Tuesday, June 23, 2009

" A Cuppa Joe Anyone? "

Coffee has been on my mind lately. I like coffee. It's not for the pick- me- up reason as it is for some. It is the flavor that I crave. Anything coffee flavored will make my taste buds sit up and take notice!

Thinking about coffee reminds me of my grandmother LaVerne. Grandma was a huge coffee drinker and coffee lover. She would drink coffee all day long. My husband also remembers his folks drinking coffee all day long.

Those hot summer days did not stop grandma from drinking coffee. I remember her coming to visit me often when my children were growing up. She always expected a pot of coffee to drink and I alway
s accommodated her.

I don't ever remember my grandmother drinking a soda. One time when she was visiting in the summer at my mothers house, she was offered a beer. This was late in the day of coarse! She happily accepted it saying " Oh yes dear thank you, there's nothing like a nice cold beer on a hot summers day!" That was a first for me to see.

Grandma Laverne used to visit weekly and take my children to the park and Mcdonalds. She always ordered coffee to drink. It was alwa
ys hot and it was always black.

When my husband Jake and I talked about this we both thought back to the days when people drank coffee in place of soda, tea and even water. I want to say that people drank coffee more back then, then they do now. But I can't say that that's true as we are a nation of coffee drinkers now as well.
And while I am sure that many people still drink it black, I think that our coffee drinks of today are more of the fattening variety.

I myself have indulged in this sinfully delicious taste treat from time to time. But not without my share of guilt! I remember my grandmother talking about iced coffee, but I don't remember ever seeing her drink it. It was always hot and always black.

I think that anyone who drinks black coffee is brave, strong and courageous. I am a wimp. I prefer mine with creamer and sugar substitute. My oldest daughter I consider to be brave, strong and courageous as she can drink hers black. She is however a journalist. I believe that drinking strong, black coffee is a prerequisite to be
ing one.

I have had coffee with chicory, which is very strong yet very good. After having it, I started brewing my usual pot much stronger then I used to.

I have had Chai coffee which I absolutely love but only in the winter. The spices in it make me feel all warm and cozy on a cold winters day.

Lately, in this heat, my coffee focus has turned to iced cof
fee. Not the fancy fattening kind, but just my normal cup on ice. Not as plain as black iced coffee, but plain none the less. I have been fixing this frequently as of late. Something different. Not soda. Not iced tea. Not water. Just Iced coffee.

Cold, smooth, satisfying and delicious, Iced coffee.


Garnetrose said...

I like coffee too. I remember how people would get together and sit around talking and drinking coffee. My aunt loved hers cold and black. Very black. Never hot.

My In laws always had a pot of coffee on. We would meet on Saturday nights and drink coffee and play UNO or Gin Rummy til the wee hours of the morning. Never soda.

The Only soda Mother drank was Orange crush and she would have one or two a week in the summer. Otherwise, it was coffee.

This post brought back so many memories for me. Thank you for posting it.

Eileen said...

My parents both drank their coffee strong (my Dad had his black, my Mom with just a smidgen of sugar and a splash of milk), I like mine light and sweet, or else with an artificial flavor like French Vanilla.
I love spicy in Fall and Winter too! And once the weather turns warm I'm onto the iced coffee too!

I remember my parents having coffee with every meal, they had it during the meal, and also after for dessert.

I was 'off' coffee for years and years, but now I'm back to five to seven cups a day again (sometimes more)!

Great post, Diana!

Bernie said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi again, my friend....I'm not much of a coffee drinker. If it tasted as good as it smells, I wouldn't drink anything else. I do splurge and to to Starbucks and get a CDL (Cinnamon Dolce Latte)....a little coffee flavor....but mostly I drink it for the calories!!
I like to hold a cup of coffee....just something about the way it makes my hands feel all 'happy'....and the aroma reaching my nose. But, when it comes to drinking hot beverages, my choice is hot tea (no lemon....cream and sugar.)
Thank you again for a lovely post. I enjoy relaxing at my computer and reading the blogs of my friends.

Bernie said...

