Monday, November 29, 2010

"Stressmas Time"

I need a break. Thanksgiving was wonderful but as seems to be the norm when my daughter comes home for a holiday, I feel as though time speeds up.
Then while talking to my son on the phone yesterday, the same day my daughter headed back to North Carolina, he casually mentioned that he was bringing out all of the Christmas decorations.
That's great. That's all it takes. 
So I went downstairs and started to carry up a few tubs filled with decorations. There are about a dozen of them. I've only gone through three and I am feeling overwhelmed.
This happens every year though. I wonder if anyone else goes through this. You see I decorate differently every year. Maybe if I put things in the same place each year it would be easier. But I like to change things up.
Plus there are always the new decorations that I swear every year I am not going to buy. And of coarse I acquired quite a few of my mom's as well and you can bet those will be displayed.
I also pack up my regular nick knacks to make room for the Christmas ones. I wonder if anyone else does this? 
So I quit for the day. I'm tired but anxious to get them up as well! Katie told me that I should wait for Natasha to come over on the weekend as she loves to decorate. I just may do that.
Once this project is done I will sit back and enjoy the holiday season. Advent services start on Wednesday evening and I so love these services. It really gives one the proper perspective to the Christmas season.

Our Thanksgiving dinner was fabulous. We had so much food and desserts. My oldest daughter Ginny out did herself with appetizers. As a matter of fact I do believe that was my favorite part of the meal.
There was too much food to mention, so I won't bore you with it all but it was wonderful. 
And one of the best parts of the day was that all of the girls kept sending me out of the kitchen! My Daughter in law just sort of took over all of the cooking. If you know me you know I don't like to cook anymore so this was great!
I love this photo of my DIL chopping potatoes with a very LARGE knife while my husband in his Thanksgiving day garb, tells a story!

I loved my daughter Ginny's face in this photo. She was trying to give Katie and Natasha a thrill while opening a bottle of Champagne. It didn't pop the way she thought it would  :(

It is next to impossible to get a photo of my grandchildren Sarah and Jack. As soon as they see the camera, they run, so I caught this one at my son's house. Squirmy kids!!

Katie and Natasha enjoying Thanksgiving Day dessert.
But this next one is my favorite photo of all.
My four favorite girls together! 
Again, my granddaughter disappeared!

Left to right, Natasha, Amy (DIL), daughter Ginny and daughter Katie.
You can also clearly see in this photo why my husband refers to our kitchen as a "Two Butt Kitchen". That it is!!!
Maybe that's why the girls kept shooing me out of the kitchen,
my derriere is somewhat bigger than theirs!

Whatever the reason, I was blessed and grateful to them for all of the work that they did. I also told Amy that we can go back to having Thanksgiving Dinner at her house next year!!

I hope you all enjoyed the day as much as I did!


Andrea said...

Looks like a wonderful time was had by your family! We enjoyed our time with the kids and grandkids, too.


Eileen said...

Nice post, Di! I really enjoyed seeing the pictures of your family, it really looks like it was lots of fun!

I'm the same with you about decorating, I actually don't do as much as I used to (and I don't use all the same decorations each year), but it still seems to take forever to get done! I've been putting away knick knacks too to make room, so poor Ray has been hauling boxes up and down two flights of stairs. We got the outside all decorated, and the front window, and the tree is up, but I still have a few more things to do. I was lazy today though, maybe tomorrow I'll finish up.
Now I know why my Mom decorated less and less each year. If it wasn't for Jayden I think I'd be cutting back a lot more!

Your favorite photo of your girls is great! Thanks for sharing!
Love to you,
PS ~ I'm having Blogger problems again, my pictures are loading fine but nothing will post to my blog! Ugh!

Eileen said...

PS ~ 'LOVE your banner picture and background! Very nice!

Lois Evensen said...

What a lovely family! It's so good that you had such a good Thanksgiving, too.

Yes, we go through the setting up and taking down of the Christmas decorations. It is different from year to year, though, because we are sometimes away at Christmas due to My Honey's work. That's the case this year so we have celebrated with family members early.

Alleluiabelle said...

I love your pictures and hearing about your wonderful Thanksgiving time time is so important and the absolute best.

I also love your new blog look. It has changed quite a bit since the last time I visited you. I remember reading about a special find of is in your first picture in this post sitting on the heart stand against the wall. I just love that beautiful wooden piece that carries so much meaning. Do you know what the name of it is? I would love to purchase one online if I could find one. Any ideas?

