Di ♥

Donna's Book Nook said...

Bless you Di!
I can't imagine the mess! You deserve a Great Mom award for cleaning up and letting Katie off the hook. The final product looks great! Hope none of you inhaled too deeply!

Diana said...

Hi Donna!
We all pretty much had our heads outside and all of the fans going. It just stunk really bad for HOURS!
Thank you for being so kind about our ignorance! Love Di ♥

Ginnie said...

Wow...at least you can laugh about it. I loved the way you wrote it up.

Diana said...

Hi Ginnie,
Thank you! Lesson learned!
Love Di ♥

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Oh, Di!!! How awful!!! I hope you are able to get it sorted!!!! Obviously your terrific sense of humor saves you EVERY time!!! Love you for that as well as many other reasons!!! Just here to give you my love and let you know that you are in my thoughts!!! ~Janine XO

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Di, I know I shouldn't Giggle, Snicker and Chuckle at this but I have to. And not for what happened, but for the Title of this Post. I am glad that the Academy finally Recognised you and Jake.

Now that I got the "Smart Ass" remark out of the way, I can only imagine the work that you had afterwards to clean up. And still got to do.

Well my Dad always used to say "Experience is the Best Teacher". And I always say "With Age comes Wisdom". I just never seem to follow that advice myself. ;-}

I do got to be careful what I say though, the Region of Waterloo in Ontario isn't that far from you is it??


Diana said...

Hi Bill,
The thing is that we KNEW better! We just weren't thinking I guess, too much going on in such a short period!
And you're right, Waterloo isn't that far from here!
Love Di ♥

Blessings each day said...

Even tho I would have titled this big hinnie mistake or whatever, it is sadly cute and poor innocent little Katie was probably wondering why you even like painting! Did you guys end up with black lung like the miners get from coal mines...only you did it in minutes instead of years???!

Glad everyone is okay tho!

blessings and happy hugs!

Dee said...

I know I commented on facebook but I just wanted to stop by and see what everyone else had to say.:)

Rob-bear said...

Di: Full marks, and a "Smart Parent" award for letting "Good teenage girl" do some experimenting. Experiments usually have one of two results; they work, to they don't. Either way, you learn something.

Full marks all round!

Linda said...

I'm sorry to laugh at your expense but you sure know how to write a great post! I could just picture the whole thing!

I'm glad to see that other parent's have received this award...we've received our share over the years!

Diana said...

Marcy is here!
Fortunately we were all fine! Just messy! And if I would have called it the dumb-hinnie award, it wouldn't have been me! Love Di ♥

Hi Rob-Bear,
I'm so happy to see you here! At least this is one experiment that came out pretty nice. I just really wish Jake and I would have thought of the canned paint. He called it a "Brain Fart"! Love Di ♥

Hi Linda,
I can say with all honesty that this was probably the dumbest "Parent" thing that I've done, well maybe...
Love Di ♥

Unknown said...

ok Di, that is soooo funny. Sorry I was just laughing so hard! Katie was probably in a panic before you even got home! LOL I am sure that this episode will be go down in the history of your fun blog posts and laughed about over dinner in years to come! If we can't laugh at our self in these situations then there is something terribly wrong, right? I spilled a can of brand new paint on my daughters beautiful new carpet when painting her room, I mean the whole gallon tipped over onto the carpet you should have seen me scooping up paint with my bare hands back into the can....I had paint all over the place up and down my arms carpet in the new new gallon of paint, when I think of it now it is hilarious but I pulled it off...cleaned the carpet and bought another gallon of paint, I don't think Bob knows to this day LOL. I better tell him.

The Bookworm said...

awwww...i'm sorry that happened!
me and hubby were actually discussing chalkboard paint recently! lol its a cool concept.

Lynilu said...

Uhmmm, Di, there are no parents who have not been in a similar place at one (ONE? HA!) time or another! Just enjoy that there will be many great opportunities in the future to retell this story!

Amity said...

are we to blame? maybe, because we have let our kids do it without asking them iin the first place what for is the paint being bought?

so there goes the award...good you were able to control your anger...

thanks for sharing Diana, I too oftentimes deserves such award!

Rebecca said...

Applause! Applause! I just wish Jake could have been with you to accept the award. The wall looks good, by the way.

Please note, I am now officially a "follower" of your blog". Apparently in the last 20 months, it never occurred to me to follow. (And you must know what a rare thing this is for me...I hardly ever become an official follower of ANY blog any more!)

All Dolled Up Doll Clothes said...

All I can say is "Oh my!"
But it is funny if you think back on it now!
Hugs to you

Missy said...

Oh my!! LOLOLOLOL!!!!!! Lesson learned, I'm certain. And I'll remember this myself for future reference myself, thanks.