Tuesday, November 16, 2010

" Blogging Break "

Don't get confused O.K.?
I am NOT, repeat NOT taking a break from blogging....
I am simply taking a break TO blog. 
I have been very busy preparing for the holidays as I am sure a lot of you have been too. My wonderful daughter, Ginny, will be here in exactly one week from today! I am so excited. I haven't seen her in eleven months! We are having Thanksgiving dinner at our house this year instead of my son's so there are things that need to be done!
Cleaning and decorating. I am doing Thanksgiving decorations as well as a bit of Christmas since Ginny won't be home this year for Christmas. I finished the Mantel last night.
I also needed to come up with a centerpiece for our Thanksgiving dinner. I had no idea what I was going to do. So yesterday I went to a local store and found a centerpiece which needed something more.

I purchased it at 50% off which was $3.00. Then I drove just a few blocks away to my favorite thrift store to rummage around. I had no idea what I might find there but it's always a relaxing experience for me to shop there and so I went to have some fun.
I found a bowl. A heavy bowl at that. It was also $3.00. So I purchased the bowl among a few other treasures and I went on my way home.

I had 3 bags of pine cones that I had saved in my pantry. I don't know why I saved them exactly but you just never know when a pine cone may come in handy, right?
So I took the $3.00 centerpiece and the $3.00 bowl along with one bag of pine cones to the dining room table and viola!

A $6.00 centerpiece! Quite Autumnal don't you think?
It is 48 degrees here today and I am cold! My arthritis is what told me to quit working for the day. I had to break out my winter coat to walk the dogs!

I know that all of my dear Canadian friends are rolling on the floor laughing. Well go ahead and laugh at me because this weekend is supposed to be in the 60's and 70's again!
Over the weekend I managed to clean the garage, put all of the yard ornaments and furniture away. The rest of it will have to wait for my husband to come home and put away. The heavy stuff.

Yes things are coming along nicely. It's great to be able to sit here this afternoon with my feet up and visit with all of you.
However I am a bit chilly so I am going to fix myself a cup of hot Chai tea. I wish you were here to share some with me.

I am going to leave you today with another sculpture from Cedarhurst Center for the Arts. I drive past this one several times a week and I just love it.
This always brings to my mind what it would look like after a hole punch got through with a sheet of paper!

It is called "Sabine Woman I".

What do you think?


Barb said...

Hi Di, Not only your Canadian friends are smiling at your idea of "cold." Your CO friend, who just came inside from snowshoeing in a white-out blizzard, is smiling, too! I'm writing this before going into town to get my hair cut SHORT. It's already short, but I'm going to go VERY short. Old ladies are allowed to do what they want with their hair - it's a rule. I don't want to fuss with mine... Your centerpiece looks perfect for Thanksgiving - I like the effect with the pinecones. The mantel looks great, too - your house is looking very festive. Glad you took a break to share with us.

bjk said...

Hi Diana, Your mantel is lovely! I confess, I like your centerpiece much more than "Sabine Woman I". ;)

Diana said...

Hi Barb,
Snowshoeing is not helping me to warm up! The tea is helping though!
I love short, very short hair. I go very short too! Love Di ♥

Diana said...

Hi bjk,
Thank you, I love to decorate the mantel, the lights on it were a gift from my daughter. Thanks for visiting, wish we could share a cup of tea! Love Di ♥

Lois Evensen said...

What a lovely centerpiece. And, collecting the parts reasonably and making it pretty yourself makes it extra special. Very nice.

Andrea said...

Gorgeous mantel! Hope you have an awesome week!

Rebecca said...

How creative you are! And I think it's "cool" that thrift store shopping relaxes you :)

I probably need to think about a couple of centerpieces. (I think I'll need to set up two tables to contain our guests on Thanksgiving Day...) Our little granddaughter is making some place/name cards...maybe I should inquire about them to stay with the "theme".

It's turned cold and rainy here tonight. Like you, I find this works havoc with my joints.

Hope it warms up here, too, this weekend!

I'm glad you took your blogging break!

Wanda..... said...

