Tuesday, July 21, 2009

" Fun at the Library, Not! "

Well boys and girls, here I am again at the local library. It's better than nothing but I miss so much checking on all of you through out the day! And I only get one hour so I can post a little, and catch up a little on everyone's blogs, but one hour just isn't enough time. So please forgive me if I cannot comment on everybody everyday!

I can't tell you how much I miss readiing about everyones activities. I am going through blogger withdrawal! It can be depressing!! Now we have come to discover that niether one of our computers work at all anymore. So, so sad. But I have a plan.

Remember the people that I cat sat for last week? Well I used to clean their house form them once a week. I did this for three years. They feel like my own family and are wonderful people. Anyway, I gave up cleaning for them after I had my second stroke in Feburary of this year. I think That I went back to soon after the first stroke. They never did replace me. And the husband, Randy, kept saying that the house was never as clean as when I did it. They both work full time and have two young children.

So when I called them Saturday to make sure everything was alright and that they arrived home safetly, I thought, what the heck and I asked Linda if she might possibly be interested in me cleaning again for them. She answered instantly, yes! So I am going to start again next week. It will take me a few months to do it, but I am going to buy a new laptop, if all goes well. My husband and I have had a lot of stumbling blocks thrown in our way recently so I can't say that it will definitly all work out the way I plan. But, God willing, I am going to give it on heck of a try.

It sounds silly but I just am afraid that everyone is going to give up on me. And I just want to stay a part of the village! And a twisted sister! And it's so funny that you can become so attatched to people just from reading and typing everyday! I really, really miss it.

Here is a complaint or two. The spell check at the library, at least on this computer does not work. Nor can I align this post how I want to. And that's all of the complaining that I will do today. I just wish Marcy were here, she would straighten these things out!

Just remember that I miss you all!


Blessings each day said...

Okay nwo I see your BIG mistake that you said you had on your post today!!!

You wrote that MARCY could straighten it all out!! That's a REAL hoot, sister...what are they serving at that library or have you been drowning your computer sorrows in whiskey?

In my feeble defense, I will say that I do get brave and do some new and experimental things and I DID do well in spelling (you'd never know it from my comedy of errors in the comment sections I visit, but that's really my mad typing skills showing).

Your post turned out just hunky dory fine, Diana! I have gone over here to check and even today I would not have known you posted because doofy blogger only showed the old post!

It was just great being able to see you post and I like your idea, in fact I like any idea that gets you back online!

I have been wandering around aimlessly and goofilly on my own and I need some goofy company, so tell those people you just need a slight advance to buy a laptop or jack your fees up to the sky.

Can you get your e-mail at the library? I know that you should be able to do it as I have done it many times when away from home.

At the very least you can still hit our e-mail buttons and send to us! I was thinking along the lines of sending your real address, unless you feel brave enough or crazy enough to post it and pray that the wacko weirdos (does this leave me out?.... sigh) won't get it!!

blessings with lots of hugs and missing you too, but glad you snuck a post in again,


Blessings each day said...

Whoa Nelly...look what I just did and talk about the spelling thing...nwo instead of now...yeah, you really need this kind of helper!!

My word for today rhymes with messes...now (or nwo) how accurate is that?

Wanda said...

Learned of your post in a Marcy comment at Eileen's...wished we lived closer Diana...my son and husband are both good computer "fixers"...
any idea what might be wrong with them?...wish I could help.

Keep smiling....never would anyone at the village forget Diana!!!

Eileen said...

Diana, I was SO HAPPY to hear from you today! And this post was great! (It didn't show up on my sidebar either! But you commented about it, and then Marcy very kindly came over to let me know, and I check here a lot anyway! I'm going to have to resort to reading all your old posts soon!)
And we would NEVER forget you! NO WAY!
I will have to start including a comment to you in each of my posts or in my comment section so you know you are not forgotten!

I think that's great about the job! And I hope it doesn't take too long to save up your pennies for a new laptop. BUT don't overdo it! Take care of yourself.
The village just isn't the same without you. And we're all here anxiously awaiting your return, and a big arms-wide-open welcome awaits you too!
Miss you!
Love you!

Stillness Speaks said...

Had I been there Diana, I would have given you a huge bear hug! It's absolutely fine if you cannot leave your footprints on each of our pages. I for one am just glad I get to hear from you every now and then!

I really really respect your decision of taking up work again, but please make sure you don't overdo it! Health is and should be your first priority! And after such a laborious day, please make sure you eat healthy and nutritious food to repair all the wear and tear! I am so so proud of you Diana, and I will pray that all goes well for you and your husband with no further road blocks. You've seen enough of the bad times. Now it's time for the good times to start again.

And don't for the life of you ever think that people will give up on you. You are unique and you are special. You mean the world to someone and that someone will always be there! God bless and loads of love :)

Barb said...

Hi Diana,
I was missing you, and I don't even live in the Village - see what an influence you are on the larger World? Hope you can get back on-line (at home) soon. In the meantime, be very careful with this work - I hope no heavy lifting is involved?

Maria said...

Maria here too... wishing you well, Diana...
I just "met" some of you and find the conversation here refreshing, fun and caring. I always check to see if there's something new to read...

Keeping you in our thoughts for health, strength and perseverance.
Grace & Blessings ~Maria

Anonymous said...

Diana...I'm outside the village limits right now as I am on vacation, but I wanted you to know how happy I am for you about several things...First, that you are able to access a computer. That is a blessing because a lot of people can't....Second, that you got the job with the people who you really like and that love the way that you do your job...and third because you are here....and you are never forgotten...ever. I've missed you. Those are in no certain order, by the way. :))
Smiles to you from Jackie

Teresa said...

Hi Diana,
I have been getting up very early, and coming home very late, so I don't get to see much of the Village people lately. I am very tired and I didn't have to work tonight so I am very thankful, and I am trying to catch up on what is happening in our little Blog Village. I am so sorry to hear that your computer broke down and that you have to use the library. I really miss you and everyone else, and I hope your job goes well or you get some special blessing so you can get a new computer. I have been so blessed lately, and I absolutely know God provides! Ask Him! Hope you are feeling well too. (((Hugs))) T