It's been too long, I'll be back to visit you again.


Jackie said...

How WONDERFUL that you were shooed out of the kitchen!!! Enjoy!! Enjoy!!!
The Thanksgiving photos you posted are terrific. I love the last one, too!!! Love those smiles....and the memories of the moments will last forever.
I dread the decoration part of Christmas. Am I alone in that...sigh. It makes me feel like Scrooge....but I simply don't enjoy the decorating.
Love to you my sweet and wonderful friend!!!!!

Bernie said...

What a great family you have, everyone looks so happy Di, and I am glad the girls kicked you out of the all look so good, everyone in the US seems to put their tree up right around Thanskgiving, I don't put mine up until 2 weeks before Christmas and I have to pack away pictures, knick knacks all kinds of things to make room for my decorations.......... Big Hugs

jules said...

I also take down a lot of my "normal" deco to make room for all my Christmas things. I have been working on it for 3 days now, I'm almost done....

What a great Thanksgiving you had, especially the not cooking part.

Barb said...

Di, stop that multitasking! I love the pics you've included of your family. "The Girls" look so cute - that is a great shot. Too bad you weren't in it, too. Good for them for taking charge of the kitchen. We went to Jim and Michelle's this year - it was great.

Wanda said...

What a marvelous day you had. Loved all the pictures of your family. I could feel the warmth and love!!!

Nothing like family. I have a very small house to decorate...that's why I can get it done in a day.

Will look forward to seeing your decorations when you are finished.

Lynilu said...

Oh, my! Your dozen tubs of decorations sounds so familiar! But I've cut mine down to about half that. Let's not talk about how BIG they are, though! LOL! I have more than I can put up at this house, but it gives me a little bit of variety to play with from year to year, and that's nice. I used to take down all the knick knacks and fill the spaces with Christmas decorations. These days I only remove a few things, because .... well, because I'm pretty lazy! Since I'm usually alone if I'm here at Christmas, I don't go way out.

You're so lucky to have Katie and Natasha! Can I rent them? ;D

I love the pictures! It looks like it was a fantabulous holiday!! So many blessings when family is together. :)

Wanda..... said...

Your Thanksgiving looked very special Di, you even had rained here all day! At least we were both cozy and warm with family. I usually dig out the Christmas wreaths, snowmen and angels for Thanksgiving and slowy work at getting all the rest up afterward. The turkey turned out fine, Di...I even partially cooked the sweet potatoes the day before.
Loved the photo of your girls!

Jackie said...

P. S.
B L O G !!!!

Amity said...

Hi Di;

Belated Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family...:-)))

You sure had lots of fun, and seems like a get-together party too esp when kids from afar come for the celebration!!!

Lucky for you they kept you away from the kitchen...I wish my kids would soon do that to me...when they're old enough and when I am old, old enough, lols!!!

But last Christmas, my three kids made me happiest coz they did all the marketing, from the wet market to the grocery and up to food preparation, cooking and table setting, they just asked me for the needed budget and presto as i was treated like a queen, just waiting for the time for us to share the bounty prepared.

I am a very proud Mom...young as they are and they want to pamper me na, hopefully they will do it again this time...coz they enjoy doing altogether...bonding moments with each other while cooking... :-)))

Looking forward to seeing more treats from your home...don't forget to share your holiday photos too!!

Hugs and love,


Sarah Knight said...

Looks like it was a fabulous holiday with the family :)

I've been procrastinating something terrible with the decorations this year... I have a collection of probably a hundred snowflake ornaments, which I hang from the ceiling of my living room / office / studio. Somehow it always takes 3 days to hang them, probably because in spite of my best efforts the string they hang from gets tangled.

That and I have to keep moving things so I can stand on a chair and reach up at the ceiling beams to try to find those tiny nails. I always end up covered in glitter, and so does everything below the ceiling.

But it looks so pretty when it's done : )

Cindy said...

Really like the blog backgorund and the new header, very nice. Loved seeing the pictures of all the family, glad you were out of the kitchen so you could take it easy, if that is possible. love to you. glad you had such a wonderful holiday, I have to take down my knick knacks to make up for my decorations. always more work somehow, but worth it. hugs.

Anvilcloud said...

I see your blog has also been suitably festooned.

It must be a bit trying to have two major holidays back to back. I think we have a better idea up here.

We also have a two butt kitchen -- although I have never known to call it that until now.

