Thursday, July 23, 2009

" Too Tired Thursday "

What a fun day I had today! I posted this picture of this young man receiving what appears to be an innoculation of some sort. This is what Katie had to do today. Get her innoculations for high school. She received three in total. And she looked nothing like this young man above! She was so brave it made me proud. She hasn't had a shot in a very long time, well since the fifth grade so I think that she had forgotten what to expect.

Excuse my language but she is one hard ass chick!

Afterward she was told to use her arms , keep them moving, so that they wouldn't swell and get sore. And wouldn't you know I had plenty of house work for her to do when we got home. Wasn't that thoughtful of me?

She came home and did the work without complaint as I went off to my temporary fill in job. A dollar here and a dollar there, one dollar closer to a new lap top, God willing! Oh and to top it all off, when I came home from work, she had actually done an extrordinary job in the kitchen! The only thing missing was a nice home cooked meal when I walked in the door!

So KUDOS to Katie!
I really would have liked to post a Friday favorite, but our day was a bit busy and I still need my Katie to show me how to post photos from my camera onto this computer.
My hubby went back to work today and he has been in horrible pain. Back problems. We don't know what caused it as he swears that he doesn't remember doing anything out of the ordinary. I made him go to the doctor. Truth be told, if we didn't have each other, I doubt either one of us would go to the doctor ever!
The doctor checked him out and said that he thinks it's just a muscle problem that should go away in a week or two. Well isn't that just fine and dandy. He is still in horrible pain and has to work regardless. He cannot take any pain medications or muscle relaxers as it is against IDOT rules and can be fired if he does. They always have random drug tests. So I am very worried about him and feel helpless.
We need lots and lots of prayers.
On a lighter note, the room that our desk top computer is in is in a horrible disarray. To me this spells CHALLENGE! I love a challenge. So I believe that I might volunteer my Katie to help me with a whole new arrangement. Lots of moving and sorting to do to make this room more managable. It's always been the catch all room. When Jake and I first bought this house we actually named this room HAPPENSTANCE. It has always managed to live up to it's name!
Tomorrow is going to be another extremly busy day. I really would like to post a Friday Favorite if Katie and I have the time. But if not it maybe a Saturday favorite.
I hope and pray that the sun shines down on all of you and God blesses you with family, friends and good food.


Eileen said...

Di, you didn't say ~ how did the job go? Was this the filler spot or was this the job you had before?

I hope your husband feels better! I am praying for him, and for all of you.

And, YES! KUDOS TO KATIE!! For being so brave and for being so helpful to Mom!

And it feels so good to laugh along with you again (I laughed out loud when I read that you were helping Katie to keep active with the housework!).

Keep us updated on your husband, your computer woes, your job, Katie, etc. I'll keep checking in. And, don't forget, try to rest!
Love and Prayers, E

Jerelene said...

I hope your poor hubby feels better soon! Back aches are the absolute worst:(
Well..So are shots..brave Katie :)
Don't work too hard Diana..I'll keep you guys in my prayers and hopefully you'll keep us in yours..Love, Jerelene

Linda Higgins said...

(ERMA) Diana, how nice of you to help Katie out with her arm and it not getting sore after the shots! OH back problems...Huhoney has had 6 operations and now has a spinal cord stimultor implant as well as a morphone pump implant. NOT fun at all those darn backs! Anyone who has back problems....I totally feel sorry for..and lots of prayers are coming your way!

Wanda said...

Good morning Diana...
You and Katie are singing the same tune these days(so to speak)...she must have missed you while away with Ginny.

Sorry your husband has back pain and unable to take medication, Herhusband had a back operation about 20 years ago...they fused 2 vertibrae together.

Have a good weekend and don't work too hard at decluttering the computer room...:)

Teresa said...

Hi Diana,
Your blog was the only one I had a chance to read this morning before I left the village for my job, and I am so happy that you got a computer, and that you are back in the Village.

So sorry to hear about your hubby s back pain(that is the worst), and believe me I will be praying for all of your situations. It seems Katie is really pitching in and understanding that she is needed.

Just 3 more days and some of my craziness will end. It was so hot here yesterday, and I am very tired, very tired. God Bless you and say hello to everyone for me.

Teresa said...

Hi Diana,
Your blog was the only one I had a chance to read this morning before I left the village for my job, and I am so happy that you got a computer, and that you are back in the Village.

So sorry to hear about your hubby s back pain(that is the worst), and believe me I will be praying for all of your situations. It seems Katie is really pitching in and understanding that she is needed.

Just 3 more days and some of my craziness will end. It was so hot here yesterday, and I am very tired, very tired. God Bless you and say hello to everyone for me.

Blessings each day said...

Lots of posting took place after I got off early yesterday evening.

Good to see you up and running. Bad to hear about your hubby's pain...can't he even take ibuprophen or aspirin? They probably don't help tpp much. How about those heating things that you tape on your back...I've tried the off brands which are cheaper and work just as well (at least the CVS brand did)?

Take good care of yourself too, Di!

blessings and hugs,


Maria said...

