Monday, November 1, 2010

"Progress, I Think...."

I started at 8:00 a.m. Saturday morning. I finished sanding the last few spots on the walls. Walked up and down the ladder umpteen times to wash the walls. Then I vacuumed the dust off of the floor.

Then I climbed the ladder umpteen times to tape the walls around the ceiling. Then I walked up and down the ladder umpteen times to paint the trim and around the chandelier.

I haven't had to paint a ceiling in years. Twenty-one to be exact. My 6'3 husband usually does this fun job.

 Than he has a beer. See how happy he looks after painting a ceiling?
These ceilings in this old house are all textured. Very nicely but textured. Which makes them difficult to paint. Even when you have a really good extension pole, when you are 5'2, it is very tricky.

While up on the ladder, my feet where killing me and my knuckles were starting to swell, I started calling out to God. 

Yes as I was half way around I kept saying "Oh God, oh God, oh God!". At one point I held up the brush and asked "God would you please take this brush and finish for me?", I knew he wouldn't so I said " That's O.K., I CAN DO THIS!!!!!".

And so I did. After the trim I poured the paint into the paint tray, rolled my roller in the paint and started rolling.
I had no idea how hard it was to roll a textured ceiling!! One coat was definitely not enough. That ceiling just sucked that paint right in.
My husband warned me to wear a bandanna and my old glasses. He was right about that. I had paint spattered all over me and my neck was killing me.

I finished at 3:00p.m. It came out good after the second coat. I was too exhausted to go to the weeny roast and service at church that night but not to tired to have a beer!

I was proud of my work but oh so sore! This was one weekend that my husband was SOOOO glad that he didn't come home! But he was sweet to listen to me moan and whine all evening!
I went to church Sunday morning instead. It was a beautiful service and it gave me a really good reason not to work!

You would have been proud of me. I sat on my butt all the rest of the day yesterday!!!

So Carpel Tunnel be damned! I am going to start on the walls today!!

I apologize for this post being so boring! This is just something that I must get done this week and it's really all that's on my mind. So I will leave you with a couple more CedarHurst photos. 

 Another view of "Alfred Atlas"!

Got to get busy, catch ya later!!!


Anvilcloud said...

Painting used to be easy peasy but last time I tried it I threw my back out and had to hire someone to finish the job.

Brenda said...

Good for you! What an accomplishment. The walls will be easier. That kind of tired is good tired. You are going to go in everyday for the next few weeks and stand for a moment or two just to admire your work--or at least that's what I would do. You are almost there. Keep hanging in there.

Terrie said...

Good Job Di. I guess I should take a little hint from you and finish the painting in my upstairs myself. Brent is off work all this week and I have only two doll dresses to make that can be done today and really, I should paint but to me, it's a matter of principal. He started it. He should finish it, right? Mind you, this is a project that has been going on for 1 year and 9 months. I still have cans of paint in my entry hall from a year ago. Go figure! Anyway, good job and I can't wait to see the before and after pics.
Hugs to you

Cindy said...

You have to be sore from that, I did my livingroom a few years ago, let me say started. Wain is going to finish, I can not get on a ladder because of my Cataplexy is on that Honey Do List I have going.....oh Maybe one day. Good luck with your painting today. take care. have a few rests.

Vicki said...

Not a boring post at all and good for you for finishing that ceiling...they are the absolute worst to do!
Sorry that it was such a painful job. You know, it's harder when we get older the spirit is willing but the bones and muscles just don't want to cooperate. Glad you got some rest and praying for the rest of your project to go well.
Great photos!

Lois Evensen said...

I've always hated painting ceilings. It's so much easier for the tall guys to do, isn't it! Also, I've had a problem with my neck for a long time now since I spent a day bent over in the garden for several hours. I thought I would die of neck pain that night. I still have to really baby it or I can't sleep. I can't imagine looking up long enough to paint a ceiling any more. Good for you to have gotten yours finished! I'm truly impressed. I just keep doing all kinds of other things that don't require looking at the ceiling. ;)


quieten said...

Wow... I got tired just reading about all your hard work :-) Good for you. Once you finish the walls I hope you can rest a bit ( not that you will *giggle*). Not a boring post at all- I thoroughly enjoyed it and I love your Cedarhurst photos. They are really interesting!

Bernie said...

My gosh Di is there no end to your talent.....I sure could use you here because there is no beginning to mine.
I hope you haven't over done it sweetie, ......big hugs

Barb said...

Di, Di, do too much!

Amity said...

Now I am challenged to do some painting works too in my home...

If Di can do it, Amity can do it also... :-)