Tuesday, July 28, 2009

" Happy Monday Morning !"

Happy Monday morning everybody ! I know, I know, it's not Monday. But it is to me. As I stated before, Katie and I went to church on Saturday. I know how badly you were wondering what I did on Sunday so now I will tell you. Are you ready? O.K., I cleaned house all day! I know that you were all holding your breath as you awaited my answer. So there you have it.
Actually Saturday was my Sunday and Sunday was my Saturday and Monday was my Sunday so that means that Tuesday is my Monday. Confused ? Well how in the heck do you think I feel ? I made myself get up early this morning because as usual , it is always the last two weeks before school starts that I am able to stay up a little later and sleep in a little later as well. Why I let myself get away with this year after year is beyond me. I mean you would think a woman of my age would know better. You would think !
And that my dear freinds is a perfect testimomial to my age. When one sits and ponders ones sleep cycles. I could be wrong though. My Katie has been having a heck of a time falling asleep. Even when she wakes early. I woke at 5:30 a.m. which is my normal time and just stayed up instead of going back to sleep. See what a good girl I am ? We shall see how good Katie is this morning. She is asleep right now on the big comfy couch , which means she couldn't fall asleep until the wee hours again , poor kid.
Next week is school registration and Katie will be babysitting for three days. She will have to be up by 6:30 a.m.. Am I worried ? Not really , there's cash involved so she will do it !
I feel as though I must apologize for this tiny , tiny font. I like to use large font so that I can actually see what I have typed but this computer will not let me use large font. It keeps reverting back to teeny tiny font. Also I will say once again that the spell check doesn't work ( I know, excuses , excuses ) I do have a very large dictionary sitting next to me that I use most of the time but even with my bifocals, well you get the picture and if you don't , you are under thirty and will eventually.
Now speaking of reverting back , lets revert back to my Saturday which was actually Sunday. As I told you earlier I cleaned all day. Most of that time was spent cleaning out my china cabinet and another corner cabinet in my dining room. Which actually isn't used for that purpose anymore but I'll save that for another time least I may bore you to tears ! I switched things up a bit in the cabinets and was quite happy with the results. Katie took a wonderful picture which I would love to post for you but still Katie and I have been to lazy to put my Kodak easy share program on this computer. I think we will try to get to this before Friday for Friday Favorites even though that will actually be my Thrusday. Good Luck remembering all that !
I have been wanting to clean out the closet in " Happenstance " ( catch all / computer room ) but my Husband keeps telling me to wait until he comes home and he will help me . He is very good at this. He has helped me clean out this closet once a year , every year. So I do believe I will oblige him. He will be taking a week off of work the next time he gets home which should be August 7th or 8th. His back stopped hurting although he is having some pain in his hip and thigh but I do believe it is getting better. The power of prayer goes a long way.
Well my freinds I do believe it is time for me to go. French toast is whats on my mind. But first I must tell you how dear you all are to me. I would never dream of posting that photo of me if I didn't feel like we all knew each other so well!


Blessings each day said...

You were scaring me there for a minute, Diana....I thought you were gonna say the picture was of Eileen getting ready to spit out her coffee again. Hey Eileen, did you spit any out this time? Isn't she a great little spitter? She could probably give spitting lessons. Hey, Eileen, sweetie, how about a post on how to soit out your coffee...you know, the long slow spit, the medium spurt spurt here and there and then the HUGE big daddy gusher?

Okay, now that her keyboard should be thoroughly gacked, on to other business.

Love your line of reasoning about the days being all backwards but what REALLY scared me was that I understood what you were saying!!!
Diana you've gotta stop talking weirdo wacko that I can understand...I'm gonna have nightmares.

On the up side, you have inspired me to tackle some more cleaning projects. Lucky you that your hubby can actually help. With Michael, it's "DON'T throw that out" and then I ask "What is it?" and he says "I don't know but it could be something so don't throw it out."

blessings and hugs,


Brenda said...

Yay! I am so glad for this happy post. Good news all around--hubby getting better--joy of a clean house--Katie doing well and being responsible. Life is good again.

Maria said...

Oh Diana...you make me laugh... I saw the cartoon... hysterical!
I have four pages of cleaning projects! just doing one at a time... checking off as I go along...
You're an inspiration!

I better get out there...it's supposed to be HAZY, HOT AND HUMID today!
Thanks for the morning smiles :o)

Wanda said...

Diana ...You look reeeaaally good in the mornings...what is your secret?

It's good to see posts from you...I haven't spit out my coffee yet...but I smile an awful lot...

I've been outside working this morning for just a little bit...10:00 usually ends my day of outside yard work...working in heat and humidity does not agree with me...

Now I'm of to do some dusting...just a liitle bit anyway!

Eileen said...

Diana, you are too much! And I didn't spit out my coffee because I read Wanda's comment on Marcy's blog warning that I might! And I was all settled down with a cup as I'm taking a break from my cleaning! But I put it aside and I'm glad I did! And then I read Marcy's comment that the picture is me!! You two are really going to put me in hysterics for good one day! Ray will be driving me to the looney bin (he looks at me like I'm nuts all the time when I'm here laughing at the computer so much, and even when I try to explain it, he still looks at me like I've lost my mind!).
I was out this morning with Jayden weeding and dead-heading, and trimming bushes. Then I started on my kitchen, I just have the floor left and then I'm on to the back room, and then the living room and dining room.
I'm not doing BIG projects like you, just catch-ups!

