Sunday, July 26, 2009

" Sunday Morning "

It is Sunday morning and I have been awake for about an hour or more now. It is beautiful outside. The sun is shining and the temperatures are sitting in the low sixties. Now if only it would stay like that all day. This is one of those rare Sundays that I don't have to go anywhere. Katie and I went to church last night so that we, I should say, she could sleep in.

Pastor's sermon was very moving and personal to me. They usually always are. Jake and I have commented several times in the past that it feels as if our Pastor chooses his words just for us. I do realize this not to be true as he plans his sermons far in advance, but I think that it is a special gift to be able to make one feel that he is speaking just to you! Just as if you were reading God's word, he is speaking just to us, personally.

After church Kate and I , by the way she hate's when I call her Kate as she likes to be called Katie. I like to call her Kate as that's what I wanted to name her, just Kate! After church Kate and I came home and hooked up the computer again. I have commented to a few of you that we were having mouse problems. None of our mice would work. It was a small glitch that Pastor fixed for us. Thankfully as it doesn't take long for computer withdrawal to set in around here! It is particularly bad for Kate, yes I called her Kate, she's still asleep! But also for me as blogging has become my newest hobby. I cannot crochet like I used to and sewing has become a little to costly for me to keep up with so, I blog. And I clean. Clean and blog, that's what I do.

As I was catching up on everyone's blogs last night I discovered that there are three blogs that I can't make comments on. It has something to do with downloading possible viruses because of the way the comment sections are set up. This really upset me as two of them are my old favorites and the third is a new friend who I've bonded with and really enjoy commenting to. These three blogs are Wanda's, Jerelene's and Terrie's. So I guess if things are set up right, I will just have to email comments to them! I am sorry girl's, but just know that I will read your posts everyday regardless.

After catching up on who's been sick and who hasn't, I retired to my recliner and watched a movie. Kate soon followed and we enjoyed a few laughs together. I don't know why or if it's just my imagination, which I don't think that it is, but Kate and I seem to be getting closer lately. Why in this past week alone she's let me hug her a least four time's! Still no kisses but I'll take what I can get. She reached a point a few years ago where she just stopped giving any physical displays of endearment towards any of us. But it almost seems as if it's starting to turn around. I suppose each individual is different in that respect. Frank and Ginny , my two adult children never stopped hugging even as teens and still do. But Katie is and always has been a very different child , young woman. After she was born there was a while when Jake and I thought something might be wrong with her as she never smiled. Then finally after a few months we would notice tiny little smiles here and there. Relief is what we felt then. I remember Jake and I trying everything to try and get her to smile. So serious was she. We couldn't even get a laugh out of her. Then one day we heard her giggling. It seemed that her big sister who at the time was 14 , was the one that could make Katie laugh. And smile. Funny, it's still that way today sometimes.

Kate is not as serious today as she was back then. As a matter of fact, she is quite funny. Actually witty would be a better word. It has become much easier for me to make her laugh. Especially as I age as she thinks that this is quite hysterical! She is forever pointing out how many times that I repeat myself and how humorous it is to watch me try to walk after I have been sitting for any length of time. Also the fact that my hearing isn't quite what it used to be and that I am more like my mother with each passing day. And to be truthful, I really don't care as I love to hear Katie laugh. She has a great laugh!

Wow I've been on the computer for quite a bit now and it's still so peaceful in the house. I wonder how long it will last! I don't really have any particular plans for the day although there are many things that need to be done. Many projects that I can choose from. What will she choose?


Wanda said...

Hi comment settings are opened to there a specific thing I can change?...what does it actually do when you try to leave a comment? you get a comment box to type in?...what type of message does it give you?...I would help form this end if it's possible...I already checked the settings...nothing there seems to be the reason...Keep trying!

Enjoy the rest of your peaceful Sunday!

Maria said...

