Thursday, January 5, 2012

" Facing The Inevitable "

Here it is 2012 already and I still don't feel like Blogging. My mind is just not into it and rightfully so. The end of 2011 brought some scary surprises for me.
The week before Christmas I had a TIA ( Transient Ischemic Attack ). In other words another mini stroke. This one was different from the one that I had in 2009. I was talking to Katie's friends and all of a sudden my words didn't sound right. I really didn't know what was going on so I stopped talking and it sort of passed.
As the next week went by my arm kept feeling numb on and off. Again, I just ignored it. Then on Christmas Eve at my son's house, just before we were to open the gifts, my talking got all jumbled up again.
You know what you want to say but it just doesn't come out right. Long story short, my husband and son insisted I go to the hospital.
Oh joy of joy. I'm being nice here. That wasn't exactly what I was thinking. I was so mad and embarrassed. Yes embarrassed. Everyone was there and I didn't want to leave. I really wasn't in my right mind at the time. Fortunately after having a CT scan seeing that there wasn't any damage, they let me go home with the promise that I would go back on my Plavix. I had stopped taking it some time ago because of the expense but I guess I'm taking it again.
So that is how I spent my Christmas. The Kids came over the next day with our gifts that we had brought to there house. This way we at least didn't miss out on some of the gift giving with the grandkids.
I did manage to finish my sons afghan and I think he really did like it.
Here's what it looks like finished.

My son Frank getting the noisy car working that we bought for Jack!!

Don't get me wrong, I am very grateful that everything turned out alright. But it's a very scary thing to go through. This is the fourth time in three years. The doctors all say that I have thick blood. So it's blood thinners and aspirin for me.

Christmas Day 2011.
I wasn't able to get any other pictures of Christmas. We were all eating loads of wonderful food at my son's house. And then I had to leave but Katie was able to stay. My daughter-in-law brought her home later.

So hopefully you can understand why I haven't wanted to be around much. I have been rearranging my house and my life. I am feeling better now that the Plavix has had time to get through my system. 
My knees are doing great. I've been riding my bike 15 to 20 minutes each day. My goal is 30 minutes a day five to six days a week. By summer I'd like to make it up to an hour.

I go to see my family doctor tomorrow and I'm dreading it. He  doesn't know what happened yet. But I must face the inevitable!!

I sure did miss all of my blog friends and am glad to be back visiting again. I guess the Holidays were just a bit too busy and stressful for me.
I am looking forward to the New Year. I would like a year of good health. Yes, that would be my wish for us all.


Rebecca said...

Good health is my wish for you, too, Di. I certainly understand why we've not heard more from you.

The afghan is just BEAUTIFUL. You are so talented. And I admire your diligence at your bicycle riding. Keep it up.

I hope your family doctor gives you good support and reason to feel optimistic about the days to come.

I will be praying for you, Diane. I miss you when you're "away".

Wanda..... said...

So hope that rest and the medication keep everything under control and Spring finds you good as new, Di. Wishing you a stress free year of good health and contentment!

Eileen said...

Oh, Di, this stinks. I hate hearing it, and I can just imagine the anger you must have felt. You're going along, doing the best you can, doing things to make your life better, you get through DOUBLE knee surgery, your on the road to recovery and then your body decided to betray you again! You have a right to feel annoyed. So, go ahead, get mad.

But then get over it and move on like you always do.

I've been thinking about you this time of year, I know you lost your Mom right before Christmas, so I'm sure that was on your mind and heart too. And then to have all these medical issues, well, no wonder you haven't had time to blog!

Please stay on your meds, and please take good care.

'LOVED seeing your family photos! The grandkids are really growing! So beautiful!
And the afghan is amazing! I'm sure your son loves it!

'Hope to read here again soon!
Love and Prayers,

Anonymous said...

I understand about the medications...I'm taking Lovastatin now for high cholesterol! Didn't want to take it because of side effects...I finally had the Drs office give me a copy of lab results so I'd know why I was taking it. Hopefully with exercise and no more yogurt or parmesan cheese...and lots of oatmeal I'll be able to get it down to a more comfortable range! Don had a scary time with a TIA back in 1990...he took all the meds for years and to my knowledge never had another one.

Love the afghan you made...very colorful! Enjoyed the pictures...take care of yourself!

((((hugs)))), Theanne

Jackie said...

Di....I am so sorry that you have been sick. I read this and held my breath...hoping that the news would turn out to be good. Please, please....take your meds that will keep your blood thinned. Please. I hug you and miss you.
I need to call you so we can chat my friend. I'm long overdue talking with you.
The afghan is so did a great job.
I look forward to talking with you soon.
Love you,

Need A Latte Mom said...

I am glad that it worked out ok...and I am sure you are going to get a butt chewing from your doctor when you go...rightfully so I might add! I thought about you when we went hiking on the parkway, we talked about going geocaching but it didn't work out for that day.
Hang in there girl!

Sharon said...

Oh, Diane, I always worry about that happening to me, I don't forget my pills, I may forget where I left my shoes etc though. I am glad that you are ok now and no damage... please take care of yourself, you have to put those new knees to good use!

