Wednesday, July 1, 2009

" Some Random Photos from Katie "

Just for fun I started looking through Katie's photos. There were quite a few that I liked and admired. So with her permission I am just going to post some of the ones that I really like!

This is one of many of her self portraits.

" Self Discovery "

" Sisters on a Trip "

" Backyard Fire "

" My Maple Tree "

My only tree!

I guess she liked my Cone Flowers!

I think they are following her!

My current favorites, the Cosmos!

Poor little babushka pug!

Camping at Rend Lake.

One last self portrait. My girl, Katie.


Eileen said...

Very nice, Katie!
Of course my favorites are the ones with the girls in it, beautiful!
And out of the others I really like the tree! Very artistic!

Nice post, Diana! Thank you! And thank Katie!

Now I'm going back for a second look!

Bernie said...

Eileen, loved the pictures, Katie takes a lovely picture and both of your daughters look like you. I am like Eileen I really like the tree but the sisters is so cute.
Have a great day....:-) Hugs

Wanda said...

Enjoyed all of Katie's photos...your daughters are very lovely Diana and do favor you...your pug looks very cute, but "taken advantaged of" in his photo, it made me smile...he just simply looks "fed up"...could be in a commercial it's so cute!

Blessings each day said...

She did a great job, Diana and I like the ones you chose. The sisters look so happy together and even Katie looks real happy in the self portrait photos.

Your tree is just gorgeous and looks so majestic. Now you've gotten me wanting some cosmos flowers...they are so pretty...are they perrenials?

Can't overlook poor cute and she reminds me of one of those old pictures of a Russian grandma!

blessings and hugs,


Diana said...

Eileen, Bernie, Wanda and Marcy,
No animal was hurt in the taking of these pictures! Ruby was sitting in my lap and I couldn't help myself! She was very cooperative! And she is very,very spoiled.
Marcy I don't remember if the Cosmo's are perennials or not. I planted them from seed last year and they came up again this year. A very nice surprise!

Eileen said...

Diana, first, you did it to me again! And it wasn't even on your blog or my blog!
I read your comment on Linda's blog, about being good at cleaning toilets, and coffee came out my nose!! From now on if I see your name ANYWHERE the coffee cup is being put down far away from me!!
Diana, if I die from lack of oxygen because I can't catch my breath from laughing so hard my family will know who to blame!
I have never laughed so hard in my life as when I read you!

Um, what was the other thing I was going to say?
oh, I think Ruby is very spoiled and pampered! No worries there! You are too funny!

Blessings each day said...

Thank you for spoiling does my heart good and I do hope that Roxy is spoiled too..can we get a picture of her with a scarf?

If the cosmos came up again then they are perrenials...ya hoo!

Ginny said...

Katie is such an amazing photographer. I am so impressed with her!

Rebecca said...

Fun photos! I'm wondering if you "passed" your test (gall bladder). Maybe the test was just not eating! I had mine (g.b.) out a little less than a year ago. No fun. But I'm glad it's over.

I've got to remember why I started blogging! (How soon we forget!) I may never remember an actual reason - but I'm sure glad I did!

Stillness Speaks said...

Your daughter looks very pretty Diana :-) And I absolutely admire your maple tree. Please do post pictures of it, when the leaves change color :D Your pug is SO adorable :)

Barb said...

Katie - keep on using the camera. You are developing your "eye" for composition, that's for sure. The bonfire was so unusual - without the caption, I wouldn't have known what it was! I'm a tree canopy person, so I'd have to say that one spoke to me the most.
Happy 4th.

Jerelene said...

What beautiful girls!!
I love the coneflowers too..
I LOVE your babushka Ruby :)
the gnomes are pretty cute too!
Happy Thursday!!
Love, Jerelene

Linda Higgins said...

Diana, this is a very sweet post. I love being a mother don't you!

Snowbrush said...

Thanks for sharing these.

Annette said...

I so enjoyed her photos! I love her self portrait, gnomes, fire, and babushka! :) So much fun. I have a gift for you. You can find it on my blog. Take the time and read about the award. Feel free to pass it on or just enjoy having received it

Eileen said...

Diana, when you get a chance visit my post today.
Love you!

Wanda said...

Hi Diana...I think we both have received the same award...congratulations to you too!

Teresa said...

Hi Diana,
Congrats to you on your award! Thank you for all your kind words and prayers and for thinking of me while I was gone. We are certainly going to ride that 'roller coaster' one day, however, I kind of feel like I am on a life roller coaster right now. How are you? Why no new blogs? I really missed you...((((hugs)))) T

Garnetrose said...

Katie is quite lovely and so are the cosmos. I love them.

Eileen said...

Just wondering how you are Diana, and hope you haven't been posting just because you are busy having fun!!

Any more word on your tests?

Keep us posted!
Love you,

Teresa said...

Hi Dianna,
Wondering where you are! I hope and pray all is well, I am missing you. (((HUGS))) T