It's break time for me too. Your fireplace wall just glows with a Thanksgiving feeling Di, warm and cozy. The girl and boy Pilgrim on the lower shelf, where you have the exact windmill, that I have...well I have them too Di...I must make sure they are in my next post.

Your centerpiece is lovely...9 days till Thanksgiving...I better get busy!


Bernie said...

Love, love, love your mantel, it is absolutely gorgeous. I am so happy Ginny will be home soon, is her boyfriend coming with her.
It has been snowing here all day and it is cold -20 with the wind chill so no I am not laughing... my arthritish is horrible so I get it!
.......:-) Hugs

Diana said...

Hi Lois,
Thank you, I think it came out alright. I love crafting but don't feel overly talented when it comes to decorating so it means a lot!
Love Di ♥

Hi Andrea,
Thank you, I love decorating the mantel for Thanksgiving and Christmas! Blessings to you,Love Di ♥

Hi Rebecca,
I always think of you when I am thrift shopping. I ran into two ladies at the store and we struck up a conversation. We all agreed that we were in our own special little world there!
Have fun decorating, your home is so beautiful! Love Di ♥

Hi Wanda,
I also have two more little pilgrims and three turkey salt and pepper shakers. I put them low as the grandchildren love playing with them! It was Einstein who said "Coincidences are God's way of staying anonymous". Funny that we have some of the same items in our homes? Love Di ♥

Hi Bernie,
I am sorry about your arthritis. Except for cooking dinner, I've been sitting all afternoon. It's pretty bad. Can't walk down the stairs to well! I am hoping tomorrow may bring some relief, I hope you get some soon as well! Ginny's boyfriend won't be coming with. He is going to his families this year. I will miss him, it's been a while since we've seen him. Stay warm Bernie!
Love Di ♥

AC said...

Not laughing although I might on occasion snicker mildly.

Diana said...

Hi AC,
Go ahead and snicker, you made me laugh! Love Di ♥

Lynilu said...

The mantle is just beautiful, Di! Wow! And your $6 centerpiece is great. Don't ya love "finds"?

I'm really feeling the lower temperatures, too. I usually like cool/cold weather, but for some reason, the past few days are biting right through and leaving me feeling chilled. Today's high was a bit warmer than yours, but 52° wasn't "warm" either! I hope I'm just adjusting from the warmer temps in HI. I don't want to spend all winter shivering!

Diana said...

Hi Lyn,
I'll tell ya, between the time change and the weather change, I'm feelin' old today! Love Di ♥

Eileen said...

Great finds, Di, and very creative! I think your mantle looks beautiful, like something out of a magazine.

I'm so glad Ginny is coming for a visit, it must make you feel so good to have the painting all done, and now readying your house for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I can't believe it's that time of year again.

I haven't been feeling too well the past few days, 'hope it goes away, there's so much I want to get done.

Love to you, E

Diana said...

Hi Eileen,
I feel so bad that you aren't feeling well. I hope it's only a quick bug? Keep warm and drink tea. Time is flying by and you need to be well! I will say a prayer for you.
BIG HUG!!!! Love Di ♥

Amity said...

Hi Di,

Lucky for you that u have all the time to prepare now for the holidays...while I am still working, feeling bad...coz i can only take a leave in office, 3 days before christmas...

i will have too less time to prepare...we will spend the holiday season in the cool city of pines, baguio city where my college kids are studying...our first time to be away from home during christmas season... :-) but am excited!

Amity said...

Hi Di,

Lucky for you that u have all the time to prepare now for the holidays...while I am still working, feeling bad...coz i can only take a leave in office, 3 days before christmas...

i will have too less time to prepare...we will spend the holiday season in the cool city of pines, baguio city where my college kids are studying...our first time to be away from home during christmas season... :-) but am excited!

Diana said...

Hi Amity,
That's so nice that you will be somewhere different for the Holiday! I've always wanted to spend a Christmas away somewhere. Just for fun. It will be nice to see your kids for the holidays. Thats what I miss the most. Not always seeing my oldest daughter. Love Di ♥

jules said...

I really need to take a "blogging break" too. I've really been slacking and I miss everyone in blogland.

Gail said...


I love your home and how you decorate and design. If we lived closer we would be hanging out, alot!!

