Tuesday, June 30, 2009

" Finally, a Boring Post! "

Wow we've all been so darn busy lately. What with
visiting the grandkids, spiritual girly retreats, hiking, deep sea pool diving, accepting awards and of coarse delving into the deep dark resources of our brains trying to figure out what Marcy did before she married Michael, it's no wonder there's been no time to blog about everyday, boring mundane life such as it is!

Maybe Marcy was a stripper. You could wear a uniform in the beginning, tools could definitely be involved and I believe you could describe it as networking. The guys would most likely enjoy it over the gals. Well sometimes. Let me know if I guessed correctly please Marcy!

I apologize Marcy. We all know what a wonderful, funny and spiritual woman you are. But I just couldn't help myself ! And another Thank you to you, my girlfriend, for thinking of me as you were handing out " The Charming Blog " award.

As you may or may not know, I share a computer with my l
ovely 14 year old daughter Katie. We usually split up our time pretty well but it's been a little difficult lately with all of the awards and trying to keep up with everyone's blogs. The poor dear couldn't sleep last night so I now have free reign !


Today I woke up and as I was stepping out of bed to go to the bathroom, I stepped in a pile of cat puke! So much for going back to sleep. It was 5:00 a.m. and I was fasting for the long awaited gallbladder function test that was to start at 9:30 a.m.
Oh God help me! No food. No water. No coffee. not for at least another six hours!
I'll admit it. I am not ashamed. I am a big cry baby when it comes to fasting. I like water. I love coffee. Whaa, whaa, whaa. Yes I am a big baby.

But I made it through. One test down and one mor
e to go next week. My Katie girl is sleeping on the couch. She is supposed to be having company tonight. That should be interesting! I think I will grill some chicken tonight and make some salad for dinner. Our weather has been so, so gorgeous this week. It is a wonderful treat to be able to have the doors and windows open.

Kate and I went to the library yesterday. I took out a couple of books and Katie rented some c.d.'s. I also rented a DVD of the old Mary Tyler Moore Show. What fond memories that brought back! My favorite character on the show was Rhoda Morganstern. Remember Rhoda? I always related to Rhoda over Mary, even in their apartment styles! I was able to watch part of it last nig
ht and will probably finish it tonight. It is one of those shows that I consider to be comforting. Like The Andy Griffith Show.

O.K. back to the weather. I took this adorable photo of Ruby last week during that horrible, nasty heat spell we had.

As you can see, she wasn't up to running around much.
But now that I think about it......

She still doesn't look like she's up to running around much! Oh well, it's a dogs life, right?And while everyone here is enjoying laying around napping, this girl is getting further and further behind in housework. And if you have read my past postings, you will know that I can not relax until everything is just so. So I know that I was tagged yesterday and would like to answer the list of twenty of my favorite things now but my O.C.D. is kicking in big time and I must get up and move! If I am allowed on the computer this evening, I will be back to list those. If not, well teenagers are not generally up at 5:00a.m., but I am!


Blessings each day said...

Was getting worried about you when I saw no post. Don't forget you have that award at my blog today!

Glad you are getting the tests out of the way.

I, too need to get at the housework!! So will probably shut down and get to cleaning and baking and cooking after this.

Stripper...Diana, for shame!!! the only stripping I've done is to take some finish off of furniture and didn't do a good job of it!

And your post is NOT boring and you've NEVER had a boring post!!

blessings and hugs,


Jerelene said...

Nope, you are definately not boring!! I'm glad your test is over for you..I sure hope they figure this out for you soon!! I'm keeping you in my prayers..
Your Ruby baby is just so sweet!! That heat got to our little babies too!! I'm glad it's cooled off too! Love, Jerelene

Wanda..... said...

...Your posts are never ever boring Diana...I did miss commenting on yesterday's post but read it today...been busy picking up twigs and branches from all our past rain storms...like you...our weather has been great the last few days...cool air down from Canada...we should thank Bernie and Teresa...Teresa just posted about taking a break from blogging...that concerns me...maybe Bernie will stay in touch.
Take care Diana...glad one test is over!

Eileen said...

Thanks so much for posting about the test (I had in my head it was supposed to be on Wednesday, I don't know why), wish they could have told you something already though!

I have never been bored with a post! And I've been interested enough to go back and see your archive!