Thanks for making me happy every time I visit!

I'll talk to you later!
Love you!

Teresa said...

Hi Diana,
Loved your photo, and I did spit out my coffee! Yup, you can sure talk 'wierdo' that we all understand. Thanks for the laugh, today, I needed that!

I can probably focus on cleaning, need to do that anyway, this place has sort of got away on me the last week or so. Besides, it is really hot here right now, and because of working outside in the heat last week, I have a cold sore! It looks like a beak!( beek!)? (I look like a bird)! Can you imagine! I have not had one of those since high school. (I have an interview with the lady from Proctor and Gamble today too...ugh! That's if she can contact me, because my cell phone got shut off! I am so excited to see what is going to happen next in my life! What day did you say it was again? Oh, sweet surrender!

Jerelene said...

I am so glad that you are back..and I love how you look!! Purple is my fave color..and it looks wonderful on you!! Did I hear you say French Toast...I'm coming that way..save some for me:)
All this talk of cleaning..I'm feeling guilty...I better go do something..Hope you have a Happy, Happy Tuesday!
Love, Jerelene

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to figure out what day of the week it is (really)....and I start reading your blog....and I click on my calendar on my 'puter screen to double check myself...and....well, I guess every day is Saturday until school starts.
Smiles to you from Jackie

Diana said...

Oh Marcy, Jake is sort of the same way about throwing things out. Only he thinks that everything is going to be worth a fortune someday when really it's just junk.

Hi Brenda, We are happy today but of coarse the day is still young!

Howdy Maria, When it gets hot and humid it's a good day to clean inside although I much prefer to nap!

Good afternoon Wanda, Yes I am lovely in the mornings! Too bad that it's all down hill after that! My son came yesterday to mow and trim for me! This morning I had to go to church to work for awhile, it's too hot outside for me too.

Hello Eileen, Is it me or is there a circus like feel to the day? I haven't been to Marcy or Wanda's yet. I had to work at church this morning. I will go and visit them when I am done here, Adios me amiga! No I don't know how to spell in spanish Marcy!

Bonjour Teresa, I am so sorry that you are feeling birdlike today but I think that you will fit right in with the circus like environment that I am experiencing! Don't worry about your phone, who need's a stinkin' phone any way? Next month something of ours will probably get shut off the way things are going! Maybe we should all just go out over the road and start up our own circus and become independly wealthy, then we could just buy the stinkin' phone company!!!! Today is your day, Teresa's day!

Bonjour Jerelene, Yes I said french toast but I didn't make it because Katie would not wake up and I am much too lazy to cook for myself! I wonder if circus perfpormers have people to cook for them?

Oh Jackie, oh Jackie, I thought that you were a retired teacher? Does that mean that everyday is a saturday all of the time? You know, saturday performances are the most profitable in the circus world!

Eileen said...

Di, your responses have me cracking up!
I loved the 'me amiga' and then the 'bonjour' about the french toast!
Have you now abandoned the English language and taken up anew?

On a serious note, I read your comment on Teresa's blog. I'm sorry you and your family are going through such a hard time of it.
You know you are in my prayers. 'Wish there was something more I could do for you.
Take care.

Terrie said...

That photo is pretty much ME today too! I guess we all pretty much feel we look like that now and again :(

Diana said...

Gracias for your concern Eileen, You know that old saying, " That which does not kill us, makes us stronger " or something to that effect? Well thats my motto as of late! Love you though!

Diana said...

Hi Terrie! It seems that the older I get the harder it is to get moving in the morning! As you can tell by my photo!

Teresa said...

Hi Diana,
So sorry you feel like me...it really gets to you sometimes I know. I am going to try and quit being so negative now...but it is good to know that I am not alone. Let's just run away and join the circus...your pic today, and my beak will certainly draw the crowds...Perhaps we should just set up a Circus Tent in the Village...after all "If we Build it they will come". We should also put up a roller coaster, so we can ride it everyday, like we have been doing lately! Are you having fun yet?

Barb said...

Diana - I had no idea you like hot pink...well, should I say...so MUCH! Today is my Wednesday - not sure what it is for you. At any rate, I WON'T be cleaning, closets or anything else for that matter. I'm leaving for a short hike with a friend soon - we were to leave earlier but this AM it's unsettled here and raining off & on. There is a dark cloud over the mountain. However, no thunder, so we'll try our luck. My friend wants to see the Mountain Lion scat - yes, t hat's the kind of friends I attract.
Glad your Hubby's back is better. Hope there isn't heavy lifting involved with the closet - for you or him.

Can't believe Katie will soon start school - there was a time I'd be preparing a classroom. Oh, Happy Day that I don't have to anymore!

Stillness Speaks said...

Hey Diana :D I hope you didn't tire yourself too much with that cleaning! And forget about spelling mistakes once and for all!

I am really happy to note that even though your husband can't take medicines, he is getting better. Which is delightful :D

And what in the world do you do at 5:30 in the morning! Pardon me for my lazy ways, but it is unuuuusually early for me :D

Snowbrush said...

I love your purple bikini. Here in the Willamette Valley where it never gets hot, it is now 106, so the thought of sitting in front of a monitor in a swimsuit looks pretty good.