I was going to write 'Good Morning' but find it's noon!
Personal sermons are the best aren't they?!
So glad, Diana, that you have a computer to work with. I don't even use my phone book anymore... I just check online for phone numbers of stores & businesses...
Enjoy your Sunday... hoping it's peaceful & relaxing ~ Maria

Wanda said...

Me again Diana...I changed my settings and now have "word verification" set up...maybe that might help...wouldn't know why...but you could give it a try and see...

Your neighbor in the Village!

Anonymous said...

Hi Diana....
Kate is a beautiful name...and I can also understand how "Katie" became her 'other' name. I do tht sometimes with my students without even thinking about it.
Computer withdrawal....sigh. I don't know what I ever did without my computer....and I'm so glad that your pastor worked on the glitch with your mouse. Thank your pastor for us all...
Enjoy and relax the rest of the day. I'm about to take a nap. I do that every Sunday afternoon....
Smiles from Jackie

Diana said...

Wanda, the word verification set up worked fine! I left you two comments. This computer is very old and sometimes takes two or three times to get it started but I am still very grateful just to have it! Thank you for changing your setup to word verification!

Hi Maria, So far I've been cleaning all morning but that's fine I was in the mood! Hope you get to do whatever you enjoy doing today as well!

Diana said...

Hi Jackie,
Kathrine Hepburn was always one of my favorite actresses. Everyone called her Kate. But my husband wanted Katelin so I let him have his way since he knocked me up to begin with! Now that I think about it, I shouldn't have let him have his way twice and her name would be Kate. Oh well too late now. I do hope you are feeling a little better? I know you don't like to complain about it. I can tell. Oh and by the way, I try to take a nap everyday if I can! Naps are great and great for you too!

Ann of Green Cables said...

Sounds like just what the doctor ordered; a Peace Full Sunday.We all deserve a day of rest. Even God took a break after 6 days and if it's good enough for Him...LOL
I hope your day keeps on being a good one. ;o)

Barb said...

Hi Diana,
Raining very hard here - luckily, my son finished the Children's Hospital ride just before the downpour. Tomorrow is his last biking day. The children are sleeping - I'm not having an exactly "peaceful" weekend, but a good one with the little ones underfoot.
Relax and enjoy your down-time. Glad your husband feels better.

Diana said...

Hi Marlene,
It's been pretty peaceful but I have been cleaning all day. But thtas fine it's what I like to do. I'll put my feet up tonight and relax!

Hi Barb,
You really did get a lot of baking done, I love it when other people bake! I just have no desire! Glad that your son didn't get drenched! Hope it's a dry one for him tomorrow.

Eileen said...

Hi, Diana! Happy you posted!
I really do believe that God does guide and have a hand in the sermons we hear at church. I believe He led your Pastor to say what you needed to hear, just as I believe He leads some bloggers and others in our lives to say just what is needed at just the right time. And then He leads us to those blogs because He knows it is what we need to refresh our souls.

I'm glad you and Kate are getting along. Things have been pretty favorable around here in my Kate department too (knock wood it remains so!), so I don't have any complaints.
And I'm glad you're having a peaceful day too! And good for you cleaning!

We've been busy, some family yesterday afternoon for a barbecue, and Ray and I were out most of today, we just got in awhile ago. Tonight is pancake night, he's going to make them for us for dinner, I'm looking forward to it!

Okay, hope your computer behaves itself! Take care.
Love, Eileen

Blessings each day said...

Hi Diana,

Whoppee..we don't usually get a post on Sunday from you, so that's a nice surprise (I've been a little slack there myself). Just delighted that you can communicate with us again.

With only 4-5 hours of sleep last night I really did need that little nap I just took. The only problem with taking naps (not often) is that if I sleep two hours or more, I am groggy for the longest time.

So good to hear about how great your relationship is growing with Katie, a nice reward for your great mothering.

Today's sermon was so in line with what my post was about that it felt like God was sending me a message. Do you think maybe we feel these things are directed to us especially because we are truly listening and God is speaking through these people??

blessings and hugs,


Diana said...

