Tuesday, July 14, 2009

" Warm Hearts "

Several days ago my good friend Eileen passed this award on to me.

It is called " the Warm Hearts Award ".
This award is supposed to be passed on to someone who is bolstering, uplifting, reassuring, soothing, calming, cheering, consoling and encouraging to others around them. Lately I feel as though that's what everyone else has been doing for me!
However I wish to thank Eileen from " Ummas World " for believing in me and trusting that I deserve this. Eileen, you are all of those descriptive words above!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Sandy @ beachgirl77 created this very beautiful Warm Hearts award in memory of her son Jonny and it is a tribute to all the wonderful characteristics Jonny portrayed.

Some of you have already received this award. So rather than choosing any one in particular to pass this award to, I think that I would like it if any of you who gave me a warm and consoling comment after my Spooky passed away, and you don't already have this, please take it.
All of your comments really helped me through that difficult day. So please take the award. The words from all of you were bolstering, uplifting, reassuring, soothing, calming, cheering, consoling and encouraging on that very sad day for me.

For that alone you deserve a " Warm Heart " award and my sincere thank you!


Wanda said...

This warm heart award is pretty isn't it as well as very meaningful...a warm loving tribute to her son...
How are you feeling Diana? I haven't seen a comment anywhere to know...
I guess I should go pick more blackberries and not let them just go to waste...if you were here I'd hand you a bucket too!
Take care,

Eileen said...

You deserve it, Diana.
I can't tell you how much you have helped me in my life. And I appreciate it so much.
You always make me laugh (from the very first comment you left me on my blog) and you always leave me with an uplifted spirit, especially when I am feeling down!

I love this award, I am touched by the mother's love that created it, I love the characteristics of the young man it was created for, and I love the title and the symbol.
And it is so fitting that it was passed on to you.

Blessings each day said...

Congratulations, Diana you DO deserve this award as you always there for all of us too and a real blessing!

You have made many comments that have brought me laughter or smiles as well as great pats on the back when my smiles were drooping a little.

blessings with lots of hugs,


Blessings each day said...

P. S. Are you feeling just a teensy bit guilty over all the coffee spills you are causing on Eileen's keyboard? Think you might need to send her a clean up rag!

Jackie said...

A deserving award for a deserving lady. I hope that you are feeling better, Diana. Hugs to you from Jackie...

Teresa said...

Hi Diana, you most certainly deserve this award. Enjoy it! I hope you are feeling better too, in fact I think I read in Bernie's comments that you are! I am so happy for you. Hey, I got a job! Thank you so much for your prayers and support...((((hugs)))) T

With Loving Stitches said...

What a beautiful picture for an award. Absolutely gorgeous. I hope your day today will be better and calmer in spirit than yesterday. Hold onto the memories tightly and let them wrap you in warmth.

Calm Energy said...

Hi Diana...thank you for thinking of all of us... with a Warm Heart <3
I read the poem at BeachGirl77 it was very moving.

I enjoyed your post on :your apartment: it gave me some ideas for our "cubbies" as I call them in our attic bedroom... there are no closet up there...just really slanted ceilings. I should have a "what should I do with this space?" post ;o)

I posted your warm hearts offering on my blog too... with this inscription:
for God's creatures in our care-- *Thank you, Diana*

THANK YOU, DIANA... It's a beautiful day in upstate, NY... heading outside for more gardening! my roses really need help from all the rain.
~I hope all is well with you~

Stillness Speaks said...

Congratulations Diana! Take care and should you want to say something, know that someone is always listening here :)