Tuesday, July 14, 2009

" I Don't Know What to Title this Post! "

Wow girls (and boys?) check this out. I have been promising my girl, Katie, that we would clean her closet out together. Soon. Yeah, I was really lookin' forward to that!
A little background. My Katie is not the neatest person around. Neither was my Ginny. Both of my girls are, I will be nice here, a little sloppy. Katie being the neater of the two. Sorry Ginny, I love you! I am, and you can ask ANYONE who knows me, very neat and very clean.
I remember the days when Ginny was around Katie's age (14 ). My husband and I knew it was time for Gin to clean her room when we found empty plates of food under her bed! In my daughter Ginny's defense, she has since grown into a much neater person. She was just not as compulsive about cleaning as I am, Thank God!
It is difficult, but I do turn a blind eye to Katie's room as it is her space after all. Something we all need. My son, Frank, on the other hand, took after his mom. You could walk into his room at any time and everything was in it's place and his bed was always made. He is still very neat, but with two young children and working full time he has relaxed a bit on that.
So onto the closet story. I believe my daughter was a bit bored this evening. I am really not sure. I didn't ask. I just came when she said " Hey mom, come here."
And this is what I saw!

You probably can't tell but on the left of the photo is a queen size bed. We counted approximately 25 assorted bags and purses. Several forgotten articles of clothing. A giant teddy bear that daddy bought when she got her first inoculation , a giant pink bunny rabbit, c.d.'s falling from above and pillows. Lots and lots of pillows.
Well now what? I have been saving boxes at church. I have a bit of hoarder in me. We'll save that for another time. So since my Katie took such a huge initiative with this gigantic endeavor, I had to promise to bring home the boxes to help organize her closet.
So my dear friends, please, while you are floating in your pools, smelling your gloriously beautiful flowers, and eating your heavenly fruitful desserts, don't think about me sitting in the middle of the pile of stuff with our cardboard boxes.
Remember, organization is the key to success in life. The sooner learned, the better!

Is he not an evil looking fellow? Looks are very deceiving. But you should all know this by now. This is the kitty that I am sitting for this week. Here is the funny part. I can't remember if the cat is a boy or a girl! It's a long story. Boring at that. But the kitty looks like a boy to me so I will refer to it as he. I have always been a cat person and have had many cats in my life. I can still remember the names of each and every one. The most I have had at one time was eight. In the house. Now I am down to four.
I still miss all of the ones that have passed.
This cat that I am sitting for is so lovable and playful. Oh crap, now I am missing Spooky. I'm alright!

He/She is very attractive, don't ya think?

I watched a really, really good movie tonight. It's not new but new to me. Many of you have probably already seen it. I do not consider myself to be in the loop so please don't think me silly for going on about this movie, But.........
" The Jane Austen Book Club " was a wonderful, fabulous, warm, funny, intelligent and romantic movie.
I am a not an avid reader. I consider myself strange as I love non-fiction, more precisely, reference books.
After watching this movie I am moved to read Jane Austen's books. I've seen the movie's. Does that count?
More importantly though, this movie, in many ways, reminded me of the friendships that we have formed blogging. I can envision each and everyone of you in this book club with me. Trying to figure out which character each one of you would be was the fun part. If you have not seen this flick, I would highly recommend it. I would not categorize it as a totally chick flick as I think my husband would have enjoyed it. That's saying a lot as he is a huge sci-fi, shoot-em-up and kill em fan!
But he does enjoy intelligent humor as well.

This is a movie that I would love to own!

Goodnight All!


Jerelene said...

You poor thing!! I've been there, done that..having 19 and 17 yr. old daughters. It's a scary place to be.. in there room..you never know how long it will take you to find your way out..(take a white flag in with you :)
Don't work to hard!!
That kitty looks serious..I think he's pretty though!!
Love, Jerelene

Wanda said...

No wonder Katie has her eye on your apartment...better help her quick...so that thought leaves her mind...maybe she is starting to dislike the mess herself...
At least you are doing something together!
I will watch for the movie, thanks for letting us know how much you liked it...
Take care Diana!

Blessings each day said...

How well I remember those rooms and all three of my children created disaster areas! the good news was that they would never have to worry about being robbed as no theif had enough time or patience to go through it all.

On the plus side, Katie's book case looks lovely and neat...what's with that?

This was such a great and interesting post, Diana.

Did your babysat cat play with the others or was there just alot of hissing going on?

blessings with lots of hugs,


p.s. Thanks for 'voting' to keep me in 'the village'.

Eileen said...

Thanks for posting about the movie, I'm going to put it on my list!

And that cat is beautiful, I don't know if it's a girl cat or boy cat either, but it's so pretty is should be a girl. Those eyes!

And I can well relate to both Katie's messiness (my room is not pristine, as I have a tendency to take my shoes off and leave them to pile sky high at the foot of the bed!), and I can relate to your frustration as both my girls are in the 'pigsty' catagory and far from just the untidy, messy catagory! And these are grown women now! I just make them shut their doors because I am tired of having a meltdown over it! And I refuse to do the cleaning myself, I have enough to keep up with between Jayden and his toys, I'm not about to pick up after them too.
Well, actually, every once in awhile (maybe twice a year) Ray and I will both go and tackle the room and lay down the law that now it has to stay this way (that's a laugh)!
What can you do? I don't make myself crazy over it anymore.

Great post, Di! I enjoyed it!
Now can you come here and help me clean out and organize my house?

Diana said...

