Friday, June 5, 2009

" Just Us Girls "

Sarah started our recipe for Lemon Balm Shortbread by picking 112 leaves! Yes she counted every single leaf.

This yielded about one and one half cups of chopped leaves. Just in case the situation arises that you may need to know this!

Except for chopping the 112 leaves, which involved a very sharp knife, Sarah did all of the work herself.
Grandma did have to show her how to knead dough, but smart girls catch on quickly!

You may have already guessed the part that she looked forward to the most. Why the rolling pin of coarse!

Her finished product sprinkled with fresh, chopped lemon balm!

Carefully put into the oven.

Silly girl, Sarah, posing with the finished product. Which by the way was very good. Even Sarah's grandpa, who has difficulty eating green things liked it!

Sarah also loves the smell of Lavender. Grandma thought the color was beautiful. What a fun and special evening we had. Campfire with hot dogs, marshmallow's, lots and lots and lots of marshmallow's! Sticky and sweet. Some were burnt but that's o.k. because grandma likes the burnt one's too!

Lots of stories, lots of laughing, lots of love!


Annette said...

Sarah is so precious and look at all that hair! I had to enlarge her photo, and when I did I noticed the strand of hair between her darling. Looks like you both had a great day! I like the last photo with the two of you. By the way, I love burnt marshmallows!

Cindy said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog lately...isin't it fun to log on and find someone has commented?
Thought I'd come over and meet you via your blog. What a fun post about making shortbread with your granddaughter. Yummies and hugs! Great combo!

Blessings each day said...

I don't know how I missed two of your I getting goofier than normal?

Sarah is so pretty and just has a sweet look too! You can tell she was having a ball...she's lucky to have such a wonderful grandma too!

By the way, I just bought some lemon balm and will be planting it cool is that?

Thanks for sharing such neat times with you and Sarah.

blessings and hugs,


Eileen said...

Diana, I was just heading up to bed when I noticed you had a new post! I'm glad I checked, this is so sweet. Your granddaughter is so beautiful. She reminds me of an actress, I can't think of her name, but I will.
It sounds and looks like you both had so much fun!
And I love your campfire, and I love your yard, I love the rocks you have along your garden bed, and I love your kitchen cabinets! Such a pretty color!

Enjoy your weekend, Diana!
And thanks for all your comments on my blog. I can't believe how many nice people I've met this way!

Teresa said...

Hi Diana,
Your blog was ever so sweet today, and I loved the picture at the end of you and Sarah. I bet she will remember this day always. I have never heard of Lemon Balm... I love your Lavender! My sons fiance used lavender and lemon on her chicken and it tasted awesome! I love burnt marshmallows too, but I especially like the soft gooey insides...mmmm mmmm! I loved hearing about your day!

Bernie said...

Diana, another lovely post and what a wonderful memory you have made with your beautiful grand-daughter. I have planted a small pot of lavender this year and the smell is wonderful. Have a great weekend my friend....:-) Hugs

Diana said...

Thank you Annette, I am so surprised that someone else likes marshmallows burnt! We've always been very close.

Diana said...

Thank you for visiting me Cindy, I hope you are enjoying your time with your husband on the cruise!

Diana said...

Marcy, the posting thing was my fault. I meant to set my last post for Saturday morning but pressed the wrong button. Surprise!!! Silly me. And about the lemon balm, in it's third year now, it is starting to spread everywhere!They say if you rub it on your skin it keeps the sqeeters away!

Diana said...

Thank you Eileen for all the nice compliments! The color of my cabinets is something I have not yet grown tired of after almost ten years! I've wanted to change everything else but the cabinet color!

Diana said...

Hi Teresa, Again I'm so surprised that someone else likes burnt marshmallows! I haven't used the lavender for anything else yet but to smell. I just pick it and smell it, I love it.

Diana said...

Hi Bernie, We had our lavender in a pot for years until last summer when we decided to put it in the ground. It got huge after that! I am always amazed that it makes it through the winter!

Mary Ann said...

Hi Diana, I've just checked out your recent postings. You have a lovely family! Your granddaughter reminds me of Claire Danes.

Eileen said...

I think it's Gweneth Paltrow your granddaughter reminds me of, I saw a picture of her with her Mom when she was little and she looked very much like your granddaughter, and her daughter looks like your granddaughter, and there's a child actress she reminds me of, but I can't think who. I'm going to keep searching my mind (which could take a long time because everything is elusive lately!).

I wouldn't change a thing in your kitchen! The beautiful burgundy cabinets and trim against your pale walls (cream or yellow? or creamy yellow? it's very much like the color I want to paint my hallway), and your beadboard backsplash is perfect!

Anyway, your kitchen is very pretty.

And your granddaughter is very beautiful!

And how did the lavender do in the pot? You kept it outside in the pot too? Or that was in the house then?

Diana said...

Mary Ann, I always liked Claire Danes, thank you for reading, I do enjoy your blog!

Diana said...

Eileen, Gweneth Paltrow is one of my favorites but have never seen her as a little girl. Her mom was always another of my favorite actresses,Bleyth Danner, I'm sure I misspelled her name. The kitchen walls are pale yellow,another of my favorite colors that no one else in the house likes but since I do all the work in there I don't care! And surprisingly the lavender did fine outside in the pot. I always thought it would die from the cold. It would look dead but then in spring it always comes back to life. I never brought it in.The pot was huge and I knew my cats would want to get into it!

Eileen said...

It's Blythe Danner, I was just googling it to try and find the picture for you to post on my blog, but I haven't come across it yet.
I like both those actresses too!

Thanks for the info on the lavender, I'm going to get some this week and pot it!

And yellow! Such a happy, bright color! That's what I want for my hallway, it's so dark now even though it's painted a pale blush color. I need sunny!

Anonymous said...

Hi Diana! I'm finally officially a "follower", even though I've been following for quite some time. It's so much fun to read all your blogs, cuz of mine! Sarah is beautiful & you sure can tell that she & Grandma had lots of fun using lemon balm (which I've never heard of, btw) - I love the smell of lavender, too. Will have to look for both & find a spot to plant them. Maybe one of these days I'll try making a spot here so that I can post some pictures for you. Love you, Roxanne

Diana said...

Hey Cuz! Ginny is supposed to email you the info on starting a blog if you want to. I'm sorry I haven't emailed you yet but it's been busy here since Thursday!Things will calm down tonight so I will fill you in tonight or in the morning. Love Ya!