Love how the afghan turned out, I'll bet he does too!

Wishing you a healthier New Year!

Gail said...

Hi Di - oy my, how scary for you and your family. Please stay on your meds and feel better, k?

Love to you

Brenda said...

My oh my! You have had a lot on your plate! I am glad that you are doing okay again. I hope that your knees keep right on healing well. Stick with the bike riding.

The afghan in beautiful! What a special gift!

Blessings for the new year.

Bernie said...

Hello sweet friend, I am so sorry you have had to go through all of this. You have been through enough. You are an inspiration as you still manage to think of others and do the very best you can. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, sending big hugs and many wishes for a healthy and happy New Year, xo

Christine said...

Diana my prayers are with you! So glad everything is ok now. Stay on that medicine and take care of yourself. Will email you on Sunday!

Anvilcloud said...

I think I had a TIA once or something like it. I got the numbness but my speech was okay although we were at a concert, so I wasn't talking much. Anyway, tests were clear, and I take my daily aspirin. All the best to you.

Rae said...

That's very scary. I can understand why blogging isn't a high priority for you right now. Take care and stay on that Plavix!

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Oh sweetie, TIA's have to be very scary for ya. I'm so sorry you had to go though that.

Set bloggin' first girl, we want you around well and healthy for a long, long time.

Open a door...little wider please...I'm sendin' you a batch of big old hugs and prayers!

God bless and have yourself a wonderful weekend sweetie!!! :o)

Talin's Corner said...

I have not had time to sew so I have yet to post in 2012. I am so sorry to hear about the way your holiday was spent, but it is more important for you to be you can be around to spend many more holidays with family. Stay well.

Dee said...

I felt in my spirit that something was wrong but did not want to ask. Thank you for sharing with all of are loved and missed when not in blog land. {{{Hugs}}} from get busy taking care of yourself. :)


Lisa said...

Oh my goodness, Diana!! I'm so glad you're OK -- and that there is a good "fix"! Heavens, blogging is the last thing you need to worry about -- though we're all so glad to "see" you and know all is well (or at least recovering!). Main thing is to get healthy and well. (and poke in at least every once in a while so we don't worry!)

(Oh! LOVE the afghan, btw! Beautiful!)

Barb said...

What? How could this happen when you were feeling so well? (I know, I know - it just comes out of the blue.) Be careful Di. I was on Plavix 13 months after the heart attack & stent. I was happy to be off it, but it looks like you must continue so your blood doesn't clot & cause trouble. Glad your family insisted. Why are we so stubborn sometimes? Good Health is what I wish for you and Jake in the New Year. (Also, some relaxation...)

A Lady's Life said...

Your afghan looks wonderful
and it seems you have to take care of your blood disorder.
Thank God it all went well for you.

Sandi said...

Oh Di, what a scary thing to happen. I have a friend that has the same thing going on and she just hates it. I sure can understand you being in a bummed mood about blogging.

That said, I'm awfully glad that I'm catching up tonight (I've been a bit lacking myself lately) and found out about your miserable Christmas event!

You are in my prayers for good health and healing days.

Vicki said...

Di, so sorry about the TIA...very thankful it was only a mini-stroke.
Please don't mess around with not taking your blood thinners....they can be life savers!!! I'm glad that you're feeling better but understand why you haven't felt like blogging. I'm having a hard time blogging as well.

Miss you much...I always enjoy reading about your world.

Pramoda Meduri said...

Hi di, so sad to know that but as you said, the inevitable stays with us all the time.. be strong :)

happy new year to u and ur family.. nice that u put it in words here..

keep up the spirit..

btw, nice pics and lovelyyy smiles..;)

Unknown said...

oh my goodness! what a scare! I remember last year, you were making some changes, remember? of course you do! Did you stick with those changes? You know...hubby was going to stop too...I wish you the very very best and hope and pray that you will continue to have good health. So many people need you around. (am I scolding you?) nah, but kind of! PLEASE PLEASE listen to your heart when it is talking to you, don't ignore it....Is hubby coming home more often? I am not sure if I missed a post on his new job? Please stay well my friend, you know we all love hearing from you and I knnow how easy it is to just ignore our own health because we don't want to be a bother to anyone, but HOW SILLY! BE A BOTHER! You need to be around to make those wonderful lunches for Katie and her friends when they just pop in! have some stories to finish girlfriend!

Rob-bear said...

Oh dear! That's not the way to celebrate Christmas.

Glad that nothing serious happened, but that kind of event can be frightening. For the whole family.

But; good news. You're still with us and biking enough that you could be all over town.

I do hope the good health continues through the year.

Blessings and Bear hugs.

jules said...

I hope you are much better as of now. I have not been around the blog world much either.

May this new year bring you good health and much happiness.

~Chris said...

Hi Diana!
It was good to read at the end of your post that you are feeling better.
It was quite an eventful year for you, Diana! I hope that this new year brings you renewed health and many JOYS!
God bless you always,

Maria said...

Hi Diana! The above comment was left by me, Maria... I forgot to check and see if my husband was still signed in!
Ooops :o)

ps. Your photos are lovely! What a sweet family you have!