Dee said...

My goodness Diana...each of your girls are so pretty. I had a great Thanksgivng this year. It is nice you did not have to do all the cooking. Now that your boxes of Christmas delight is out...that is actually the hard part of decorating...take a deep breath...say a prayer...plop on some Christmas music and have fun. I am sure your newly decorated rooms will look great. Then sit back and enjoy all the oooohs and aaaahs. :)

Brenda said...

My but you are creative! I change up a few little things each year but love to have my tree in the same place every year and I like to decorate it in almost the same way each year, also. Once I have my tree up, the rest is easier and I can do it a little at a time. Be patient with yourself. It does not all need to be done in a day. I am sure that your home looks very festive. Now sit some and enjoy the Christmas season.

Gail said...


Oh my - such great pictures with so many smiles and so much love and joy. I am so happy your Thanksgiving was wonderful. :-)

Love to you my friend

Rebecca said...

I'm sure the time DID go fast for you! How wonderful to have such good help. You've raised them well.

As to the Christmas decorating, I put a couple of trees up with lights only. When my shingle pain subsides, I shall do the bulb thing & venture into the attic, bring down the tubs of Christmas stuff, sort and arrange, etc.

This weekend is the Nativity Display at Church, so after that is finished, I will get more done here at the house (I hope)!

Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs said...

What a delightful post and lovely family! You all look so pleased to be in the company of one another. Wonderful!

I know what you mean about the holiday decorations ... they multiply in those storage containers, I think.

Oh, one more thing: I have a two-butt kitchen, too ... and fill it quite nicely all on my own!

Arlee Bird said...

Looks like you had a grand time as did we. I know what you mean about time with the visiting kids --it all goes so fast. We'll be going to visit ours (plus a new granddaughter due any day now), but we can only allot a few days for each visit-- New Jersey, Virginia, Tennessee, and Houston! And we're driving from Los Angeles!
It will be a whirlwind tour--hope the weather is on our side.

Tossing It Out

Lena said...

I so enjoy seeing photos of your family! What a happy crowd!!

I decided I'm not decorating for the Hols this year... at all... Not that I am grinch or anything... I just want to simplify my life... (I hope I won't fall prey to temptation... ;))

lots of love! XXX

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Glad that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Thanks for sharing it with us and the pictures. Now comes Christmas. I am far from ready.

Maria said...

Oh Diana I love your posts... they're so real to me! Your new blog layout and design, header too are perfect!
Love all the holiday well as your post title. My "stuff" is way in the corner of a too small basement... a very neglected basement. Now that Dad's here {which I love} the going will be slow... but still sweet ~ Make every day a little Christmas ~ a journey through Advent *
{reminding myself the same ♥}
Wishing you merry joys*

Gutsy Living said...

Everyone looks like they're having such a wonderful time. Why no photos of you Diana?
Anyway, as far as Christmas goes, I do not have time to stress. We're having a New year's party and I've invited 40 people. That's more stressful, plus my query letter and final manuscript read through. After that Christmas lights will come up.
Have fun!

Unknown said...

Nice pictures,I enjoyed reading your article.Thanks for your comment.


So much of fun and joy all around !!
Emotions and happiness incomparable !!.
Everyone in a party mood with big knives,big hugs,big smiles,big laughs,and big champagne !!
You are so lucky to be literally thrown out of your kitchen !!.

I also liked the interiors of your home, so well decorated, reflecting your well known deep interest in home-making i.e. making it truly a "sweet home".

Sniffles and Smiles said...

What a wonderful day you had, Di! I'm so glad!!! And how great!!! I now have something to look forward to...a DIL who cooks Thanksgiving?? WOW!!! I guess that will be a question to add to the interview list!! What? I don't have any say in my son's future choice? Ah, well. The dream was nice while it lasted...ROFL...just stopping by to give you my love!!! You are the BEST!!! ~Janine XO

Jenny said...

This year I decided I was going to go through all my bins of Christmas decorations and the stuff I haven't put out in several years is going into a pile.

The kids can see if there's anything they want and if not it's going to Goodwill.

I want to simplify anymore.

It doesn't have to be Christmas on every surface of my home so I know it's Christmas.

I share your frustration on this.

Let's just make it easier on ourselves!

Your Thanksgiving sounds really glorious. Lovely family.

The Bookworm said...

Looks like you had a fabulous Thanskgiving. Everyone looks so happy :)