Wednesday, June 24, 2009

" For All of You "

I went to the doctor to see what was the matter,
He told me he thought
it could be my

Although it may be my stomach too,
He wasn't too sure

what will we do?

One test next week
And one after that,
All of this stress is making me fat!

I am feeling much better
this much I know,

Unfortunately, my husbands making me go!

So now I don't know more than I did before,
at least one more week
maybe more.

I'll be fine, this much I know,
because of friends like you
that keep me in tow!

Many thanks to all of my wonderful blogger friends who have sent their prayers and well wishes my way. Our faith connects us all.

Don't worry, you're not seeing things. This photo has absolutely nothing to do with my poem. It is yet another photo that I lifted off of my daughters blog. It is a picture of my daughter Katie on the left and my daughter Ginny on the right.

It was taken on the way to North Carolina last month in Metropolis, Illinois. The home of Superman.

In case you didn't know, Ginny is a journalist, you know, Lois Lane. They are quite patriotic don't ya think?


Eileen said...

Well, I guess 'no news is good news', but I want to hear something specific! I hate when they tell you 'it's not this, and it's not that' but they can't tell you what's wrong! Okay, hopefully you will just feel better and then even more better and be cured of any pain and any ailment, BUT KEEP THOSE DOCTOR/TEST APPOINTMENTS ANYWAY!! I know how you feel but your husband is right, and it will make all your blogger friends feel better too! Hopefully every test will show nothing and you'll just have been 'prayed to health'!

Thanks so much for posting this, Diana (and in such a cute Wordful Wednesday way!), seriously, I've been getting anxious. So, I guess we still have some waiting to do, but I feel a little better hearing that you are feeling a little better.

Loved the Superman photo with your beautiful daughters!

Take good care of yourself, my friend.
Love and Prayers,

Anonymous said...

Hi Diana. First of all, give your husband a GREAT big hug from me....It's OK...I don't know him, will probalbyy never meet him, and if he sees he, he would probably only want to shake my hand!! :-)) The reason for the hug: Insisting that you continue to see the doctors until they have found out definitively what is causing your problems. Kudos to him...and to you to for keeping your appointments. I don't know what you've been checked for....I'm assuming acid reflux has been ruled out??...
I am thinking happy thoughts for you and about you.... Keep your spirits up...absolutely.
Smiles from Jackie

Teresa said...

Hi Diana,
I have had you in my thoughts and prayers, and by the way, I loved your poem. It was fantastic! I love you guys!

Bernie said...

Miss Diana, I loved your poem, it was great! You know gallbladder does cause much pain but if that is what it is you can be fixed!!! I will keep praying for you and I agree with the others, keep your test and appointments. It's better to be safe than sorry.
Your girls are gorgeous, who does Ginny write for? I keep meaning to visit her blog. Take care my friend, you are important to us.
.......:-) Hugs

Tranquility Speaks said...

Hey Diana, what happened to you? I've been reading about tests and results in so many comments. What's happening. DO fill me in! And I really really hope and pray there is no pain and whatever it is that ails you, stops bothering you and you're healthy and well again. Amen!

Wanda..... said...

Hi Diana...what a fun way to post your results...we may need a poem from you every week...
I am sorry for the lack of a diagnosis...but glad you are somewhat feeling better...maybe it's a gallbladder attack...I hear that and kidney stones can almost double one over in do keep the appointments...don't want you to suffer needlessly at a later time.
Take care!

Blessings each day said...

When I checked last night (I was anxious about what happened at the doctor) blogspot only showed your earlier post on my sidebar, so sometimes one has to go check for the heck of it.

Did they ever do a test for the h pyloric ulcer because that can double you over for sure? It's a simple blood test and they get the results right away.

So glad you are following through on this, even though tests are no0 fun...hey, maybe we can all pray that you WILL have fun tests!

Great poetry too!!

blessings and hugs,


p.s. I saw the superman and was hoping it meant that they discovered you were invinsible just like him!!

Diana said...

O.K. I don't know where to start so this will be one long answer to all of you and hope I don't forget anything. First STILLNESS and JACKIE, I have been on a strong ulcer medication for quite a while. My doctor ruled out acid reflux a long time ago. The medicine worked fine until I had my second stroke and my neurologist put me on 650 mg. of aspirin a day. It is a possibility that the aspirin ate a hole in my stomach.In which case there is a medicine I could take for a few weeks that would heal it.
BERNIE and Wanda, I have already had an ultrasound in which they checked my gallbladder,liver and kidneys. They said that everything looked good but this doctor wants to check my gallbladder function to be sure. My husband has had this test and it's just another type of ultrasound. I have felt fine for two days now and I'm am more apt to think that it was the aspirin.
MARCY, I actually forgot what that type of ulcer was called but with this test they are doing for the stomach, they will just look at the stomach and will be able to see any ulcers. With the mega dose of aspirin I was on they have to make sure that there's not a hole in there.
Bernie, Ginny used to write for a few different newspapers and at one time wrote for the AP. Since the recent downfall of newspapers she has turned her focus to internet news. She is at this time the community content manager for the NBC news t.v. station in Raleigh,N.C. But while she likes her job, she misses working in a newspaper news room. She also does a little live web cast Mon. thru Fri. at 11:17a.m. at I think thats it.I will check when I am done with this. If you click on the 30threads blog on my sidebar, that's the blog that she started for the station.
She doesn't get to write as much as she used to but if you google her, Ginny Skalski, all of her published work is there.
For now I am feeling pretty good so don't worry, And I thank you all again for your concern!

Diana said...

Bernie, I knew I would mess up that web address! It is:
The time for that is 11:17 a.m. central time. Some days she's not on but most she is!

Tranquility Speaks said...

Oh I am so sorry to hear this. I hope that your doctors come to a clear conclusion soon. In the meanwhile don't let any kind of stress get to you and take good care of yourself.