Tuesday, June 2, 2009

" Free At Last "

Free at last, free at last. Thank God almighty I'm free at last! It was a wonderful weekend indeed, but I must admit that I am very happy to be alone for awhile.

There is most definitely a certain feeling one gets when there is no one else to take care of. Even when the other person or persons is capable of taking care of themselves. And I do not mean this to sound selfish in anyway. I would not have invented my family had I not wanted one. But still in all, it is a wonderfully freeing feeling to only be responsible for ones self!

For example, you will not find me slaving over my kitchen sink this week. Oh no, not at all. I bought paper plates! My meals will consist of salads, fruits, yogurt and perhaps a Totinos pizza! Lunchmeat and bread, what do they call that? Oh yes, sandwiches I believe. Something my family says " That's not real food!" to. I think I may have some of those as well. Not once this week will I wake up thinking "What shall I make for dinner today?"
Another thing I look forward to is being able to sleep whenever I want! Nap here, nap there, nap anywhere! And I have no trouble sleeping at night even when I nap. Naps are good. Naps are good for you. We should all nap.
And before you even ask, yes this is a photo of me napping! You too can look like this after a nice refreshing nap!

Another thing I enjoy doing when I am alone is watching chick flicks. I went out today before having lunch with my friend Carol, and rented "Personal Effects" starring Ashton Kurcher and Michelle Pfeiffer. And " P.S. I Love You ", don't remember who's in that one!

I am so far behind in movie watching. I found so many at the video store that I hadn't seen yet. I must find time to watch more this week. I saw "Nights in Rodanthe" which was still in the new release section. I had already seen it but would love to see it again. I should just buy it. Now there's a thought.

I just received a text message from my daughter Ginny. They are at the "Dollywood" amusement park. The message reads as follows:" We are having a blast.Kate is being so good and loves the rollercoasters". Katie has never been on a rollercoaster. I knew she would have a great time. I am very happy and excited for her. It makes it easy for me to enjoy myself knowing that she is in good hands.

Well here it is 3:30 in the afternoon. There is a storm possibly rolling in. You know that a good thunder storm is a perfectly acceptable reason to take a nap. Or Make a sandwich. Or even watch a movie. Which will she choose?


Eileen said...

Diana, you sound so happy! I like alone time too once in awhile. It is almost a liberating feeling.
And I LOVE sandwiches! And thank goodness my family does too! We'll have sandwiches and salads a lot especially in the summer! Yum!

I'm working on a little gift post for you right now, so let me get back to it so that it's ready in time for tomorrow!

'Loved this post, Diana!
And thanks so much for all your kind words to me on my blog!

Unknown said...

LOVED your post today. The pics were so fun! And you came up with a perfect story! I too love my "alone time". We all need it you know. I do absolutely NOTHING when huhoney is gone. I come home from work and put the jammies on and do NOTHING! After a week or so, it does get boreing....but for a while....alone time can be a good thing, to just regenerate! I will visit when I get back from ALASKA!

Wanda..... said...

Well Diana I guess I need to start taking naps...to get those same benefits!...I'm like you...don't mind at all being alone...just quiet me time...don't forget bubble baths, a supply of dark chocolate and popcorn for the movies...Take care and enjoy your freedom!

Blessings each day said...

Aaahhh, yes we do all need just free time to do nothing, sleep whenever, remember to say hi and thank you to God of course, but relaxing is so refreshing for the soul.
It's wonderful to have company and excitement, but it's also good to recharge your batteries!

This was a great post and you made me smile through all of it!!

blessings and hugs,


Diana said...

Well Eileen now you've got my curiosity going. I will tune into your blog tomorrow! When I make sandwiches for my family they look at me like i'm from another planet.

Diana said...

Linda, I didn't know you were going to Alaska. I must have missed something somewhere. No surprise I am still exhausted.I hope you have fun!

Diana said...

Wanda, I definitely didn't forget the bubble baths or the dark chocolate,it's my favorite kind! And I always have popcorn on hand!

Diana said...

Thank you Marcy, I am very grateful for this time. It is truly a blessing for me!

Bernie said...

Diana, what a great post, I found myself smiling several times. Enjoy your free time, eat, drink and be merry, who knows when this will come around again.
Have a great week my friend, you so deserve it......:-) Hugs

PS: I am loving Curves

Blessings each day said...

P.S. I knew that was you in the napping picture...you can't fool me, Diana!

blessings and hugs,


Annette said...

It was so much fun reading your post! Good timing, too. I was feeling guilty about wanting(needing) some alone time. I live in a house with 3 men. I think it's the constant background
noise-- from the stereo, TV, XBox, lawn mower, conversations from across the room, workboots clunking to the floor, and the clanking of dirty dishes in the sink-- that keeps me from fully unwinding. When there's a short period of time where I do find myself alone, EVERYTHING gets turned OFF... so that only "quiet noise" surrounds me. But I still have to let 2 dogs out 30 times a day! Know of a way to turn off the doggies? I need Teresa's relaxation tapes!