Diana I just posted a comment and it just disappeared before my eyes...this is the second comment today I posted that didn't take (I hope I'm spelling the verification right) Anyway I love this post, it reminds me how my husband and I use to have a cup of coffee together each night after the kids went to bed. Now I have 2 cups a day (morning) and only drink it black but I really enjoy it. I haven't had a soda in forever but I drink water all day long even bring a glass with me when I come up to bed. Great Post my friend...will be waiting to hear how you make out tomorrow....I have already said a prayer for you.
Hope all goes well....:-) Hugs

Tranquility Speaks said...

I adore coffee too! Strong, milky and sweet is how I love mine :) Your pictures so make me want to make myself a cup right now :D You're bubbling with topics and you were saying u're suffering from a blogger's block!! What a lovely article. Completely enjoy reading your page :)

Wanda..... said...

I'm drinking my morning hazelnut flavored coffee as I sit here this morning....I prefer it black...I love morning coffee and usually that's the only time I drink my 2 cups of it...unless we're having a special dessert or Holiday get togethers...The rest of the day it would be tea for me...iced or hot...plain or flavored...but any caffiene after 4:00 in the
afternoon affects my sleep.

Blessings each day said...

My loving mother, who was not a morning person, would always have her barely sweetened and barely creamed coffee, very hot, every morning to jump start her brain and body. My dad drank it a little but not much. My beloved late hubby and Michael love theirs totally black!!

As for me, by the time I finish with it, it is no longer coffee as I first had two tsp. of sugar lots and lots of creamer (hopefully hazelnut) then some water and ta da...most of any resemblance to coffee is gone! But, guess what? I just LOVE the smell of coffee in the bag or walking down the coffee isle in the grocery store!!

blessings with hugs,


Blessings each day said...

You could still add a coffee poem and the ee in coffee is an easy sound to rhyme with!

Sometimes i think that you, Eileen and me are like the three musketeers! but I do love all our other friendly musketeers, so maybe we will have to change the number there??!!

blessings with lots of hugs,


Pat - Arkansas said...

First, thanks for your visit to my Today's Flowers post.

I enjoyed your remembrances of coffee. I had my first cup (liberally laced with milk and loaded with sugar) when I was about 6 years old; been a coffee lover ever since.

I prefer a dark-roast coffee, and I learned recently that the darker the roast, the less caffeine remains in the bean. Guess that's why I can drink several cups without getting over-stimulated.

A very nice post!

Eileen said...

First, Diana, 'Ditto what Marcy said!'(her last comment).

Pat-Arkansas, thanks for that tip on the dark roast, I had no idea!

Brenda said...

Yay! I am so glad to know that I am brave, strong and courageous. I like my coffee black. AND . . . I have been drinking it far more often of late. It helps me when I want a snack and I am so trying to lose a bit of weight. When I remember back . . . my dad liked coffee--often and in summer as well as winter but his version was weaker than I prefer. I have to watch it because if i drink too much, I get shaky. Enjoy yours today.

Unknown said...

Although huhoney and I have refrained from coffee a few years back, I still love the aroma of coffee and my taste buds just salivate whenever I smell it. I loved it when they came out with the coffee makers with a timer. I would put a pot on at night and in the morning at 5 before huhoney went to work the aroma would wake us up! ummmmmmm loved this post!

Ginny said...

I do love me some coffee. I was late to work today just because I had to stop and buy some coffee. I was on this big coconut coffee kick b/c this bagel shop by my house was selling it last month, but then they ended the sale cold turkey. Boo hoo. I went to Target and found some coconut macaroon coffee, but it's not nearly as good. *sigh*

Jerelene said...

Diana, Did you notice that I love 40's music too? I often play it on my playlist..it is one of my favorite kinds of music. It makes me feel homey and nostalgic. I love coffee too, but with cream. I agree with you that people that drink their coffee black are definately strong individuals ;)
Maybe that's why people didn't get as overweight as they do now. They didn't drink sodas..they drank black coffee..LOL That's definately a weakness for me..I love root beer and peach ice tea..but lately I've been lovin' the iced coffee too! I loved this post Diana :) Love, Jerelene