We've been having nice weather for a few days too, but just now it started up again, wind, dark clouds, thunder in the distance. So once again I am pulling in cushions, pillows, and anything not tied down! Well at least we had two days rain free!
We're supposed to go to a barbecue at Ray's sister over the weekend, hope the weather cooperates!

Okay, time I guess to go pick up the living room (looks like a bomb named Jayden was dropped on it again!)
Love, Eileen
PS Love little Ruby!

Eileen said...

I'm back, I forgot to mention that I love MTM too, and especially Rhoda (and her sister!), and Andy Griffith, and Father Knows Best, My Little Margie, The Donna Reed Show, Make Room for Daddy, so many others that I can't even think of right now. But I just love all those old shows.
Thanks for the reminder!

Annette said...

Hi Diana! Thank you for The Premio MeMe Award! I'll get right on it! It will be a fun diversion. Where do they find these awards? I'm curious... Is there an award site for bloggers?

I hope you find an answer soon for what ails you. You haven't felt well for a long time.

Ruby looks dog-tired... and baby-cute!

Diana said...

Marcy, Marcy, Marcy, I know that you were never a stripper. However disappointing that may be for Michael!

Hey Jerelene, I sure hope we get to keep this weather all summer. Although I know that's a bit much to hope for!

Hi Wanda, I do the the air from Canada as well. Oh Canada! I too am worried about Teresa. But I do know one thing. When I get really, really down, I won't talk to anybody. Maybe she's the same way too. Hopefully time and our prayers will fix things.

Hi Eileen, I'm glad that you don't think that I'm boring. I do! And I'm sorry that you are getting more storms Eileen. I would trade you if I could. While it's really been beautiful here, I do love cloudy, rainy days. Silly I know!

Hi Annette, I look forward to learning more about you. We already know how creative you are! And I have no idea where the awards originate from. I suppose anyone could make one up. I will research this as I think it would be fun to make one up! I am feeling better the past two days, thank you. I am sure I'll be fine soon.

Barb said...

Good Luck on your tests, Diana. I had blood work done on Monday and now there's a big swollen purple mark on my skinny arm - I think my veins are hard to find or something.Glad your weather has improved. Mine is glorious here in the Mts, too. Happy 4th to you. Three of my Grands are coming Thurs morning for the weekend. I'm planning a treasure hunt.

Eileen said...

Diana, either you have to stop being so funny or I have to learn not to take a sip before I read anything you have to say!! Make up your own award!!
Wanda, if you are reading here, Diana and I will make an award for you every day!
No, I would never do that to you!

Speaking of Awards there's a Charming Award for you at my blog (but no button goes with that one), so do you want to charm me right over the head with it?

I like storms and rain too SOMETIMES, but not twenty-two days in a row! The pool had just heated up to eighty now too, it's back down to seventy-four. Brrrrr!

Bernie said...

Diana, I love your outlook and you are so funny....never boring. It's great to hear about your day, Katie's and your family. I love visiting here. Glad you finished your gallbladder test, did you drink that "great" drink? I am also glad to hear you say you are feeling better my friend, all the prayers coming at you has got to help....take care and I wish you a wonderful day tomorrow even though it starts way too early for me.....:-) Hugs

Anonymous said...

Diana! You are NOT boring. You have opened your heart to us...and I just love you to death...I mean that.
I hope that you are feeling better. Please, let us know what they find out...It's hard to wait.
Second: There is almost nothing that compares with stepping in cat vomit...especially if one is barefooted. It has a distinct feeling all of its own. The only thing worse is for me to go on with this description....so, I'll stop with that.
Third: I think Marcy was a beekeeper. There. I think I've got it.
Smiles from Jackie who is now safely in North Carolina...(and is sitting in this bed with this laptop using dialup....) but couldn't wait to say hello to my friends.

Tranquility Speaks said...

All the very best for your test results. Fasting is tough! We have this fast in India wherein married women don't eat or drink the entire day for the long lives of their husband :-) They break their fast only when they see the moon :-)

I really admire your dog :-) She looks adorable sleeping like that :-) Take care and stay happy :-)

Jerelene said...

You haven't been on in a few days..so I thought I'd tell you that I'm missing you!!! Hope you are well and can't wait to here from you when you come back!!
Love, Jerelene