I'm sitting here, taking a break with warmed up coffee from this morning (not bad though)... looking at THE SUN SHINING! amazing... since it's been cloudy and rainy almost every day this week!
So glad to see your post, Diana, and all the friendly conversation here.
Hope your husband feels better... back issues need lots of TLC.

It's nice when children have a heart to help. Hope Katie's arm doesn't get toooo sore! An A+ for her day's efforts!

All the Best, Maria

Barb said...

Hi Diana,
So happy you're back blogging with a borrowed computer! You sounds so busy. How did the jobs go? Guess what I'm doing...BAKING! Yes, the middle of the summer (though it's cool here, as usual). My son and Family (2 youngest Grands, 2 & 3) are coming today through Mon. Gregg is doing a charity bike ride for Children's Hospital with his company. So, I'm baking banana oatmeal bread in my bread machine because I had LOTS of past-due bananas. I haven't baked bread in the machine in awhile - can't wait until the bread starts smelling good all over the house. I also made dark chocolate fudge brownies. Oh, well...wish I could share some with you, so I don't eat it them all!

Hope your husband's back pain is over soon. Tell him to ice it when he gets home from work. My PT told me to do a stretch like a modified cobra yoga pose with elbows on the floor and back arched slightly - this stretches the vertebrae and also helps relax the muscles. However, if too painful, he can't do that.
Take care Diana - have a good weekend.

PS I think maybe Katie takes after you in the "resolve" category.

Wanda said...

I heard form Bernie's her comment:

Bernie said...
Hi Sweetie, Just a note to tell you I am having a wonderful time and missing all of you. See you in just a few more days....Say hello to everyone from me ok, and I do hope all is well in blogland...miss you all....-:) Hugs

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry about your husband's back pain. Tell him for me that I know how bad they can be, and no one can know until it happens to them. I do hope for relief for hiim soon.
Take good care of you, too!
Smiles from Jackie

Diana said...

Hi Everybody!!
Sorry but we had a few computer glitches which seem to be fixed for now! Pastor will be going on vacation in two weeks so I hope the glitches are gone for at least a month!
Jake's back is getting better, thank God! We've been praying a lot and he's been moving slower then usual so hopefully it will continue to get better. I can't stand when he's in so much pain, that helpless feeling you get!
I was happy to hear that Bernie is doing well, thank you Wanda!
Blessings to all of you!

Brenda said...

Dear Diana,
It was good to read your post and see how Katie is becoming so responsible and helpful--right when you need her most with your hubby down. I will pray for your hubby. Bless you!

Thanks for your kind words on my post. I do love being a grandma and wish I could live up to your kudos. I LOVED having Lilly and Jackson for 10 days and was thinking of doing a mini series. :-) How I miss them! Guess I had better move on to other topics.

Anonymous said...

Hi Diana...I had you on my mind, so I wanted to post you again and tell you so. You have a lot of friends that are thinking of you and your husband and Katie...and I wanted to say a late evening hello to you....
Smiles from Jackie

Stillness Speaks said...

I am so sorry to hear of your husband's back ache! I wish him a speedy recovery and wonderful health thereafter!

Your daughter is extremely thoughtful. Every parent would want a daughter like that :)

I really hope that you aren't straining yourself too much in your new job! And I also hope you are eating well and on time! Don't skip meals and eat healthy. Loads of love to you :)

Stillness Speaks said...

One question though: Why in the world does your husband's workplace have an objection to his taking medication to relieve pain?? Can he talk to some senior authorities and get special permission?

I'd pray he gets well real soon. Back ache must feel pathetic and to deal with it every minute must be torture! Prayers help Diana. They surely do. You ARE doing all that you can to help him and are being exceptionally hardworking, dedicated and motivated to be taking up a job again.

Rebecca. Harlan, IN said...

I love the name of your room - HAPPENSTANCE! I actually love "names". I've been trying to come up with a name for our house ever since we moved here over 5 years ago. Of course, it has to be "just right." Our newer buildings are simply called "Shed" and "Cabin". "House" just seems too cold and simple, somehow.

Happy to see in comment section that your husband is doing a little better. Hope improvement continues at a strong pace!

Diana said...

Good Morning Stillness,
To answer your question about why my husband can't take any pain medication while working,
He is a truck driver, the big,big kind of trucks and it is against federal regulations for drivers to take any form of narcotic even perscribed. He can take tylenol or advil but they didn't help at all. As of last night,he sounded so much better and was feeling so much better but has to watch how he moves.
He drives about 70 hours a week and even though he has a brand new truck with air adjustable seats, that is a lot of strain on one's back bouncing up and down all the time. We are starting to worry about the stress that it can be causeing on his back but really there's nothing that we can do about it.
But for now things seem to be getting better for him. We both really try to just live on day at a time and not worry about tomorrow. Otherwise the stress would just become unbearable. Thank you for your thoughtfulness but you didn't let me know if you were getting any better?

Eileen said...

Just stopping in to say 'Hi!', I haven't seen a new post from you and just wanted to make sure you're doing okay.
Thinking of you!

Stillness Speaks said...

I understand..can he apply for a week's leave? Just so he can rest and take the prescribed medication?

I am absolutely alright now. No fever, no weakness, but I was still advised to take a day off, so here I am sitting at home, enjoying the last of my holidays for this week :)