Tuesday, June 9, 2009

" Keeping My Mind Occupied "

O.K. so here's the deal. I haven't been feeling to well for a couple of weeks. It's been an on and off stomach problem, I believe. I supposedly have an ulcer, and have been on a strong medication for it. I also take an ungodly amount of aspirin everyday, 650 mg. a day, yes that's right. Along with other medications to prevent anymore strokes. I don't like to complain and I don't like going to the doctor so I kept ignoring the problem. So now that I've had this constant pain for two days, I finally called my doctor. Starting tomorrow I will have a few tests. They will check the gallbladder, liver and stomach.

I am not worried. I just hate going back to the hospital. I hate it. But I also can't take this pain and just plain feeling like ( Marcy, cover your ears!) crap! In order to get my mind off of my discomfort I thought that I would share one of my daydreams. It is one of my retirement dreams. My husband's retirement. Not to worry this is one of three that I have that he share's with me!

R.V. Retirement

My husband travels the country for a living. And while he has been in nearly every state in the contiguous United states and Canada, he always stresses the fact to me that he see's everything from the inside of the cab of his truck. You can't just whip a 53 foot trailer and cab off onto the side of the road and go exploring. This much I know. So while he gets around quite a bit it is always highways that he see's.

I myself have done much traveling in my life. I traveled across the states several times growing up. And lived in California a few times as a child, as well as Chicago which I still consider to be my home town. I've been south a
s well, visiting my grandmother in Florida when she was still alive. I have been to Spain as well as a day trip across the Straights of Gibraltar to Morocco. Which was fascinating by the way. Strange but fascinating none the less. My husband and I have been to Cozumel and Grand Cayman together.

Still after all of this traveling Jake and I dream of a day when the children are all moved out, (well child, two down, one to go!) and of coarse they are happy or else I couldn't enjoy this daydream. Oh what the heck let's dream big. We've won the lotto too.
This would be to insure that everyone was taken care of while we are gone! Also we could purchase a super luxurious home on wheels. Perhaps something like this.

Yes this looks quite comfortable. It would have to be very comfortable as we will be old and would most definitely require comfort. Alright that's settled.

There really isn't a whole lot more to go into about this dream other than the all of the places that we dream of seeing together. I guess that's the key word in this dream. Together. We are rarely together. Traveling alone together I know is the heart of this dream. Seeing things together that we've both not seen before.

One of the place's I've never been to. How awesome would this be! You can really see god's hand here I'll bet!

Below we have Times square. Never been there either. The farthest east I've been is Angola, Indiana. I know that Jake really doesn't like the east coast. Try whipping a big rig around the streets on the east coast! However he is aware of how badly I would love to go there. So I think he would make an exception.

Can you picture us in our luxurious recreational vehicle now, waving at New York's finest as we roll on down 42nd street?
Well I could go on and on about all of the places I'd like to see with my husband someday. But alas it would be too time consuming and you'd probably be bored!

So I am going to end this daydream with a beautiful beach photo. Yes I know it's Hawaii. No I don't know how we will drive the luxurious recreational vehicle there. Remember this is just a daydream where anything and everything is possible!


Eileen said...

I like your daydream very much, Diana!

And Times Square! Well, now that Jayden is done with school for the year, I'll just have to take a walk around the corner, hop on a bus with him, be in Manhattan within twenty minutes, and snap a few pictures of Times Square for you! I'll plan that outing for one day next week!

Please keep us posted on how you are doing. Let us know what the doctor has to say.
And I understand completely you not wanting to go to the doctor. I'm the same way!
I won't even tell you about tests that I've had and was told to do follow-ups because things looked suspicious and I NEVER did! So I do understand.
But I wasn't in pain then and I'm not now.
So please, I know it's a nuisance, but PLEASE take care of yourself.
I'll be thinking good thoughts.
Love and Prayers,

Bernie said...

Oh Diana, I am so sorry you are not feeling well and to have pain as well must be horrible. I hope Katie helps you out until you are feeling better. You are in my prayers my friend, now and always.
I love your daydreams, daydreams are fun.....enjoy them, feel them and they just may come true.
Please let us know how you are feeling and how you make out at hospital. I know all of your blogger friends will be here for you and all will pray that you get well soon......:-) Hugs

Blessings each day said...

First, let's address this pain issue here..that's a no no, you need to take better care of Diana for us! I have had two outbreaks of H pyloric ulcers which doubled me over, literally, with the pain, but were treated with antibiotics successfully. Now, if stomach pains start, I take a probiotic pill (from Puritan's Pride, online,www.puritan.com, and called Probiotic Acidophilus) and it does wonders. These are also available in most health food stores and have to been refrigerated after opening. Because I have a chronic sinus infection (could get my sinus scraped, but no guarantee even with that painful ordeal), I get headaches, take excedrin and get stomach aches...lovely, huh? But these pills help that and get rid of the pain.

Keep those dreams going, girl, that's the way they can come true in one way or another! Just think you should add sites in Chi Town with that as I can never get enough of all the things and places to go! Hope you have a chauffeur to do the driving as well and give Jake a break.

Like you and Eileen, I put off going to the doctor to an extreme at times and it was FREE in the military! Have had too many tests and needles in the past.

blessings for all good results and hugs too,


Wanda..... said...

Diana...you must not put off going to the doctor...I did once (14 yrs. ago) and ended up with a 32 day hospital stay...Learned my lesson the hard way...

Marcy is right about Acidophilus Bacteria...I drink Kefir often for the same probiotic benefits...it comes in many flavors, but I prefer the plain.

I hope your dreams come true Diana...but meanwhile it's nice to look at photos...like Eileen has offered to do.

Take care of yourself Diana and let us know how it goes.

Eileen said...

Just checking in, Diana, to let you know that I'm thinking of you, and I'm hoping all goes well.
Feel better.
Love and Prayers, Eileen

Teresa said...

I don't think your daydream is too far from becoming a reality! I think it is a wonderful dream and you should keep on dreaming it! I do hope you feel better soon, and I will be praying for you, thats for sure! (((HUGS))) T