Monday, July 13, 2009

" A Tour of My Apartment "

Last night I decided that it was once again time to clean my apartment. No I am not divorced. But I have turned the whole upstairs into my space. We all refer to it as my apartment. We, my husband and I, often joke about this saying that if we were ever to divorce, we could still live cheaply. Me upstairs and him downstairs. He doesn't care for it up here as the ceilings are very low and he is 6 foot 3 inches, and shrinking! When we bought this house ten years ago, my husband wanted it because of the huge front room that has a fireplace. I wanted it because of the upstairs.

The photo below is the stairway leading downstairs.

When we first bought the house, Katie was only four. She had the bedroom that is now mine and Jake and I used what we now call my front room or living room.

The photo below is now my bedroom that Katie grew out of and wanted to move downstairs into one of the big bedrooms. Sarah the cat wanted to be in the photo. Poor dear is still wondering what happened to spooky.

Directly across from my bedroom is what is now my dressing room / craft room/ closet. It used to be Katie's toy room and had dinosaurs that I hand painted all around the room. She was so into dinosaurs! Her tastes have since become more expensive! This room also has plumbing in it which makes me think that the previous owners had intended to make this into an apartment. It is quite full I know, it is my personal storage space!

This next photo is self explanatory. It is my very girly bathroom!

This area has a large dresser which you can see in the next photo. Also my great-grandmothers cedar chest that is now filled with yarn and also a small cabinet and small dresser.

I have always wanted to tear down the plaster that surrounds the above chimney to expose the brick underneath. Someday!

If you turn around from the chimney, you will see my dresser. All of the boxes piled up next to it are all of the photos of our lives. Another hopefully, future project. We all have them!

Opposite the dresser is an old vanity that Kate used to use. She no longer wanted it so I have stored all of my sewing patterns in the drawers. They fit perfectly!
The photo below is the hallway leading to the back of my apartment where the bedroom, bathroom and dressing room are located.

And finally we are in my small living area. There are two comfortable chairs. The rocker with the foot stool is mine. This is understood!

Another view of the chimney that separates the living spaces. On the book shelves are all of my crochet books and magazines. Hundreds!

I used to have a large t.v. on this old dresser, but when the downstairs one died , I unselfishly donated it to the downstairs living room. Well maybe not unselfishly! But since I don't watch much television upstairs it was no big deal.

Last night as I finished cleaning my apartment, Katie came upstairs and said to me that she should be able to move up here and could really " Rock this place out". I just looked at her and said that in four years she could move and rock her own place out!

Truthfully I love it up here. It is so quite and a great place to escape to. Especially since no one else wants to come up here. I think the stairs hinder them! It's also a good place to read or just sit and look out the windows. Or to blog!


Teresa said...

Hi Diana,
It is wonderful to have a space you can call your 'own', to sit and think and reflect and to just be yourself. Thank you so much for sharing. I hope this new morning you are feeling well and happy...Blessings to you, and by the way, I love your little apartment!

Eileen said...

This is the greatest! How nice to have a place you can call your own, and you don't even have to leave your own home!
I don't know where to begin! Well, you know I'm coveting every piece of furniture you have! But I think my most favorite must be what you described as your grandmother's cedar chest, and I also really like the chest of drawers that is in your closet.
Your bathroom is adorable and I love all the hydrangea (I think they were hydrangeas!), and the roses on the drapes in the bedroom, that pattern sends me over the moon too!
I also like very much your collection of crosses, and the material with the elephants.
I love that you have family photos surrounding you everywhere too!
And what are the dolls in the boxes?
And is that a book about Susan Lucci? I thought it said Erika Kane but my eyes are bad so it could be something totally different!
There so much more, I could picture by picture but then I would be here forever!
I think this was great!
I was going to post about my back room in one of my Friday Favorites, but I think this is such a cute idea. We should all do tours, invite everyone into our homes, I'm not much of a cook so I don't think I'll be having you to dinner, but everyone could come for lunch sometime!
Very cute, Di, I loved it!

Blessings each day said...

Looks like you're gonna have to do another whole post just to answer all of Eileen's questions!

I'm a little mad at blogspot or blogger, whatever, becauseit is not updating your posts on my site, so I just have to take a chance and click on your site to see if you're cooking up something.

It was so neat to get a tour of your "apartment". It looks as if you have a really big home since this is just the upstairs!

I need to go back and re-savor your post and pictures, Diana, you put so much in here!

I have lots of crosses, too, multiple in some rooms, but one in almost every room.

blessings and lots of hugs,


Diana said...

Yes I agree Marcy, blogger has been a pain in the !#! lately, especially posting comments. The dolls that you saw Eileen are my Erika Kane dolls. I only have two, never could find anymore. Katie and I always wanted to open them and play with them! Jake said it would be better to keep them in the box. I don't know that I would ever sell them and am still tempted to play with them! I do love it up here but would really like to paint up here some day.

Anonymous said...

I love tours!! Yours is grand. Thank you for showing me a part of you....your escape room. I want one...or two.
I won't say anything about Blogger 'cause it is behaving...and if I say that, it won' does this mean that it is about to do its Gremlin thing to me??...Sigh. I hope not. I would miss all my new friends. I can't wait to get to my dashboard and see what you all have be with my new 'family'.
Marcy is tooo funny about Eileen's questions. Aren't 'sisters' fun? I feel we are just that...'sistuhs.'
Thank you again, Diana for sharing your apartment with us. (I would have to have someone come over and do a complete cleaning/makeover before I could post photos of any of my rooms....)

Wanda said...

Diana...that was a fun are as bad as I am with dolls, hearts, and wooden boxes...I feel like I have been to your home now...I don't have an apartment, but I do have my own room and bath...It's my quiet time room, full of personal sentiments just like yours...we are like minded...
Your apartment seems very peaceful and cozy and I especially like how you ended the smiling from your personal chair!

Keep smiling and take care..

Jerelene said...

I would definately adopt that as my apartment too!! I would have a huge sewing and quilting room.
I love all your crosses hanging on the walls...very pretty!! I would probably never come downstairs :)
Have a happy Monday!!
Love, Jerelene

Anonymous said...

This is so funny. It reminds of the movie failure to launch.. terry bradshaw's Naked Room.. ehehhe What a blast this tour has been. Thanks for showing.

Terrie said...

Taking your tour and reading the comments, I see I am not alone as an adult woman playing with dolls. The more I read your blog, the more I see we have in common. Thanks for sharing and allowing me to visit.

Bernie said...

Diana, so loved seeing your apartment and I love it!!!! I am so happy for you to have your own space and such a big space too! I loved everything about it, and it looks just the way you always sound, warm and cozy. I loved your photo...what a beautiful smile you have...see you in two weeks and do take care of yourself....:-) Hugs

Stillness Speaks said...

The interiors of your home are truly spectacular :D So well maintained and so beautiful Diana. It almost felt that I was being taken on a tour personally :D

The last picture of you is the best. You look radiant :)Take care!

Linda Higgins said...

Diana, I love your little space! We all need our own space...some place we can just unwind and if need be, left alone to ponder the days events. I loved your story about your Spooky. And my sis too! I passed it along to her. She too lost a Spooky, I am sure she told you. HUGS....lindalu

Barb said...

Every woman dreams of having a room of her own - lucky you to have a whole apartment!