Thursday, July 16, 2009

" Progress "

We Did it! We were able to get the huge pile organized. I went in search for boxes at church, but all that I had there were small ones. My Pastor's wife, Karen was there at the time and fortunately she knew of someone who had Plenty of empty boxes. Thank God , Karen and her friend as I was now armed with more than what I needed!

This picture is a reminder of what Katie's room looked like after her closet was emptied out! Very, very scary!

We started out packing all of her bags and purses, around 25 in all. Those she wanted to keep handy on the floor of the closet for easy access. Understandable. You can clearly see from this next photo progress is being made.

I must say that I was very proud of Katie. As I was putting the boxes together, I was giving her instruction in what to sort through next. She worked so well and without complaint, it warmed my heart!

It was not easy though as every time I looked away from my packing job and looked up at Katie to tell her what to sort through next, this is what I saw! I could not look at her without laughing! In case you can't tell, she is wearing Kanye West shades. They look like mini blinds. Very hard to keep a straight face!

The next photo is of the tiny, tiny closet. Old houses, usually have tiny, tiny closets!
This is what it looked like after everything was taken out except for some hanging clothes. There are shelves way up high in the closet. We utilized those for the boxes filled with memories.
I am only sorry that I didn't get a photo of the "before" of the closet. Katie emptied it out before I was able to! Look you can see the floor!

Finally, you can see the floor once more! Katie did an excellent job. She did most of the work, including climbing up on the stool to put the boxes up on the shelves. Really all she needed from me was some direction. I also did the packing.
Did I mention that we only had two hours to get this all done? She was having a new friend spend the night last night and wanted everything to look nice.
And she even mentioned in a round about way that she was happy that our home was clean and smelled good as some of her friends houses did not!
So I guess all of the cleaning does pay off occasionally!


Wanda said...

Gee Dianna...what a difference a day makes...and you managed to it keep Katie smiling...your apartment seems to be safe for now!
I have an attic that should be gone could come over...bring some boxes...I're busy blogging... maybe tomorrow!

Eileen said...

Nice job! And so quick!

If I ever do my attic and my basement, I'll post before (you will scream when you see the before pictures if I have the nerve to post them!) and after pics too.
I love this kind of thing!

More, more! I need another tour!
Love it, Diana!

Anonymous said...

Diana, I love this kind of blog...I feel that I am a part of the family...
That is a lot of work in two hours...and please give Katie a hug from me for a job well done. You are a great Mom....and I hope that her friends enjoy the time spent with her. What a nice compliment from Katie to you!
Hugs and smiles from Jackie

Blessings each day said...

Both of you deserve BIG pats on the back for a job well done!!! I do love before and after pictures, so you did a great job of even giving an in between picture!

Wish I would have taken a before picture of our garage (it still needs some more work on it) but that would have caused heart palpitations, at least for me!!!

It was heart warming to hear that you and Katie worked well together and even had a good time!!

blessings and hugs,


All Dolled Up Doll Clothes said...

Isn't is such a good feeling when it's all done? I bet Katie is so proud now to show off her space. And I bet that with you helping, she's learned a great skill that she will carry with her the rest of her life... Yeah, I know, I'm wishing hard for you (her)as we all know most teenagers never realize the lessons learned until they are adults and have children of their own. But great job anyway.

Stillness Speaks said...

The before and after was wonderful :D I hope your daughter's friend had a nice stay and would want to come again :)

Barb said...

You and Katie could get paid as organizers. Only 2 hours - impossible!

Jerelene said...

Great job!! Have you ever noticed that when you're trying to clean up, that sometimes it seems to get worse before the better? I cleaned up in my girls' room a couple of weeks ago.. now you wouldn't know it :( I might just have to do it again..either that or just wear blinders like a horse!
It's nice that you were able to do this together!!
Love, Jerelene