Jerelene, The kitty does look serious but he's actually very loving and playful. Way more than mine are! Kate's having a new friend spend the night tonight so I have to get busy on that mess!

Wanda, You are right about Kate wanting my apartment,Which is why I have to help her quick!

Marcy, Katie's room is pretty organized, all of that stuff came out of her closet! I still can't believe that it all came out of such a small closet. As far as the kitty goes, I have been going to their house to care for him. He's the only cat they have.

Eileen, I am like you in that I close Katie's door too. But I do go in there about once a month, dust and clean a little. I just can't help myself. I usually do it when she's not home. She has never complained about it!

Calm Energy said...

Good Morning! And a beautiful one it is!
Saying hello this morning...then an 'anniversary afternoon' is in the planning :)

I used to be obsessed with cleaning and organizing...
Then, I had kids !!!
I read a book once that suggested using three bags/boxes:
1. throw away
2. give away
3. put away
This was the best thing for cleaning out...
(still working on this myself ;o)
My kids are all out of the home... but we still "house" the stuff they didn't take with them!
Chris and I are still getting rid of it...you don't want to see my basement! It's a small basement (under only 1/3 of the house).
I should post about it and ask for suggestions!
It's really something how it piles up...
Good luck Diana... I know what this is like !
Posssible post title:
The Gifts That Keep on Giving!
Thanks for your post, it's wonderfully genuine!
Sonshine with showers of Grace,

Diana said...

Hi Maria!
It is gloomy and rainy here today but that's o.k. I love this kind of weather! Katie is still asleep and I am getting antsy so I am going to go work out (to gain energy) and then go get those boxes and get to work. I'm sure she will wake up when I start rattling around in her room!
Actually, this weather is perfect for indoor projects!

Calm Energy said...

You Go Girl !!!

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen the movie, either...and I want to see it now that you have recommended it.
I'm happy the cat has such a fine place to stay while being 'cat sat'...You are a sweet lady.
Don't work too hard today. I'll be away for a while....but should be back later this evening or tonight.
I'm thinking of you.
Smiles from Jackie
P.S. I'm having trouble getting to the comment section on a lot of blogs. That has never happened to me...but I'm not usually up this early (10 A.M.) :)))

Teresa said...

Hi Diana,
In the photo of Katie's room, I do see her books are in order! I read this book called "Does this Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat", and it said to make piles, of the things you absolutely love and want to keep, the things you want to give away, and the things you want to toss! (Make the decision quickly...Then gather the last two and get them out of the room quickly. Then, clean the room, and put the things you love away. Take the toss away's to the trash, and the give away's to Goodwill, or the church or wherever you wont be tempted to bring them back into your room. Done! If I could, I would come and help...I have a little time between all of my jobs right now...(((Hugs))) Have fun! Will be thinking of you.

Terrie said...

Well, where to start? Cleaning. Nah. My kids never learned. I am an organizer but that gene didn't get passed along. On to yuor mention of the movie. I have been looking all over for that movie. I never got to see it in the theatre because no one would go with me. I have not been able to find it in the stores so I guess I will just have to go online and find it. I am a Jane Austen fan. I love all her books although many find that style of writing very difficult to read and stay interested in. Her books are the only books I like to read and I swear, if I lived a previous life, I am sure it was there and then although my husband says I was more likely to live in Salem MA during the witch trials but that's a story of it's own. Anyway, I do recommend Jane Austen to anyone. Well worth the time.

Diana said...

Hi Jackie, The kitty has a wonderful home. I used to clean house for his family until it got to be too much for me, but they are such a wonderful family and I always feel at home there so I am happy to kitty sit for them! Blogger has been troublesome lately! I hope you do get to watch that movie, it was great!

Hi Teresa, I'm so glad you had a few moments! Now you are so busy you will have to find the time to squeeze us in! I'm going to be starting on Kate's room in about a half hour, thanks for the advice. Getting her to listen is a whole other story!

Diana said...

Hi Terrie, I found the movie on cable on Encore. It was a great movie and if you are a Jane Austen fan I'm sure you'd love it!

Linda Higgins said...

OKOKOK I love to read so...Jane Austin here I come!

Barb said...

I see you posted this yesterday, so since it's now Wed night, I hope you're done with this gargantuan task! My advise: eat some more chocolate cake, breathe, and be thankful Katie wants to reorganize! I just told my husband to put the movie on our Netflix list.

Brenda said...

Whew! I have been there with kids but not for a long time. My sister-in-law was/is a huge hoarder--seriously--the kind that could have been on Oprah! It was an intense job to move her to another apartment a few years ago!

I can't wait to watch the movie.

Rebecca said...

Thanks for the heads up on the movie. For some reason, I have a hard time sitting through a movie at home. (Not that I'm that active a person - I can sit for hours at the computer....)

And re. the room, I was Katie in my teen years. Firstborn. By the time my youngest sister was a teen, my mother had relaxed quite a bit, but I KNEW I never measured up in the "neatness department."

BLESS THIS MESS read the sign my mother reluctantly hung on my sister's door. It was hard for me to understand what changed until I was a mother myself :)

Stillness Speaks said...

I absolutely loved this piece of writing! You have a rocking sense of humor Diana :D And the stuff that just spilled out of your daughter's cupboard is sure to make any girl go green with envy :D

Your son is actually that neat with things? Wow! I've known guys to be anything but neat and tidy :D

Would love to meet you some day, you are such a fun person to be with :) Loads of love :)