Love you
enjoy your week
we are off to shop today for our Thanksgiving feast.

Love you

Dee said...

I think my comment showed up on face book...I just want to add Happy Thanksgiving just incase your not back. Dee

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Your Center Piece is a Stunner. It is beautiful.

Complain, Complain, Complain. We send you the nice hot weather you complain, then we feel sorry and send you some cold to cool off and you complain. :}

I'm going to send you an email, it will give you a fun chuckle.


Hello Diana ji !!!!!!!!
I came here via Jackie,Janine and Vicky.I have visited your blog a few times and always found it to be homely and inspiring.I esp liked your profile statement "I don't consider my life to be extraordinary by some peoples standards but I do feel extraordinarily blessed for the life I have been given".A ground reality only a few dare to accept.Standards in life are variable and the choice is yours for which you are most comfortable with.You can have anything you want if you will give up the belief that you can't have it.
I much liked your choice of centerpiece and the bowel for the dinner.All shades of autumn colors are so nicely reflected in it.Great choice !!!!!!.
Have a nice and loving time with your family esp. with your daughter 'Ginny'.

Diana said...

Hi Jules,
We all need a break from the madness, so I figured why not blog? I've been enjoying your last few posts and pictures! Love Di ♥

Hi Gail,
I know for a fact that we'd be hanging out my friend! Happy Turkey hunting! Love Di ♥

Hi Dee,
I received your comment via Facebook, thank you. I plan on blogging again before Ginny comes home but after next Tuesday I probably won't have time for a week. But I will miss you, I'll check on you! Love Di ♥

Oh Bill, you now what a complainer I am. Actually the only reason that I tease my Canadian friends is because I know they can take a joke! I got your email, I loved it!
Love Di ♥

Hi Dr. Yadav!
Welcome and thank you so much for your kind words. I do believe in following the path that God has designed for me. It's makes for a better life if we just listen! I am so looking forward to my daughters arrival. But there's always tears when she leaves! Thanks again for dropping by! Love Di ♥

Gutsy Living said...

I don't take enough time to be as creative with decorating for the holidays as my U.S. friends. I was raised in France with a Danish mother and I guess the food, a couple of candles and some fresh flowers, is the way I decorate a table, no matter what season or time of year. I love creativity, and your centerpiece is wonderful. Enjoy your family. I know I shall.

Diana said...

Hi Sonia,
Seeing my daughter only once a year makes me want to make the house special. Thanksgiving is such a beautiful holiday, food, family and fun! Love Di ♥

Maria said...

Hi Diana!
I'm relaxing a bit tonight... it was a long week with our sadness over Muffin. We buried her today ~ I cried another bucket of tears... but there were prayers and closure... thank you so much for your thoughtful and caring comments, Diana ~

I always love what you do with your mantle. It's beautiful with the lights swagging along the edge and the cross at "center stage."
Your centerpiece must have been fun to assemble... especially after the great fun you had finding the bowl and arrangement.
I, too, enjoy thrift store shopping. It's great to find a treasure or two.

I hope you have a wonderful time this weekend preparing for a special time with your family ~ how wonderful it will be to hug your daughter!
Such a special Thanksgiving for you, Diana!
~enjoy all the anticipation~

Diana said...

Hi Maria,
It's always good to hear from you. I so understand your sadness. I still, after several years, miss my precious pets. We had our dog Willie for 15 years when I had to put him down.
He was a large dog (75 lbs). He grew old and sick and lost weight. When I had to carry him outside to relieve himself, I knew it was time. I called my son to help me take him to the vet. My DIL met us there and we all cried.
For a long time after that, I swear that I could hear his chain collar jingle through the house. I still look at his spot where his bed used to lie.
So I do understand your pain. They are loved one's, and there IS a special place just for them.
Love Di ♥

Arlee Bird said...
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Arlee Bird said...

whoops -- Had to delete my first attempt. It included a comment to another blog. sorry!

I've been a bit cold this week as well as our Los Angeles temperatures take a plunge into the 60s--brrr!

Your home looks lovely. You are creating a nice holiday scene for the family gatherings. Hope you have a wonderful time.

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