Hi Eileen,
Gosh Kate and I have been getting along all day, it's kinda scary! I'm having trouble remembering but your Kate is your older daughter? Set me straight on this please. I remember you mentioning her before.
I cleaned out china cabinets today, not fun work but it looks really good again!
I also agree with you about Pastors sermon but it's just really strange, although I have had some prayers answered lately.
I guess we all need to Just keep a goin' and just keepa prayin'!

Diana said...

Hi Marcy,
Apparently it wasn't a very good night for several of us!
I really don't know in answer to your question. I mean I always listen attentivly in church but I just can't explain it. I guess I should try visiting my mom's church and see if the same thing happens there. I do think that I really needed to hear what Pastor said last night. As sometimes we all need verification that we are not alone in our circumstances.

Eileen said...

Diana, when I was here before I was just kind of quick leaving comments on blogs as I had been out all day, now I just came back and was reading everyone's comments to you and your responses. Guess what happened? I did it again!
I read your comment about 'getting knocked up' and not letting your husband 'have his way twice' and the coffee once again spewed forth!
Di, I can't take it anymore, I am laughing out loud here and I think Ray thinks I'm nuts!
So glad you're back!
Love you, Eileen

Jerelene said...

Hello Diana,
I don't know either why it wouldn't let you comment...that is so wierd as I haven't changed anything at all since I first started wierd..If you have problems again, be sure and e-mail me and let me know..
I am so glad you are back and I hope you are feeling good :) It's no fun to be without a computer and unable to blog..So happy that you are back!!
Love, Jerelene

Stillness Speaks said...

Hearing all those positive and uplifting thoughts must feel wonderful. Puts all the worries to rest!

I guess teenagers and people in their early twenties break away temporarily from the norm to find themselves and find out who they are and what they want. They always come back because afterall, family is family :)

How is your job going Diana?

Eileen said...

Diana, I was just checking to see if you happened to post again (blogger never tells me until a day or two later sometimes!), and I realized I never answered you about Katie.
She's my oldest daughter, and she's Jayden's mother.
I don't blog much about her situation because she reads my blog. Suffice it to say she makes things very interesting around here. I'll email you sometime about the 'fun' we have here, especially when her boyfriend is visiting with her and Jayden. Ugh!

Teresa said...

Hi Diana,
I have been having that very same experience with sermon's lately, and I too feel like they are especially for me. I have been hearing the same scripture over and over again for weeks, from different sources, so I know, that I know, God wants me to take notice of it. I am so glad you are able to blog again from is tough to be off line and away from the Village for too long. Am I one of the Villager's that you can not make comments to? I have had a hard time with making comments myself lately...they just do not show up, and it is so frustrating because I have so little time these days, and you are all so important to me. Keep smiling! I also love the name Kate!

Pat - Arkansas said...

Thanks for dropping by my Rose of Sharon post, Diana. Yes, they are persistent! I'm glad that one bloomed before it got yanked.

Glad your mouse is out of the trap and functioning properly. Being without a computer is no fun at all when you're used to having it.

Terrie said...

HI Diana, First let me thank you personally for your kind and thoughtful words about my Charlie. It is hard to lose such a good companion. I am doing OK but my husband is really struggling. It will get better with time. Second, Don't you just love those kind of days...a day when you have no plans and you just let things happen as they come. No rush, no worries. I do hope you had a wonderful day and I can't wait to hear about it.
Isn't it amazing how God works? In the sermons you hear and in the way your relationship with Katie is growing, you know that God has something to do with it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Diana....I like to come back to your blog and re-read it...and I love to read the comments and your comments on the comments (I sound like I'm being redundant...) :))
I wanted to say "Hi"....and let you know how special you are...I've really enjoyed getting to know you through blogging. I've made so many new friends and treasure each one. No real 'reason' for this post except to say that I was thinking of you....It's late Monday night....and had you on my mind and wanted to say 'hello.'
Hugs and smiles from Jackie