Wednesday, July 29, 2009

" MTV Rocks!"

This has got to be a quick post tonight as I promised Katie that I would watch "Real World" with her. Yeah I know, but what can I do she invited me to watch with her! My older daughter Ginny used to watch this years ago when she was still living at home. So I can't very well not watch it with Katie. It's stupid and imature but yet in a strange way kind of addicting!
Anyway I just had to post about my grandaughter Sarah's visit today. She wanted to come and spend some time with me and I felt honored! I offered to take her to the park to feed the ducks and she said " No I want to just stay here and play." So I didn't get to feed the ducks but I got to hear all about her three vacation bible schools that she has gone to. She remembers every detail of each one. It seemed amazing to me but it probably isn't for a six year old. She talked for at least an hour straight so I think that we got pretty much caught up. We haven't seen each other since Father's Day and I was missing her terribly. We had such a wonderful visit.

I also got to see my grandson Jack who is walking now. I haven't seen him since Father's Day either. I wanted to post a photo of him so badly and Sarah too but I can't do it on this computer. I tried but I think it's just too old. I couldn't believe how much his face had changed in just over a month! And he let me hold him without throwing a fit. I was afraid that he wouldn't remember me but it sure seemed like he did. It was fantabulous being with them both!

Oh I forgot to mention that Katie rearranged her bedroom today and she made me cry. She took out some furniture to make more space and packed up almost all of her stuffed animals. I wish I could show you a photo, but all I can say is that it looks nothing like a little girls room at all anymore. High school registration is Monday and she said " Your gonna cry." I said " No I'm not." She said "I'm gonna make you cry."

And I have a feeling that she will. And it won't be the last time!

Well it's almost time to go watch a little MTV, YEAH , IT ROCKS!!!!!!!!

Who knows maybe it will make me younger , ya think?


Blessings each day said...

I think It's not only made you younger, but we're gonna have to find you a babysitter!

You need to let us know how much fun MTV was...were you rocking out?!

So glad you got time with your sad that you can't post pictures, though.

blessings and hugs,


Anonymous said...

Sorry you didn't get to feed the ducks....but I'm glad that you got to spend some time with your grandchildren. You make me smile...Thanks for that!!

Wanda said...

That was a good thing to do Diana...watching MTV with was sweet that she wanted your company...You can tell she's growing up, once they bag up most of their stuffed's not long before boys enter the picture...
Your granddaughter Sarah sounds like Alivia...a talker with a good memory!
Have a good night,

Barb said...

HI Diana,
Ready to hit the sack soon. Are you still up watching MTV? I honestly can't imagine it...
My Granddaughter, Amanda, called tonight to "chat." Finally, in the middle of her reading THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS to me, her Daddy (my son) told her to "cut it short" since her brothers also wanted to talk. She told me she'd bookmark where we left off so we could continue when she calls again - probably tomorrow night! She just checked the Christmas book out of the library - it's Christmas in July for her, I guess! Happy Thursday tomorrow - or is it Friday for you?
Glad you got to spend time today with your Grands and with Katie.

Diana said...

Well Marcy I'll tell you this, MTV is definetly not my choice for regular t.v. viewing but, it does keep the lines of comunication open between kate and I. When I sit and watch those types of shows with her she ultimately tells me things about boys and such that otherwise would not have been mentioned. And I sort of use it as a learning tool, when someone does something stupid we discuss it. Katie is a lot smarter then she lets on. I just hope that she applies the mini lessons when she is off on her own!

Hi Jackie, I truely was looking forward to feeding the ducks, something Katie and I used to do after school quite often. But alas she's too cool to do that now. But it doesn't matter I am still on a happy high from being with Sarah!

Yes Wanda the putting away of the stuffed animals well I am still teary eyed about it. Oh dear I don't want to cry this morning. But it seems like just yesterday when I was painting dinosaurs around her toy room. Life was simplier then! And truthfully Sarah amazes me, I think it is this generation of kids I really do.

Hi Barb, I loved that your grandaughter wanted to read the Grinch to you over the phone. I have actually started to think about christmas myself! Today is definetly not my Friday as I have to go and clean a house. It wears me out but I need the extra cash. So tomorrow will be my Friday, how about that, it will be Friday on Friday! Finally maybe my days will go back to normal again, whatever that is!

Maria said...

Diana, your posts leave me with a smile :) They're fantabulous !

My kids won't bag their stuffed animals...
Even thought they're all out of the house now... (middle daughter, Rachael, just moved out last weekend after several months btwn apt's)
She still sleeps with her bunny rabbit that she's had since one year of age)!

I still haven't told my daughter, Amanda, that all her Sesame St. characters that were stored in the shed became a cozy home for mice and had to be thrown away.

Balancing culture and personal values is tough when raising teens... even for myself! You're so smart to keep the lines of communication open, Diana!
fantabulous Mom & G'ma!
All the Best~Always

Maria said...

oh...just reread my comment...
*editing after the fact*
"Balancing culture and personal values is tough when raising teens... even for myself!"

I meant to say... It's difficult to balance culture and values 'within myself.'

Stillness Speaks said...

Would have loved to see the pictures but I am happy enough to see you post. Something is better than nothing at all :D

Have fun and keep rocking!

Eileen said...

I'm so glad you got to spend time with the grandkids! And I think just that talk your granddaughter wanted to have with you is so much more quality time than feeding ducks! How sweet!
I love it when I ask Jayden what he wants to do and he says, "Nothing, just stay here with you"!

And I was hooked on Real World for a few seasons when it first began! My youngest daughter still records and watches it on the weekends and I'll tune in with her once in awhile, but I"m so lost now with it, and it annoys her when I ask so many questions!

Great post, Di!
And you are young!
I decree it so!
Love, E

Diana said...

Hi Maria, My oldest daughter has been out of the house for ten years and I still have so much of her stuff in my basement! I just repacked it all not to long ago, trying to downsize! She lives in N.C. and we in Il. so I can't say to much about it. I have a feeling it will remain down there forever! My son lives ten miles from me and I made him get all of his stuff out when he bought his house. I feel like I should charge storage fees!

Hi Stillness, I do miss posting photos, I am thinking of doing it on my sons computer next time I am out there. Nice to hear from you, how is the job going?

Oh my gosh Eileen, this real world is so stupid, even Katie thinks so! But like I said it gives us an opportunity to talk about things that otherwise probably wouldn't get talked about. And your right, it was better just sitting and talking with Sarah than feeding the ducks.
My pastor just called and he's running Kati's computer by the house. The laptop. He's not one hundred percent sure but thinks that it should be able to work now. That would mean I can use it to blog on again! We will see!